Water Lilies Delight

Water lilies amazement can be introduced in many easy ways.

We bought one Nymphaea Alba and one pink Attraction water lily plants on 25th March 2010 (picture 1). Thereafter, we set them in the fresh water immediately.

Materials Required
One black plastic everlasting basket
One bag of BioBalance Pond Substrate (rinse before use)
One piece of Jute cloth
Some potting soil

Growing Pond Plants

Step by Step Set-up Procedure (picture 2-5)
1. Insert the jute cloth into the basket.

2. Set in 1/3 of the basket with BioBalance Pond Substrate.

3. Cover with soil.
4. Put in the plant.
5. Cover the roots with stones.
6. Land it on the bottom of the pond.

Slide Show

  • Set Nymphaea attraction into a basket of growing medium
  • The white lily is in front and the back is the pink lily plant
  • The lily bud is floated above water and opened widely on the day 97
  • Water liliy blossom is closed in the evening when the sun is away
  • While the first white lily bud is falling the second bud appeared
  • The first pink flower is opened on the day 103
  • A wide opened decorative pink lily is sandwiched by two sweet looking green leaves in water
  • Both lilies plant started to show face in the following year May
  • The sinked lily flower has many white little seeds coded with some transparent gel
  • Pink and white flowers display with the spread of leaves
  • Plentiful of leaves and flowers appearing at the same moment

Backyard organic gardening with worry free flowering plants is the fastest way to receive joy.

White and Pink Water Lilies Performance

  1. Both looks stable and happy on the day 3 (picture 6).

  2. The pink one has started to spreed out her leaves (picture 7).

  3. Lily bud appeared on the day 89 (picture 8).

  4. The bud was above water on the day 96 (picture 9).

  5. The bud was enlarged within 24 hours (picture 10).

  6. Flower open widely within 6 hours (picture 11) and closed at about 6-7pm (picture 13&14) every evening; before mid-summer.

  7. When mid-day temperature was essential; the insect visitor arrived (picture 12).

  8. The flower re-opened by the next day at 8am (picture 15).

  9. The second white bud was up on 4-7-2010, the day 101 (picture 16).

  10. First pink bud came on 5th July, on the day 102 (picture 17).

  11. While the first white bud is sinking; the second is opened on the day 103 (18&19).

  12. When the second white flower fell down , the third bud appeared on 8th July, the day 105 (picture 20).

  13. The pink bud was floating higher on 9th July, on the day 106 (picture 21).

  14. The first sweet pink lily opened within 2 days, on the day 108 (picture 22-24); and naturally she would be rested during the evening (picture 25); and showing face again on the next day early in the morning (picture 26).

  15. The next day, 13th July came a beautiful charm (picture 27).

  16. No action is required from you even the insects pests carried out their usual damaging task (picture 28).

*Both lilies were blooming non-stop until end of August.

1. The white flower always started earlier than the pink one.

2. The pink one is very sensitive to the cold.

3. All new buds would be blended with the water for 6 to 7 days before opening.

4. If the weather is not dry; blooming flowers after opening for one day; they usually would be weak on the next day. And soon they will be forced to go under water.

5. There are sticky transparent gel wrapped around plenty of small little half bean-like seeds in each sink flower (picture 33).

Natural Water Lilies Preparing for the next Growing Season

*On 15-9-2010 (about 20°C) trimmed off all the unwanted; and set them into our third clean garden pond to relax.

*In the following year both plants started progressing on 3 May (picture 29 to 31); and ended in early September (picture 34).

*They were transferred to the 5th pond at the South edge of the garden on 9 October (picture 35).

Water Lilies in Home Water Garden

You will notice although there were many pests on the blossoms; and plentiful of insects eggs were laid on the leaves (picture 32&33); they were simply ignored by the plants.

*From the year 2012 to 2014 both plants were expanded and better harmonizing flower arrangements were demonstrated (picture 36-43).

*In 2015 was the year of leaves (picture 44).

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