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Spring is Here! I shouted it a loud.

The long waiting cool season has finally arrived.

I am sure you are busy talking to your plants; and at the same time looking forward for a fruitful year.

For us, we have re-designed our gardens in the month of January. At the moment; all fruit trees at the back yard have started their promising plan.

In the front garden; the roses have many new leaves;
the Peonies are showing a few new red shoots;
the Day lily is showing a few clusters of tender leaves;
the Magnolia (picture below) is sending out perfume everyday.

Magnolia tree is showing its charm now

This year the first flowering fruit tree is the dwarf Nectarine;
the second is the Hosui pear tree; flowers (picture below) are waiting to appear since three days ago.

Hosui pear tree is preparing to flower in early April 2018

Today, the cherry tree has started flowering from the top.

The strawberry plants are preparing to flower too.

More good news...

I bought three Vanilla orchids; one Goji berry; one Black Currant; two Melon pears; and two different types of tomato plants!

I am looking forward to show you more.

Happy gardening, friends!

Lovely Valentine!

Hello Friends,

It is time to start sending your love to all your family members and friends over the whole world.

Here I wish all of you a very fulfilling Valentine's Day; and continuous joy throughout the year.

Please feel free to send a copy of my card (link below) to the rest in the world.

Thank you and best regards.

Joan Chang
14 February 2018

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Merry Christmas!

Hello Everyone,

Christmas parties are wrapping around you; and the year is ending too...

I guess what you intend to create for the coming year is; already in your mind.

Here I wish all of you a very very wonderful Christmas; and many many fruitful years.

As usual I have prepared a greeting card for you and all your love ones (the link below).

I See you in 2018!

Best regards,
Joan Chang

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