Organic Gardening Ideas for Lilies

Organic Gardening Ideas for Canna bulbs.

There are unlimited ways to grow organic flowers; and it should not be limited to the size of your ground.

In other words; you can find ways to beautify a small location; by modifying your idea about it.

How about setting-up a mini pond at one corner of your garden?

With a pond; you can plant many big sizes of attractive flowers that you desired at any chosen time.

Canna lilies are beautiful!
Her petals could made you dream of those
ladies fabric garment "Georgette"; and those light and
silky ice dancing costumes.

A 12.5 cm (about 5 inches) tall, two leaves stems young Canna plant was bought on 23-5-2009; and placed at one of the corner of our first DIY pond surface (above picture 1); with a black square plastic basket of a mix of 20% potting soil and 80% sand.

Canna Bulb Plant's Further Development

  • The Canna lily's yellowish green leaves were enlarged and increased from 3 to 7 from the day 23 to the day 30 (picture 2&3 above).

  • The 3rd leaf stem came on the day 43 (above picture 4).

  • A short light green flower shoot appeared on the day 77 (picture 5).

  • Flower shoot changed to pinkish in 3 days time (above picture 6&8).

  • Four large and solid leaves stems were completed on the day 81 (picture 7).

  • The plant was transferred to our second pond near the west corner; and at the center of the garden. The flower buds had turned into purplish pink on 15th August; the day 84 (picture 8 above).

Organic Gardening Ideas
for Warm Climate Perennials

  • The first charming deep yellow petal with red dots is rolling up on the day 84 (picture 9 above).

  • The next day a medium sized flower is completely opened (picture 10-11) under the sparkling sun power; with more buds. Thereafter, one petal was faded in 4 hours time (picture 12).

  • Second flower appeared on the day 86 (picture 13-15); and it continued flowering.

  • Seedling occurred on 25-8-2009, the day 94 (picture 16).

Benefits of Growing Canna in Water

  1. Needs almost no care, besides trimming away the died down flower petals.

  2. During the flowers blooming period; you can feed some chlorine free natural mineral water as the fertilizers; if you wish.

  3. It can attract quite a numbers of essential insects chasing around your beautiful blossoms.

  4. It can create more joyful moments for you; by watching the flowers showing one by one to you.

  5. After Bloomed you can keep the plant; including the basket in a protected place to rest; before the cold set-in.

  6. You can move the plant at any time; and to everywhere.

More organic gardening ideas for problem free plants are on your way!

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