Plants for Ponds Gardening

Plants for Ponds and your water landscaping ideas are here.

Common Plant Names A - Z

1. Bog-arum
(Zantedeschia aethiopica 'Growborough'
Witte aronskelk in Dutch

Fresh water garden plants
Frost free perennial flower in cream colour

Love mild sunlight
Flowering in cool summer
Lowest temperature to 15°C

Possible to be an indoor house plant, if you place it in a frost free and heat free room

Zantedeschia aethiopica, Bog arum is grown organically with long white calla lily a-like flower opening in late spring

2. Forget-me-Not, Water

Moeras-vergeet-mij-nietin Dutch
Perennial if it is protected
Organic gardening plant
Love warm but never over heated

Mini cluster of sweet soft blue flowers with yellow heart

Care free
Great for the small pond edges
Blooming from spring to summer

Mini baby soft blue water Forget-me-Not, Myosits-palustris is flowering

3. Gladiola, Water
(Schizostylus coccinea 'Major')
Chilli Red flowers
Stands on 15cm depth of water
Love bright sunshine

Petals close when the sun is away
Can be damaged by heavy rain
Blooming from April to November

A wide opened charming red flower is smiling in the sun.Small Pond Flower

4. Herb bennet
(Geum rivale)
Knikkend nagelkruid in Dutch
Care free low water plants

Organic grown perennial flower
Winter hardy
Bog plant's art
Flower in brownish red
Love sunny and half shadow

Bloom promisingly from mid spring to early summer

Suitable for small garden ponds

Care free organic winter hardy water Herb bennet, Geum rivale with mid-spring brownish red blossoms

Organic Plants for Garden Decorations

5. Indian shoot
Also known as Canna lilies
(Canna Indica)
Indish Bloemriet in Dutch
Orange yellow blossoms
Damp garden plants

Frost free organic perennial flower

Love sunny and half shadow

Bloom from summer to autumn
Suitable for fresh water gardens

Organic grown mid-summer orange yellow red water Canna lily plant for ponds

6. Iris pseudacorus
Also known as Yellow flag
or Flag iris;
or Yellow iris

Small plant for ponds
Preferred strong full sun
Winter hardy
Natural Perennial flowers

Blooming from mid spring to mid-summer

Suitable for home landscaping

Organic tall yellow brown Water Iris pseudacorus flower is blooming in mid-spring

Plants for Fresh Water Garden

7. Iris-versicolor
Purple cheerful small Water Iris

Love mild sun or half shadow
Flowering in early spring

Can be planted at a damp garden

More organic flowers would appeared from the second year on-wards

Low growing small purple white yellow water Iris versicolor bulb is blooming

8. Italian Lords-and-Ladies
(Arum italicum)
Italiaanse aronskelk in Dutch
Flowering during April to June
Love sunny and partial shade
About 40cm in height
An attractive plant

Berry a-like Italian Lords-and-Ladies, Arum italicum

9. Kaffir lily, Organic
(Schizostylus coccinea)
Also known as Mrs-Hegarty
Moerasgladiool in Dutch

Sweet pink Lily flowers
Backyard water garden plant
Station on 15cm depth water
Love mild sun

Sensitive to cold

Blooming from late summer to late autumn
Suitable for indoor cut flowers arrangement

Water Kaffir lily, Schizostylus coccinea is blooming organic pink flowers in autumn

Flowering Plants for Ponds

10. Knotweed
Veenwortel in Ducth
Long strips of mini light pink flowers appeared in summer

Preferred sunny and partial shadow
It can grow to a wild plant
More suitable for natural water

Three strips of mini light pink flowers from Polygonum-amphibium

11. Lesser spearworth
Engelsboterbloem in Dutch
Small yellow flowers

Need moderate sunlight
Sit on top of the water pond
Blooms from May to November

Lesser spearworth, Ranunculus flammula's small yellow flowers are in bloom

Plants for Cool Waters

12. Lobelia, Water
Also known as Red cardinalis
(Lobelia cardinalis)
Organic flowers

Low water garden plants
Warm weather plant
Love sunny and half shadow

Rabbit a-like flowers in summer
Great for small garden ponds
Best for an indoor vase

13. Marsh crane's-bill
Moerasooievaarsbek in Dutch

Can be placed as low as 15cm under water

Love sunny and partial shadow
Reddish purple 5 petals flowers
Flowering from late spring

Geranium-palustis is flowering in water

14. Marsh marigold, single
(Caltha palustris)
Dotterbloem in Dutch

Plant height is about 30cm (maximum)

Can stand 15 cm below water
Also grow well at a damp area
Love moderate sunlight

Plenty of golden yellow flowers
Blooming from early spring

A bush of Yellow single Marsh marigold flowers is blooming in spring water

15. Monkey musk
(Mimulus ringens)
Spray free
Purple blue small flowers plant
Medium sized annuals
Love in soft sun

Blooming in late spring to summer
Suitable for small backyard ponds

Monkey musk, Mimulus ringens flowering plant has soft bluish purple white little blossom in early summerPurple Dress

Plants for Ponds Ideas

16. Pitcher plant
(Sarracenia leucophylla)
Genus of carnivorous plants
Organic grown
Trouble free perennial plant

Shallow fresh water plant
Active live insects hunter

Love partial shadow
Flowers in brownish red
Winter-hard to minus 20°C

Ornament plants for ponds 
Good for indoor display

Excellent for goldfish ponds

Pitcher plant Sarracenia leucophylla in early spring

17. Primrose, Natural
Sleutelbloem rood in Dutch

Sweet pink small flowers
Small leaves water plant
Love mild sun

Can be placed on the top water level and grow organically like ordinary potted plants

Great to be in a weather proof self-watering container

Blooming from late winter

Two pink Primula rosea's are blooming in mid-spring with their yellow hearts

18. Purple loosestrife
(Lythrum salicaria)
Winter hardy organic grown plant

Wasps beloved
Care free perennial flowers in medium pink
Love sunny and half shadow
Late spring to autumn blooms

Perfect for small yard landscapes

Organic purple loosestrife, Lythrum salicaria water flowering plant is blooming clusters of dark purple mini flowers in early summer

Plants for Ponds Edges

19. Ragged Robin
(Lychnis 'flos-cuculi')
Echte Koekoeksbloem
Family of Caryophyllaceae
Natural pink flowers
Bees beloved

Can be placed 15cm below the water surface

Blooming rich from mid-spring
Love full sun

Ragged Robin water plant is flowering in spring.

20. Sneezewort
(Achillea ptarmica 'White Pearl')
Duizendblad in Dutch
Family of Composite
Naturally grown
Frost free low water flower plant

Spiders beloved
Drought tolerant perennials
Snow ball a-like white flowers
Love sunny and half shadow

Blooming from late spring to mid summer
Suitable for backyard pond landscaping

Sneezewort, Achillea-ptarmica blooming organic white blossoms in mid-summer

21. Soft rush
(Juncus ensifolius)
Organic grown
Care free winter hard perennial
Love soft sun and half shadow

Little brown flowers blooming from late spring to summer

Suitable for small ponds

Soft rush, Juncus-ensifolius is blooming its first time mini brown flowers in a summer water pond

22. Summer snowflake
(Gratiola officinalis)
Genadekruid in Dutch

Preferred on 15cm depth water level

Pale pink flowers with thin petals

Wide spreading leaves
Maximum 45cm in height
Bloom in summer every year
Love sunny and half shadow

Home grown Summer snowflake, Gratiola officinalis is blooming white flowers in June

Plants for Ponds Landscaping

23. Striped gardener's garters
(Phalaris arundinacea 'Picta')
Bont rietgras in Dutch

Everlasting plant
Leaves in sweet green and strips in rich white and pink

Flowering during summer
Love mild sun and light shadow

A pink green and white grass a-like pond garden plant, Striped gardener's garters

24. Types of Water lilies
(Also known as sea rose)
Family of Nymphaeaceae
Winter hardy

Care free perennial flowers
Deep water plants
Love mild sun

Blooming from mid-summer to autumn
Suitable for all sizes of man-made and natural ponds

a. Nymphaea Alba
Native in Europe
Organic grown
White flowers with yellow hearts
Water depth from 40 to 200 cm

Wide opened Nymphaea Alba in Water

b. Nymphaea attraction, hybrid
Water depth 60cm
Natural grown pink flower

Nymphaea attraction is Smiling

c. Nymphaea James Brydon, hybrid
Can be placed between 40 to 80cm depth of water

Bloom rich and in pink colour
Love full sun

Nymphaea James Brydon in a quiet pond

d. Nymphaea Marliacea Chromatella, Hybrid
Light yellow flowers
40 to 100 cm depth of water
Full sun

Nymphaea Marliacea Chromatella is floating happily

e. Nymphaea Rosea, Hybrid
A strong plant
Sweet light pink rose a-like flowers

Nymphaea Rosea laid comfortablily on water

25. Water Mints Herb Plants
Watermunt in Dutch
Comfort Growing Temperature is about 16°C

a. Mentha aquatica
Purplish brush flowers
About 50cm in height (maximum)

Blooming from May to August every year

Can be placed in the full sun or half shadow position

Insects Beloved

Brush a-like purplish mints Herbs blossoms

b. Pennyroyal, Mentha pulegium
Frost free perennial plant
Love sunny and half shadow places

Blooming mini purplish flowers from late spring to summer

Suitable for a scented garden
Great for a shallow water garden

Cooking herbs

Water mint herb plant, Pennyroyal mentha pulegium is flowering in a late spring pond

c. Water spearmint
(Preslia cervina, Alba)
Engelse watermunt in Dutch

Organic Herb plant
Brush like white flowers
Plenty of blossoms
Love full sun
Flowering in summer

Can be on Maximum 15cm depth of water
Wasp beloved

Spearmint plant is blooming rich brush a-like white mini flowers

Plants for Ponds in the Cold

26. Water plantain
Smalbladige waterweegbree
in Dutch

Very tall and large plant with mini paper pink flowers

Water depth at 15cm
Blooming from June to September

Sweet Water plantain, Alisma lanceolatum is showing off its tall shoots and mini pink flowers

These are easy growing low flowering plants for ponds and they can be grown organically in all sizes of water gardens; including container ponds. And all of these have successfully completed minimum one growing cycle.

Organic Flowers and More

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