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African Flowers are Unique!

A-Z list of delighted African flowers for you to explore.

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Common Flowers for Alphabet B

You can select your favourite list of common flowers for your everydays decoration.

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Types of Tulips for Spring

You can find your favourite types of tulips blooming throughout the early part of the year.

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Merry Christmas!

Hello Friends,

Christmas season is around our corner; let's cheer for all the love and joy for every person you encounter from today!

Here I wish everyone Merry Christmas and a very very colourful New Year in advance.

If you wish to help me to spreed a word to the entire world; please feel free to download the card below (link) and send to whoever you can think of.

See you in 2019!

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Cactus Flowers Type

Types of cactus flowers for your indoor and outdoor decoration.

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Plants for Ponds Water

Growing organic flowering plants for ponds gardens can help you to increase certain degrees of the natural atmosphere.

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Mild Autumn!

This Autumn is cool and gentle; therefore the plants that has yet to finish its job completely; can continue.

Although the night temperature may go slightly low; but the day temperature is still great with sun uncle's support.

Red rose is opened widely under the autumn air

The black rose in the front door garden is blooming large blossom (image above) this time.

The new Hosta is budding for the second time now.

This tomato continues to expand without doubt

Those tomato (above) plants which carrying their fruits are still driving at the moment.

Let's celebrate their success in advance!

Get Ready to Explore!

Are you ready to start a new fun project for the coming season?

This year I have harvested plentiful of grapevine cuttings (below) as early as in the month of August.

Blue Grapes Cuttings are sprouted before autumn

They have done their sprouting task very efficiently. Most of the cuttings are attached with many thick and fat roots now.

Since beginning of this year; I have been trying more and more Tropical fruits seeds; and I found growing Mangoes is very simple and fun.

Start a mango project from now

All you have to do is to buy a large and ripe Mango. After enjoying it; open the seed shell from the side to collect the seed.

Happy exploring, everyone!

More Summer!

Summer days are truly great. It warms all our tomatoes and the organic fig tree.

Left 4 figs on tree

There are four more figs (above) working their very best on tree. Everyday they are welcoming stronger sunshine.

One week of high temperature has moved the unripe fruits to their ripping stage. It is just amazing!

The organic tomatoes (below) are changing colours at the moment.

Tomatoes are ripening

They are shouting for more!

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