Starting a Greenhouse Roof

Starting a Greenhouse is interesting!

These days, due to the dramatic changes of climate, more and more families are having either a garden house or a greenhouse or a hot-house in their backyard and front yard gardens.

There are many different types of Greenhouse supplies in the market.

Greenhouses are in different sizes, different designs and they are made from many different kinds of materials and the prices are vary.

If you have plenty of space, or a large landscape, you can simply buy one or more of the green house kits or commercial greenhouses from those greenhouse suppliers.

The greenhouses usually come with rustproof aluminium frames, clear polycarbonate greenhouse covering; or with glass or fiber glass greenhouse films, and or, attached with glass roof vents.

Most of the hobby green house kits are light and easy to set-up. Some are fold-able, others are portable greenhouses or removable greenhouse for easy moving around to catch the most of the sunlight.

If you are looking for a house to the advantage of tropical plants, or you intend to keep a portion of your stock of different kinds of plants to prolong the season of their flowering, a low roof lean-to greenhouse sitting at a sunny corner, which can provide shelter and also the warmth from the wall with plenty of front light and good top ventilators may be your best solution.

Starting a Greenhouse Plan

If you are looking for a back yard shed solely for the summer planting, then a free flow fresh air circulating, UV protected greenhouse may be your best choice.

If you plan to build a garden house only for the fall and winter vegetables growing, it should, possible, be placed on the South side of your garden. In this way, your plants will be able to receive the greatest amount of the sunlight.

Starting a Greenhouse Position

The house position, form, purpose and construction of a house is very important!

Generally, a greenhouse position should be in a open place, with all sides of lights. It should provide enough rooms for handling plants, and for a store of necessary materials like flower pots, garden soil, and small planting tools.

If the wall facing south and the position is dry and hot, you may cover the front with climbers; or sun flowers that love sun.

Starting a Greenhouse from Mini

A plastic film covering green house, a mini hobby grow box, a wooden small house and a big garden house designs

Indoor greenhouse or mini greenhouse (above picture) is very popular these days. It is a best choice for those living in an apartment, a flat or a house with a little of space. It is great for balcony gardening too.

If you have no walls to lean-to, then a stand alone greenhouse exposure to the east and west may interest you.

Starting a Greenhouse Garden

How and where to build the greenhouse that, can be added to from year to year as your needs demand and according to your budget?

A pure fresh air greenhouse consists of a roof, floor, and three walls is built of steel frames holding movable shutters and location with natural shelter from the prevailing winds is the excellent choice.

However, you may not be able to meet all the essential requirements, so, the choice of sites and aspects, and the size of the house should be taken into first priority for consideration.

At last we had decided to build a free air circulating house for our whole year round organic planting projects; with the lowest budget, best suitable materials and the long lasting wood frames.

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