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African Flowers are Unique!

A-Z list of delighted African flowers for you to explore.

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Greating to Fathers!

Hello Friends,

Fathers day is around the corner. What have you prepared to do for the world of fathers?

A big tide deep hug and more...

Here we wish you and the world of fathers and fathers to be a very special day.

Don't forget to download the card below (link); and help us to bring our joy over to the entire world.

Best regards,
Joan Chang

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Late Spring!

It is late spring now...

Blackberry plant is showing its 1st blossom

Are you busy earthing-up all your garden fruit plants; and perhaps the potatoes?

We are glad that the softer sun and the tender rain are visiting our garden quite often these days. The blackberry plant is opening its flower buds one by one.

This year the blackberry vine is partially covered by the second year mulberry tree which has grown into an unexpected size. That's why it is quietly flowering (image above) behind the scene.

Belgium grapevine is fruiting in the late spring

Plentiful of uneven sizes of baby grapes (image above) are hanging on the Belgium vine right now.

If you have one grapevine in your garden; you may have to consider a way to signal the vine not to go further; and inform the tree that you may trim off the mini new shoots beforehand; if your place has a short warm season.

Besides the above mentioned small fruits; the Red Jonathan apple tree is thriving at the same time. Many attractive apples (image below) are on tree.

Plentiful of apples are hanging on the tree.

The first water lily is opened (below) since three days ago.

A half-opened floating white water lily

This year the Day lily is gathering all its wonderful buds (image below); before its amazing flowering show.

A Day lily plant is budding in June 2018.

The second year Lavender herb is flowering at the moment. And its deep purple fragrant blossoms have attracted many honey bees everyday.

Our second year Lavender herb plant is flowering in June.

I hope everyone is enjoying his/her gardening just as we do...

Have a joyful week ahead, friends!

Plants for Ponds Water

Growing organic flowering plants for ponds gardens can help you to increase certain degrees of the natural atmosphere.

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Solo Singer!

Roses can start growing as early as in the month of April; if the weather is soft.

One and only rose in our front yard.

However; this year the weather is totally different from the past.

The dark red to black rose did not produced new leaves until last week. Therefore the orange rose (above) came alone and became a Solo Singer.

She is the charm for this moment!

The Month of June!

Small rain showers on and off...

All time wanted beneficial insects

Are you watching the insects flying around all your fruit trees; and trying to search for their favourite food?

After the month of May; you will see uncountable wanted and unwanted insects on your plants.

The beneficial ones; such as the Lady bug's larva (above) often busy helping you to run the task.

Knowing all the beneficial ones faces; you will not be destroying them by mistake.

If you wish to know more about the Ladybird's growing cycle' you may explore further by clicking the link below.

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

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Sweet Snacks!

Are you counting the red red strawberries?

After a few soft and tender rain shower and the mild sunlight; our garden smells fresh and sweet.

Fresh and firmed strawberries are born after a few shower

Strawberries are maturing with pure joy; after we put a net over them.

This year's berries (above) are full of aroma and in top form.

Blue grapes to be

Our Belgium grape vine is also doing very well this year.

Some of the baby grapes (above) are born at the moment. Others are still enjoying the atmosphere.

You have to be more alert now. As the sun power may go higher. All the plants and fruit vines in your place may request for extra shower; and screen protection.

Especially the tender tomato leaves may be damaged; if there is no protection.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Sunday Cheer!

A bright blue sky and the sweetness is in the air...

Yes, it is mid-spring now. All the birds are so busy flying everywhere above our heads.

Our backyard goldfishes are busy rubbing each other's shoulders. What a warm touch!

Some may choose to go to the beach; others may rest at home in the cool.

We prefer to exchange joy with all our plants in the garden.

Sweet pink flowers blooming in spring.

How about admiring your sweet Peonies flowers (above); smell their aroma; feel their joy?

These peony plant is with us for more than 10 years. We both have faith in each other; and the trust is growing more and more everyday.

We have grown many kinds of potatoes. This year we tried a few purple potato plants.

Purple potato is flowering in white.

We expect the flowers to be purple too. However; it turned up to be white (above).

Coming weeks will be busier...

The grape vines expanding everyday. Now it is climbing over the trellis that we have prepared for them.

Leading and guiding...

When the sun power is high; the only time to go into your garden can be lesser. Therefore we have to focus on those tasks that we wanted to achieve; no waste of energy for the rest.

A good fine mist is the most important task we have to do for the trees every evening.

Every plant deserve a present soft and tender shower after many hours in the sun.

While enjoying the fun of spraying the cool rain water on your trees; you may also soak yourself into the sparkling orange sunset.

Have a wonderful week ahead, everyone!

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