Types of Strawberries Flavour

Types of Strawberries that are chosen for our airy green house projects are very easy to manage.

I remembered those days when I was still in Singapore, one of my girl friend and I always roam around a wet market in the town to hunt for our favourite organic strawberries.

We were crazy over those pretty, sweet and juicy small to medium size red berries.

Every year near the strawberry harvest season, the market would have straw berries promotions. The seller would take orders from all the customers and import the fruits from U.S.A. and sometimes from Australia.

We were always in that queue. We did not mind to pay a high price for it. Because those were fruits that we desired for one whole year. We bought often a few kilo´s and share with our families and friends.

I did not know that there are different strawberry varieties in the market, until one day I have eaten a total different taste of strawberries in one of the small strawberry shop in a village in Netherlands. The flesh was very firm, the fruits were in sweet orange red colour and with a very fresh fragrant. They tasted as sweet as the sugar.

I asked the lady seller what variety were those and could I buy the seeds from her. She laughed and told me that all strawberries are the same; and the only different is; they are grown from different soil. I was not satisfied. So, I searched and asked around and I found out that it was a new variety called "Sweet Charlie". However, I could not find anywhere else selling the same type of strawberry plants again.

Two types of Strawberries Roots are found in
our Strawberry Plants

I discovered that, some plants have different root structures and some fruits are in irregular shapes. There are two types of roots found in our batch. Virginia Strawberry has two plants sharing one bundle of roots. And Chili Strawberry is one root to one plant.

Different Types of Strawberries

Growing young strawberry plant from seeds (above middle picture) is definitely possible; if you choose to experience it. And it can be done either through purchasing the new organic seeds from the market; or extract them from your favourite ripened strawberries.

How to Propagate Young Plants

  • You can extract seeds from your best sweet ripen strawberries by crushing the fruit and wash out the seeds. In this way, you will be able to know which are the good seeds and which are not. Because the good seeds will remain at the bottom; the rest of the seeds and the pulp will be floated. Thereafter, dry them and keep them away in a dark, dry and cool place; if you are using them later.

  • You can also gather the large and best strawberries, and mix them with fine dried sand, crush the pulp between your hands thoroughly into a mass. Set away the box containing the sand and seeds in some cool place until the following Spring.

  • If you wish to grow immediately and your place is still warm enough for germination, you may just crush a ripe organic strawberry; and cover it with a thin layer of soil; and Keep the soil moist. In about one to two weeks time, you will be surprised with the mini cute young strawberry plants.

Types of Strawberries Runner

When nearly end of the growing season, the mother plant will grow runners. Strawberry runners are the babies from the strawberry plant.

If the parent plant is growing runners at their first season, it is encourage to cut off the runners before they develop into young plants. Because the runners will weaken the health of the mother plant. In another words, the mother plants are not strong enough to bear babies.

Most Types of Strawberries are easily Reproduced from Runners

If the plant is more than one season old, you may either cut the runners and grow them separately from the mother plant; or let them grow side by side together with the mother plant. In this way, the runners will grow easily into young strawberry plants because part of their body is attached to the parent plant.

You have to place their mini roots totally in the soil besides the mother plant. Separate them and plant them into individual containers when they are with a few strong roots.

If you have no time to grow strawberries from seeds or runners,
the best choice is, to purchase those one season old runners from the organic fruits nursery in early Spring season.

Bush Alpine strawberries (wild strawberries) do not produce runners, so they are propagation by division.

Alpine types of Strawberries are Grown from Divisions
of the Crowns of Roots

To grow these strawberry varieties, divide the roots in early spring, leaving only one or two grown to a plant. If the old and central stems are very long, the lower and older part may be cut away, leaving only the upper and younger roots attached.

Set out the plants again with the crown just lever the surface of the soil; to encourage the new roots to grow above the old ones on the stem.

Try growing the oldest strawberry variety,'Pine Strawberries' to experience the pineapple flavoured white strawberry plants care?

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