Types of Tulips Growth

Types of tulips plant you can create different colours of spring carpet are everywhere.

Whenever someone talk about the country "Holland", the first thing come to our mind will be those beautiful Dutch tulip bulbs laying in the striking carpet style of flower beds in the Dutch Tulip garden, "Keukenhof".

According to history, the tulip (Tulipa), originally was found in 15th century; and it was later brought into Netherlands. One said in the year 1634, the bulbs were placed in balances with gold in an extreme speculation trading. These spring flowers were very popular in the early 17th century.

Tulips are from the lily (Liliaeae) family. They are hardy and very showy cut flower bulbs.

There are many different types of tulip bulbs. Red; pink; purple; white; yellow striped; or marbled tulips are found most popular in those days. New species were added every year. Their beautiful shapes, charming colours and pleasant odors attracted most of the flower-lovers.

Colourful Types of Tulips

Common types of tulips that, we often seen in our local Dutch bulb nurseries; or in the florist are single early tulips and double late tulips.

Single early tulips bloom in the end of March to beginning of April, 
and the double late tulips mostly bloom in the month of May to June.

Dutch Bredder Tulips are older timer tulips. Flowers on a long and elegant stem.

Darwin tulips are single bulbs with greyish-green leaves.

Cottage Tulips are single late tulips. Some with different forms like long and pointed, and some have shorter stems.

Striped Tulips (above picture left) and Rembrandt-tulips are marvellous old types of flowers.

Lily-flowered tulips (above picture at right) and the Parrot Tulips are fanciful plants. They belong to the Novelty group.

These are bulbs can be cultivated in the garden, in the green house,
or indoor.

Tulips love rich, moderate moist heavy soil; and moderate sunlight. 

Plant bulbs in the fall, on a dry day, or before the frost begins. Most of the time they will be planted by late November; and you can leave them in the ground over winter. Generally, the bulbs should be planted about 10 cm deep and 5 to 10 cm apart.

We have been growing tulip plants since we started our organic flowers garden in the year 2003.

We had the yellow fringed petaled tulips that, look like the feather of a swan; the mid-season black tulips (Queen of the Night); double late tulips (Angelique); purple tulips; the single early orange tulips; and the double late orange red tulips.

If you are planning to grow tulips for cut flowers, plant them in rows. Never plant tulip bulbs in the same spot year after year.

Tulip bulbs are wisely used for borders of landscape decoration and as potted plants or cut flowers in the vase. They create easily the beautiful flower-bed effects.

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