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Organic Garden Pest Control Possible

You can learn organic garden pest control with essential insects.

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Plants for Ponds Water

Growing organic flowering plants for ponds gardens can help you to increase certain degrees of the natural atmosphere.

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Growing Organic Apples!

Growing organic apple trees is an easy task; if you are a patient learner.

Red Jonathan apples are smiling through the sun

If the tree is strong; no matter what kind of temperature and how many insects the trees may encounter; the fruits will stay.

If any of the apple is dropping; you just have to accept it; and look for ways to improve it next time.

You can see the Red Jonathan (above); she is going through the same growing process as the others; her fruits are very solid and shining throughout the season. However; her harvest time may change this year; as she has to align with the nature's timing.

I think; we have to learn how to follow the nature's signal carefully from now on.

Have a good day, everyone!

Organic Blue Grapes!

Blue grapes from Belgium are ready for harvest.

Blue grapes harvested one month earlier than the usual time

Due to the high heat for several weeks; we have been busy massaging the grapevines and calming the grapes everyday.

Finally we heard the signal...

The grape vine has given a green light to remove all her beautiful produces off the vine on Monday night.

This year the grapes are very ripe; juicy; supper sweet with crispy skin and crispy seeds.

You cannot fix the time for harvest just like before; it is simply because of the ever changing weather.

If you can listen to your plant more often; you will be clear what they are trying to tell you.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Summer Berries!

Small fruits required less attention.

The first Blackberry in 2018 is born

Every plant follows the behaviour of the weather.

If you have experienced growing fruit trees for several years you will know exactly what you preferred for the coming years.

Blackberry is a simple plant that you can rely on for the promising harvest; as long as you give it a little attention.

Under normal circumstances we will not bother the plants so much; as they will do their task automatically.

However; this year's temperature is extraordinary; therefore we have to visit the container fruit shrubs more often.

While watching the dwarf Fig tree thriving; harvesting the small Hosui pears; the first Blackberry (image above) is showing face.

How about checking up how the plant develop further at the link below?

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Bird's Paradise!

The backyard birds are very active now in our garden.

a Sparrow is living in our Honey berry shrub

Everyday we see non-stop flying in birds. They are busy searching for the insects; and they found unlimited supply of food in our garden.

Some came for the ants on the ground; others come for the water from the goldfish pond.

We are happy to know that we have a nature friendly garden.

On Saturday night; just one second before I pour the water into our Honey berry plant; I saw a young sparrow (above) sitting silently on top.

She was not afraid of me. She looked directly into my eyes; when I toke her photo. I thought; how could she be there suddenly...

Guess what happen?

She stayed over night on that shrub; and on the next morning we saw her parents came to feed her. And later the whole family busy flying in to visit her.

Now the whole family is having party in our garden.

What can be more joyful than creating a safe and beautiful place for others?

Unexpected Heat!

An extreme high temperature was shown-up for the last few days in our garden.

Since Thursday noon; it was 43.5°C for 2 days; before the thunder storm and a short heavy rain shower.

On the first night around ten O'clock I saw a grasshopper at our upstairs window screen; I was shocked; wondered how could he jumped so high; and came indoor.

As an usual reaction; I send him out to the garden immediately; before a second thought.

The following morning; I saw a Grasshopper hanging flat on another window screen outdoor. The answer was revealed. It might be due to the heat; and through the wind's help; the insect could have landed upstairs. However; I could not help him any more.

a Wasp insect was burnt off by the heat

On Friday; after the shower; the temperature dropped to 32.

When I was supplying water to all the plants; I saw a Wasp (image above) was dried up on one of our pear tree.

Although this is not the first time I encountered this type of situation; it reminded me again and again that how fortunate we are as a human. We are being protected in a house.

We often think that the insects are disturbing our garden plants and trees; and find all ways to remove them.

Now I understand very well that the insects have not much choices; if the temperature is too high; they need a shelter; and if their body demanded for water; they will go for your fruits.

A Blue Gem!

The sun was very strong this few day. All of us tried to hide in the house.

Yesterday afternoon met this sparkling blue dragonfly insect

Our sitting room's window is facing the whole backyard garden; therefore we can still enjoy the cheerful outdoor atmosphere; even we are in house.

Yesterday afternoon one special dragonfly (image above) appeared on top of our goldfish pond.

She sparked as clear as a diamond!

This 2 inch blue gem was wearing a shinning blue long dress. She danced a few hours under the high heat by opening and closing her lacy skirt. It was really amazing!

We thank the nature for such a wonderful event.

High Temperature!

When the outdoor temperature shoots up; most of us will start to think of the ice.

After a rain water spray all the moths fly out

The insects in the garden are looking for a shelter to hide.

The underside of the leaves is their most interested place; if they could not find a shade location.

The moth (image above) was found landing between the leaves; under the hot sun.

If you want to chase them off your plants; you may spray water when the sun is setting. You can see some flying out very fast.

This bird is waiting for me to leave the garden

The female bird (above) is very smart. She came everyday to dig the garden ground; after I showered the trees. She might have found her treasures in it.

Second round of organic grown roses in bloom

While the black roses are fading away; the orange Rose plant is showing off her clusters of roses (above) for the second time in this year.

Blackberries are expanding now

This time of the year many berries are away. The Blackberry shrub in the container is thriving with plentiful of green berries (above) behind the Mulberry tree.

I will show you more when the season advance.

Have a interesting day, everyone!

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