Types of Strawberries Plants

Types of Strawberries that we love the most are large in size; firm; juicy; sweet; and full of strawberry aroma.

I remembered those days when I was still in Singapore, one of my girl friend and I always roam around a wet market in the town to hunt for our favourite organic strawberries.

We were crazy over those pretty, sweet and juicy small to medium size red berries.

Every year near the strawberry harvest season, the market would have straw berries promotions. The seller would take orders from all the customers and import the fruits from U.S.A. and sometimes from Australia.

We were always in that queue. We did not mind to pay a high price for it. Because those were fruits that we desired for one whole year. We bought often a few kilo´s and share with our families and friends.

I did not know there are different strawberry varieties in the market, until one day I have eaten a total different taste of strawberries in one of the small strawberry shop in a village in Netherlands.

The flesh was very firm, the fruits were in sweet orange red colour and with a very fresh fragrant. They tasted as sweet as the sugar.

I asked the lady seller what variety were those and could I buy the seeds from her. She laughed and told me that all strawberries are the same; and the only difference is; they are grown from different soil.

I was not satisfied. So, I searched and asked around and I found out that it was a new variety called "Sweet Charlie". However, I could not find anywhere else selling the same type of strawberry plants again.

Different types of Strawberries Roots

I discovered that, some plants have different root structures and some fruits are in irregular shapes.

There are two types of roots found in our stocks. Virginia Strawberry (above picture 1) has two plants sharing one bundle of roots. And Chili Strawberry (picture 2) is one root to one plant.

There are a few types of strawberries seen in the Netherlands. Such as Alpine Mignonette (above picture 3); Fragaria Elsanta; Fragaria Honeyo; Fragaria Sarian (picture 4); Fragaria x ananassa is Pine Strawberries with pineapple flavoured red seeds white flesh (picture 5); Fragaria vesca 'Baron von Solemacher' (picture 6) and many more.

We love the most is Fragaria Ostara (picture 7).

Try to grow different kind of Strawberries to enjoy the different flavours?

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