Types of Tulips Division

Types of Tulips Groups

Tulp in Dutch
Family of Liliaceae

Originally was discovered in 15th century
Edible flowers
An outstanding and popular cut flower

Winter-hard bulbs plant
Perfect for flower borders
Love a sunny place
Blooming early in the year

Suitable for spring flowers landscapes
Can be grown naturally as a potted plant
Best for organic bouquet arrangement

They are divided into several groups.

1. Botanic Types
Early Flowering Singles

a. Tulipa-fosteriana
Appearing in the wild
Plant height is between 30 to 45cm
Flowering from April to May

Tulipa-fosteriana 'Orange Emperor'
Bright orange petals with green highlight

Average plant height is 35cm
Can grow in pots

Blooming in April

April blooming bright orange Tulips

b. Tulipa-greigii
Plant height is about 30cm
The leaves are with purplish-brown strips on a grayish green background

Blooming in April

Red with white framed flower

Bright red with white framed petals earliest blooming tulip

Flower in sweet pink with white edge

Early flowering tender soft pink tulips

c. Tulipa 'Hadley'
Single stand alone large tulip in good form
Blooming in the spring
Love full sun
Preferred light alkaline ground

Light and sweet pink flower with a creamy coloured heart

Blooming in 1st week of May

Pure orange Tulip
Blooming in early May

Tulip with a cream coloured heart

Orange large tulip can stand alone  in good form

d. Tulipa-kaufmanniana
Waterlelietulp in Dutch
Rich in form
Plant height is about 10 to 25cm
Blooming from March to April

White with peach ink highlight pointed petals and a yellow heart

Wide-opened Botanic Tulip in a star form and white in colour

Tulip with pointed petals and a yellow heart blooming in a hobby greenhouse

An early blooming Botanic Tulip

2. Cottage Tulips
Also known as May-Flowering Tulips
Single late tulips

Old fashioned flowers
Blooming in May
Strong stems

Plant height can reach 90cm
Love full sun
Preferred light alkaline soil

Flowers colour in green, pink, red, purple, white, and yellow

Tulipa-viridiflora 'China-Town'
Green and pink flower
Leaves in soft green with a white edge

Tulipa-viridiflora types of tulips have a white frame at the edge of their leaves

Striped Types of Tulips

a. Tulipa viridiflora 'Spring Green'
Old variety
Bluish green leaves
White flower with green strips

b. Tulipa viridiflora 'Greenland'
Flower in pink and salmon with green strips

White with green strips Tulipa viridiflora

Tulipa viridiflora 'Greenland' is a charming green strips tulip with pink petals

3. Darwin Tulips
Well known tulips in many varieties
Single bulbs with grayish-green leaves.

Blooming in full sun from May to June
Minimum height is about 60cm
Preferred non-acidic, rich garden ground

4. Darwin Hybrid
Crossing between Darwin tulips and Botanical Tulipa-fosteriana

Blooming from April to May
Plant's maximum height can reach 80cm
Love full sun and light alkaline soil

a.Tulipa Darwin Hybrid 'Golden Apeldoorn'
Supper tall stem
Large flowers in golden yellow
Plant height is about 50cm
Blooming from April to May

b. Darwin-Hybrid 'Beauty of Apeldoorn'
Blooming in April
Orange with reddish brush

Tulipa Darwin Hybrid 'Golden Apeldoorn' in the field

April blooming Darwin tulip with a reddish blush

c. Fringed Types of Tulips
Tulipa Darwin Hybrid 'Fringed elegance'

Long steam elegant type
Petals like the feather of swan

Flower in soft yellow, pure white, and red with a yellow heart

Flowering in very early spring

Tulips petals like the white feather of swan
Large bright red with a wide opened yellow heart Fringed elegance tulip

5. Early Flowering Doubles
Blooming from early spring
Peony a-like fully filled tulips

Minimum height is about 25cm
Leaves mostly are in greyish green
Preferred alkaline ground
Love full sun

Tulipa 'Angèlique'
Lovely sweet pink flowers
Great for borders
Blooming in April to May

Sweet pink tulips suitable for every organic flowers garden

6. Late Flowering Doubles

Tulipa 'Ice Cream'
Cut flower
Flower in white with pink and green wrapper

Blooming in May
Peony shape blossom
Love sunny and half shadow
Preferred good drainage rich soil
Maximum plant height is about 30cm

May flowering tulip can grow into a large white ice cream

7. Late Flowering Single
Blooming in May

a. Tulipa, Mendel
A cross between single early and Darwin tulips

Round shape blossoms mostly flowering in early spring in yellow colour

Minimum height is about 35cm
Love full sun
Preferred non-acidic garden soil

b. Tulipa 'Queen of Night'
Flower turns into total black when under the strong sun power

c. Tulipa 'Trance'
Single petals
Long stem velvet violet flowers

Golden yellow tulips with a orange flame

Tulipa-Queen of Night is a late flowering single

Long stem single late blooming purple Tulips

8. Lily Flowered Tulips

Tulipa Liliiformis 'Aladdin'
Fanciful white elegant flowers
Long stems
Flowering in May
Minimum height is about 45cm

Long stem fanciful May flowering Tulipa Liliiformis Aladdin

9. Parrot Tulips
Also known as Dragon tulips
(Papegaai or Parkiettulpen in Dutch)

Old fashioned fanciful plant
Bright red petals with a twist
Blooming in May

Minimum height is about 30cm
Love slight clayey soil
Preferred full sun

Dragon tulip with twisted red petals is a old fashioned fanciful flower

10. Rembrandt Tulips
Old type
Mix patches of colours
Blooming in May

The form is close to the Darwin tulips
Maximum plant height is about 75-80cm
Light Alkaline soil lover

Marvellous Flowers in brown, orange, pink, red, violet, white, and yellow
Preferred full sun

11. Species

Tulipa humilis 'Persian Pearl'
Originally from central of Asia
Small pink flowers in crocus form
Wild plant

Blooming in April
Six petals with a yellow heart
Preferred good drainage with mild clay soil

Love a sunny and or half sheltered location

Average plant height is about 10cm
Specially suitable for rock garden

Perennials Tulipa humilis Persian Pearl in pink and yellow

12. Triumph Types of Tulips
A cross between the single early and the late tulips
Flower stem is about 50cm in height
Blooming mostly in April

a. Tulipa Triumph 'Golden Mirjoran'
Striking golden yellow with red highlights

b. Tulipa Triumph 'Ida'
Blooming on the full sun
Flower in white with purple highlight
Love a slightly clayey soil

c. Tulipa Triumph 'Paul Richer'
In bright orange red colour

Tulipa Triumph Golden Mirjoran

White with purple painted Triumph types of tulips

Tulipa Triumph Paul Richer is in bloom

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