Types of Lily Flowers Charms

Types of Lily Flowers for every large and attractive table-top wedding flowers arrangement.

Liliaceae family
Lelie in Dutch

African Lilies see African Flowers

1. Alstroemeria-aurantiaca
Incalelie in Dutch
Cut flower in pink and yellow with tinted brown

Love good drainage moist ground
Preferred full sun or half shadow
Blooming from summer

Light yellow with tinted brown Lily

Different types of lily flowers in pink

Types of lilies in dark pink with tinted brown

Arum lily see African Flowers
Canna Lilies see Indian Shoot in plants for ponds

2.Crown Lilies
Keizerskroon in Dutch

Long stem cut flower
Bell like blossoms in clusters
Spring flower bulbs

Love sunny, half shadow and full shadow

Mostly grown in groups
Suitable for flower borders
Plant discharge poisoning odour

Fritillary imperial 'Lutea'

Fritillaria-imperialis 'Rubra Maxima'
Dark orange flowers
Strong plant

Three Crown Lilies from a large flower field

3. Day Lilies or Funkia or Theron Lily
Daglelie in Dutch
Medium to large long stem cut flowers

Old fashioned Summer bulbs
Fragrant flower stays for one day
Winter hardy
Blooming from late spring

Love moist and well drained soil
Long lasting perennial flower plants
Great for organic wedding bouquets

Can be a shrub border for a water garden pond;
or natural pond edges;
or by the river bank

Slugs beloved
A valuable decorative plant

a. Hemerocallis Hybrid

Hemerocallis 'Burning-daylight'
Soft yellow flower

Hemerocallis 'Sammy Russell'
Dark red flowers with a yellow heart
Love a bright and sunny place
Blooming rich year after years
Average height is about 50cm

b. Hemerocallis-aurantiaca
Winter hardy
Large flower in clock form
Striking mix of orange and yellow flowers, and plain yellow flower.

c. Hemerocallis-citrina
Small yellow flowers

d. Hemerocallis-fulva
Soft peach flower

Hemerocallis-fulva 'Rosea'
Dark pink with cream strip petals and a yellow heart

Pale yellow Lily with a brown heart

A wide opened Sammy Russell lily in bloom

Twin coloured Lily in orange and yellow

Fragrant Theron Lily is blooming

Two bright Yellow Flowers are opened side by side

Lily flower in pure soft peach

Dark Pink to orange Hemerocallis-fulva

Different Types of Lily Flowers

4. Gloriosa-rothschildiana
Prachtlelie in Dutch

Large dark pink flower with yellow frame petals

Climb plant
Warm lover

Preferred moist and well drainage ground

Suitable for borders and containers
Blooming in a high humidity summer

Gloriosa-rothschildiana is a special type of lily

5. Lilium types of Lily flowers

a. Asian Lilies
Indoor and outdoor plant
Blooming from late spring

Flowers in orange yellow, light and dark pink colour.

Low growing flowers
Insects beloved
Grow well in containers
Love plenty of moist
Love mild sun

b. Lilium-auratum
Golden-Rayed Queen of Lilies
Sensitive plant

More than 10 lilies on a single flower shoot

Flowers in soft peach

c. Lilium-longiflorum, White
Trompetlelie in Dutch
Cut flower
Blooming from late summer

Suitable for garden and containers
Plant height is about 80cm (maximum)

d. Lilium-hybrid
Aziatische-tangolelies 'Tiger-Play' in Dutch
Cut flower
Mix of cream and black colours

Garden plant
Flowering in summer
Great for container growth

Lilium-candidum in deep-orange

Lilium-candidum in soft orange

Long lasting perennials flower

Red Lilium-candidum with a white edge

Lilium-candidum in yellow

Golden-Rayed type of lilies

White Lily in medium size is great for a large decoration

Medium sized Lily types of flowers

6. Peace Lily
Air-cleaning plant
Flower look like a spoon

Cream coloured blossom
Love plenty of moist
Indoors long lasting flowers

Air filtering Lily plant

7. Toad Lily
Paddenlelie in Dutch
Originally from Japan

Small brownish Orchid a-like flowers
Cut flower
Organic grown
Perennial flowers

Fragrant herb plant
Love sunny and half shadow
Blooming from late summer to mid autumn
Suitable for a summer flowers bouquet

Tricyrtis-formosana flower is grown organically

8. Torch Lily
(Kniphofia-uvaria 'Royal Standard' or Tritome)

Vuurpijl in Dutch
Cut flowers
Fire crackers a-like flowers
Sparkled orange perennial flowers

Love a sunny place
It can make an attractive flower border
Blooming from mid-summer to early autumn
Bloom from the second year

Great for flower bouquet and stand long in the vases

A long lasting perennial flower look like fire crackers

Water Lilies

Flowers Guide and More

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