Planting Flowers List from R - Z

Planting Flowers Tips (Part Five)

Gardening List - R

Hardy types of perennials!

Rhododendron Hybrid
(Purple flowers)

Perennial flowers
Low shrub trees
Love plenty of moist, sunny and
half shadow places
Blooming in spring and autumn

Dwarf purple perennial Rhododendron flowering shrub tree

Pink Rhododendron Hybrid

Low growing flower bush
Hardy flowering plants
Flowers stay long in the soft weather

Sweet pink Rhododendron perennial flowers

kinds of Roses varieties!

Roses (Rosa) - Pink flower
Cut flower
Indoor house plant and outdoor garden flowers
Perennial plant
Blooming from summer to early autumn
Love sunny and half shadow
Popular valentines flowers
Common florist flowers
Meaning behind flowers is Love
Excellent for anniversary flowers
and organic wedding flowers bouquet

Sweet pink rose, valentines flower

Dark Red Rose
Garden Rose
Organic cut flowers
When under strong sunlight,
it will turn to almost black,
so it is also known as black rose
Winter hard
Outdoor plants
It made amazing Birthday flower bouquets

Planting Flowers Names (Part Five)

List of Names - S

White Scabiosa japonica
Family of Dipsacaceae
Winter hard
Organic flowers
Annuals, biennials and perennial plants
Love sunny and half shadow
Blooming from mid-spring to late summer

White Scabiosa japonica, annuals, biennials, and perennial flowers

Schlumbergera hybrid
(Lidcactus in Dutch)

Also known as Christmas Cactus
Indoor house plants
Perennial flowers
Blooming from mid autumn to early winter

Pink Christmas cactus, perennial schlumbergera flowers are blooming indoor

Sinningia speciosa -
Gloxines speciosa

Tropical plants
Indoor house plants
Perennial flowers
Large velvet flowers
Love plenty of indirect sunlight
Love rain water

Tropical red Sinningia speciosa, gloxines speciosa flowers

Colourful organic Snapdragons 

Snapdragon (Leeuwebak)
Easy growing
Biennial plant-two years plant
Blooming from spring with soft weather
Removing the old flowers will prolong the flowering time

Note: She managed to pull through three years.

Pink Snapdragon biennial spring flowers

Yellow Snapdragon
Suitable for a damp wet corner
of your flower garden

White and yellow Snapdragon flowers

Annual flowers plants - Cleomes!

Organic Spider flowers -
Cleomes hassleriana Violet Queen
(Kattensnor in Dutch)
Annual plants
Best for flower borders
Love sunny and half shadow
Blooming from summer to early autumn
Suitable for backyard patio landscaping design

Note: This is grown in a greenhouse!

Organic purple spider flowers, Cleome hassleriana Violet Queen is blooming in a greenhouse

White Spider flowers
(white Cleome)

This flower plant can also grow in containers
It is suitable for the container garden plans

White Cleomes, spider flowers

Planting Flowers Kinds (Part Five)

(Omphalodes cappadocia)

Ground cover plant
Love half shadow and full shadow
Blooming from mid-spring to early summer
Suitable for hanging baskets and flower boxes

Purple starry eyes, omphalodes cappadocica box flowers

Different organic flowers -
Annual Statice!

Yellow Garden Statice sinuata
Organic Annual flowers
Love sunny place
Can be planted in pots and containers
Blooming from mid-summer to early autumn
Suitable for flower borders
Excellent for dried flower arrangement

Yellow Statice sinuata garden flowers

Organic Purple Statice flowers
Annual plants
Easy growing
Can be grown in green house
Everlasting dried flowers

Outdoor purple and small white organic statice flowers

Different kinds Warm weather tropical plants!

Strelitzia reginae
(Paradijsvogelbloem in Dutch)

Also known as Birds of Paradise
Cut flower
Tropical plants
Commonly seen in Singapore
Belongs to Strelitziaceae family
Last long in the vase
Excellent choice for a table-top flower bouquet
in hotels and restaurants

Tropical large Birds of Paradise, Strelitzia reginae fanciful orange blue flower

Organic Sun Flower plants
Also known as Golden sunflowers
Large Cut flower
Annual plants
Tropical flowers
Love sunny place
Blooming in summer
Suitable for summer flowers bouquet

Common annual tropical yellow and brown organic Sunflower

Organic Sunflowers -
Helianthus annuus

(Avondzon in Dutch)
Also known as Ring of Fire
Large cut flowers
Annual flowers
Love plenty of direct sunlight
Blooming in summer
Plant average height: 200 cm

Organic orange yellowish brown Sunflower Ring of Fire, Helianthus annuus

Planting Flowers Types (Part Five)

List of Flowers - T to U

Organic Tobacco Flowers

Also known as Flowering tobacco
sylvestris in Dutch)
Annual plant
Fragrant white flowers
Love sunny place
Blooming in summer
Suitable for container gardening,
greenhouse growing, and terraced back yard

Organic grown white fragrant flowering tobacco, Nicotiana sylvestris in bloom

Torch Lily (Kniphofia-uvaria
'Royal Standard' or Tritome)
Vuurpijl in Dutch
Cut flowers
Fire crackers like flowers
Sparkled orange perennial flowers
Love a sunny place
For attractive flower borders
Blooming from mid-summer to early autumn
Bloom in the second year
Great for flower bouquet and stand long in the vases

Orange Torch lily, Kniphofia uvaria cut flower

Organic Tricyrtis
Paddenlelie in Dutch
Orchid like flowers
Originally from Japan
Cut flower
Perennial flowers
Fragrant plant
Love sunny and half shadow
Blooming from late summer to mid autumn
Suitable for summer flowers bouquet

Organic Tricyrtis fragrant cut flower

Orange Tulips
Organic cut flower
Perfect for flower borders
Love sunny place
Blooming in spring
Suitable for spring flowers landscaping
Best for organic bouquet arrangement

Organic deep orange spring tulip flower

Planting Flowers Tips (Part Five)

Flowers List- V to Z

Purple white Verbena
Cut flower
Border flowers
Butterfly beloved
Love plenty of sunlight and moist
Best for window boxes and hanging baskets

Hanging purple white Verbena small window box flowers

Different types of violet flowers!

Viola wittrockiana or Pansy
(Violen Zwitserse reuzen Mont Blanc in Dutch)
Biennial plant
Organic white violet flowers
Dislike transplanting
Blooming from late spring to summer
Great for containers gardening and terraced back yard;
or balcony gardening window boxes

Organic grown white and yellow Viola wittrockiana window box biennial flower

Violet flowers (Viola comuta)
Large annual plant
Blooming from late spring to early autumn
Biennial plants
Blooming from late winter to mid summer
Indoor plant and outdoor flower borders
Suitable for hanging baskets and window boxes
Best for terraced back yard

Spring pansy yellow brown violets, Viola comuta is blooming

Purple white yellow violets Flower

Warm weather plants
Small annual flowers
Natural growing fragrant plants
Window box flowers
Blooming from mid-spring to mid-summer
Suitable for outdoor flower borders, hanging baskets,
and also for greenhouse, indoors containers,
or balcony gardening

Deep purple white and yellow violet pansy flower

Planting Flowers Tips (Part Five)

Vriesea flowers
Belongs to Bromeliaceae family
Ornament plant
Tropical plants
Indoor house plant
Love moderate indirect sunlight
Moderate watering
For decoration only

Red Vriesea evergreens ornament flowering indoor house plant

Purple Wisteria

Winter hard
Climb plant
Flowering tree
Natural Perennial flowers
Love sunny place
Poisoning plant
Blooming from late spring to summer

Poisoning soft purple Wisteria flowers from a climb plant

Yarrow (Duizendblad in Dutch)

Organic cut flower
Ornamental plant
Herb plant
Perennial flower
Butterflies beloved
Blooming in summer
Last long in flowers bouquet

Batterfly beloved bright yellow Yarrow perennial ornament herb flowers

Don't forget your flower planting guide when you are planning your own terrific organic flowers bouquet list!

Flowers Guide and More

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