Tomato Growing Tips for
Common Varieties

Tomato Growing Tips for common varieties that produced high yields and best quality.

There are many types of tomatoes. Most popular and commonly seen tomatoes are Beefsteak varieties, Cherry tomatoes, Disease resistance types and Canning tomatoes.

Tomatoes appeared also in different shapes and colours. Those tomatoes often selling in the market are red round tomatoes, apple-shaped red tomatoes, yellow pear-shaped sweet tomatoes (fig tomatoes), and orange red tomatoes.

Generally, all tomatoes love plenty of moderate sunlight, moist ground and good drainage rich light soil. General seedling temperature for tomato is 20°C (Celsius) or 68°F (Fahrenheit).

Sweet Tomato Growing Tips

Tomato growing tips for organic Moneymaker tomato from seedlings time in greenhouse to pruning suckers and transplanting to open groundMoneymaker

Tomatoes required a long period of growth. So, sowing tomato seeds in late winter to early spring in your greenhouse or indoor may have a higher chance to harvest ripe tomatoes before the frost set in.

We have been growing organic tomatoes since the year 2003. We had grown Cherry tomatoes from Suttons, Lycopersicon Marmande (vleestomaat), Tomato 'Moneymaker' (Lycopersicon lycopetsicum) and Yellow fig tomatoes for a number of years.

In the year 2009, we had Cherry tomatoes 'Tiny-tim' and a special egg-shaped red tomatoes besides the old varieties grown in the containers.

How to Grow Tomato 'Moneymaker' outdoor;
in a small vegetable bed; and in a terraced back yard?

  • Tomato Moneymaker can be planted in a non-heated green house, or a outdoor raised bed. It is simple to grow and stands strong against the rain.

  • When the sun has warmed the outdoor raised bed soil, it should be around mid spring; or slightly later. Plant out the tomatoes plant to a sunny place and stake the plant with a bamboo stick.

  • If you have a bigger space, you may plant out in rows of 45 cm x 45 cm. Spring frost protection is needed for the young plants. The earth pot will help to warm the bed and block the chilling wind.

Easy Tomato Growing Tips

Home grown tomatoes planting together in a small vegetable bed from flowering time to harvest


  1. Pruning tomato plants is necessary. Top the plant when 3 to 4 clusters of tomatoes are shown. Regular watering to keep the ground moist and not wet.

  2. Transplanting should be done together with the existing pot ground; and must be staked immediately. The plants will produce fast with flower buds; when they feel stable and secured.

  3. Prune off the side shoots which stay at 45° between the stem and the branch as soon as they appear. They are known as "Suckers". This way the flower clusters will soon growing into sweet tomatoes.

  4. Harvesting time should be from late summer.

Totally Tomatoes Harvest Care

Harvest tomatoes when they are ripe. Ripened tomatoes should be firm. If the day temperature is too high, the tomatoes may turn soft but not red. If it happens, remove them as early as possible; so that they have enough warm days to continue their colouring work indoor.

Due to the new backyard goldfish pond, all the tomato plants were re-potted into baskets on 14 August to continue their growth.

With simple tomato growing tips and some earth worm compost fertilizers will help you to produce many excellent tomatoes!

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