Young Orchids Management

Young orchids from Dendrobium types of orchids can be grown from those mini baby plants next to their mother plant.

In Singapore, orchids are very popular during our Chinese New Year; most of us love to have a few pots of orchids to beautify our home.

I remembered two years ago I saw those young orchids babies were packed in some glass bottles from one of the Singapore organic online shop. Those were complete sets that attached with the required fertilizers, growing medium, and instruction sheet. I bought twice from the same shop and sent them over to two of my girl friends in Singapore as their Christmas gifts.

Later, both of them said sorry to me. Because they could not fulfil my dream. Both of them could not keep the baby orchids alive.

Young Orchids Transplant

We have been growing quite a numbers of Phalaenopsis orchids indoor. I am satisfied with them all this while. However, it is a great challenge to grow young orchids since two of my girl friends had failed.

I thought it must be impossible to buy baby orchids from our local florist. However, this year in May, we found one pot of giant orchids plant in one of the local garden center here. According to my husband that orchid plant was standing there for a few weeks and he thought I might not like it.

I bought this one and only pot of orchid plant straight away as its price was better than those from the discount gardening suppliers. Imagine... it came with a parent plant, one big kid and two small kids together in one pot. I bought the whole family!

Nobile Dendrobium orchids are different. The body structure of the plant and the flowers size are much bigger than Phalaenopsis orchids and Jungle dendrobium orchids.

I was a little worry of her size as her body was much heavier than her legs. So it would have more chances of falling down if not enough support is given.

After 10 days, I decided to separate one of the tall baby from the parent plant. So I water her with mineral water; drain and prepared her to be transferred to the 2.5 cm; or one inch of orchid soil.

During the growth, the only fertilizer we supplied was Chlorine free natural mineral water.

We discovered that, both the parent plant and the baby orchid were growing very slow and they gave us a sense that they were not too happy.

I decided to move them into our fresh-air greenhouse and monitor the baby orchids growing progress. I transplanted them into their individual pot.

After the tall baby orchid had transplanted about 10 days; all the flowers dropped off from the parent plant. Thereafter; more babies appeared. Out of a sudden; I had to take care of so many unexpected young orchid plants.

I discovered that they love rain water and fresh air; and they grow easily a baby plant.

I kept the rest in the cool aired circulating greenhouse, except the tall baby orchid being moved back to our house.

The rest of the orchid plants were growing happily in the greenhouse until the night frost came under minus 5°C.

Almost one year is over; this young orchid had produced a baby!

Our little Nobile Dendrobium orchid was sitting quietly in the greenhouse throughout the whole summer; without saying a word. She had a mini baby. Mother and child both standing in the same pot; and we had them indoor before the autumn arrived.

The baby is now half the mother size; and she is attached with three half opened leaves.

She is a mother of two on 24th August 2011. A family of three small orchid plants have been transplanted to a new black plastic flower pot indoor.

Try growing baby orchids from different types of orchids and enjoy more exciting Nobile Dendrobium orchid growing behaviours?

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