Organic Gardening Tips for Small Gardens

Organic Gardening Tips for reducing garden pests and encouraging trees and plants to grow healthily; and produce high quality of natural fruits year after years are simple.

There are many types of insects living naturally in your garden; even though you are not quite aware.

No matter which kinds of plants and trees you are cultivating;
plenty of them are interested to explore your whole garden.

Before and after winter season, a numbers of insects from the ground would be climbing up to the trees through the tree trunk; or hide between the leftover decayed leaves.

Therefore, on the last few days of the winter or during the 1st week of the spring season is the most important time for your cleaning task.

Organic Gardening Tips for Spray Free Fruits

Working Tools
(Top picture 1-4)

*A few water-proof containers; or cups; or bottles

*Rain water

A few different sizes of rust free painting brushes

     Painting Skill:
*If you have ever done water colour painting in school before; you will know how to handle your brushes efficiently.

*Apply no strength on the upper part of the trees; by holding on the end of the brush; will result to a tender approach.

*Apply mild strength on the body of the tree; by holding the brush closer to your palm.

1. First fill your container half full.

2. Then, tap water on the top of the main stem; and follow by each and individual brunches.

3. Thereafter you can use different sizes of brushes to remove all the undesired webs and insects by painting softly part by part of the tree; until the bottom of the tree trunk.

4. If your tree has plentiful of fruit buds very close to each other; like this 3rd year plum tree (Picture 13 below); you may use dry brush.

5. Remember to use your brush softly; take care not to destroy all the tender buds.

You will see a numbers of creatures moving forward (top picture 2); when the water is dripping down from the tree top.

Simple Organic Gardening Tips You Must Know

1. The Purpose of cleaning is to remove all unwanted insects eggs; larvae; and real plant pests; before the leaves appeared; so that you can save more fruit buds.

2. Do your job on a freeze free and sunny day.

3. Do your task with respect and appreciation and to harmonies with the nature; while you are focusing on the cleaning of the trees (You will understand what I mean when the season advanced).

4. Insects have the rights to travel everywhere freely to fulfill their hunger and thirst, because they are staying in the nature; and so; the bacterial will spread very fast in your garden; if you do not take care (picture 9 below).

5. Most insects would avoid noise and vibration. When you move close to them; they would try their best to run away.

6. Insects or the spiders; and baby snails love to lean on the underside of the cool leaves (below picture 10); or hide away from the sun during the day.

Extra Organic Gardening Tips:

  • If you have a number of trees to work on; you can divide your task in a few days. So that; when you are cleaning the rest of the plants; you can also re-paint the earlier ones; when you have time.

  • If you see caterpillar or spider hanging on the tree; you have to face the sun by standing at the back of the tree; so that; you can see the webs and the silky strings clearly (center picture 5-8).

  • Turning your brush around it to remove the webs is easy. However, the spider may try its best to escape; so, it might jump on your body. I suggest to collect the mite first before you remove the webs.

    You can hold your container very near to it; and let it land on the water surface naturally. Thereafter; you have to shake the water; to stop the pests for climbing out.

  • Clean your brush by stirring it in the water; before you move to the next branch; or when you need to add fresh water to the bottle.

  • You can use different brush for different plant; or clean it thoroughly and change the water before you start on another new.

  • If you are interested to study the garden pests that you have collected; you can put them away in a different container for further explore.

  • When all is done, clean all the brushes and container thoroughly with fresh rain water; and hang up to dry; until the next use.

More Organic Gardening Tips:

*If your trees are already infested; then the solution is, to discard those affected parts and clean the rest of the tree thoroughly; and change their standing position to a full sun and good air-circulating area.

If you discover early; the infested part is small; and it touches your fruit partially; you can use a stick to remove the mess from your fruit by rolling your stick.

*If the whole tree is infested; the leaves turned into wired looking colours and shapes; then you may trim off all the leaves and spray the whole tree with mineral full water.

The minerals will give the tree a great boost. And you will see the new fresh tender light green leaves appear in about two weeks time.

*Nitrogen rich organic straws compost can help; as the fungi cannot stay long in straws.

*Tie a sticky band around the tree trunk; to stick the larvaé and insects from the ground; before they climb-up to the tree. In Ancient time; they used pure organic raw sheep wool for the same purpose.

*If your place has good sun power; you may try Garden Nasturtium. It is an annual low growing edible salad plant. Most of the insects will be happy to stay in these beautiful and delicious bush.

*The well known low growing African Marigolds contains certain active substance; will help to dissolve the Nematodes infection in the soil. But this plant has one meter depth of roots. So, it is quite a challenge to plant this if you have limited gardening space. You may try, if you need.

Organic Gardening Tips for the Hot Season

*If you have time; use fine mist rain water spray thoroughly, direct on all sides of the stem, upper and under sides of the leaves after each rainfall.

In this way; the unwanted pests on the tree and under-side of the leaves will be once again soak in the water. And when the sun shines; they will be destroyed naturally.

*Put a few small container of water near the trees; you will see some beautiful happenings. And it is your decision; to free them; or to destroy them.

*You will discover some excellent insect pests controller; and some half beneficial insects. So, it is your judgement; to classify which are the best for your garden. Then you can encourage them to form their families on all your trees.

Organic gardening tips can easily be found, right?

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