Organic Fruits with A Golden Dress

Organic fruits can give you sweet to sour flavour are not limited to the tomato fruits!

Cape Gooseberry is also known as ground cherries; or pineapple cherries. These small cherry fruits are strong in pineapple aroma. Their growing method is very similar to the tomatoes. And they can also produce many charming fruits from one tiny seed.

                           How to Grow
You can soak the seeds indoor in the late winter; with a day temperature at 20°C. The earliest seed would be sprouted on the 7th day.

Organic Fruits Gardening from Seeds

These fruit plants have smooth stems and soft leaves. They do not carry strong odour like tomatoes.

The organic Gooseberry plants are very sensitive to the temperature.

It is better to grow them indoor until 3 leaves appeared. A cold frame or a mini greenhouse would provide great help when you are transferring them outdoor in the cold early spring.

This organic fruits plant can be grown in ordinary potting soil; in baskets; or in earth pots; or using both. Because the earth-pot can keep moist and provide warming effect to the basket of plant.

If you are short of space; you can also place the pot in the middle of the earth worm potato grow bed; and let them keep each other accompany.

The continuous sun power supply is important throughout their entire growing season. So, it would be helpful if you can move them everywhere to catch the sun ray. Try to hang high to catch the heat. And you can also turn the leaves aside; to help the fruits to reach the direct sunlight.

                           Caring Tips
During the growth; serve them rain water when the sun is away; and the best before the sunset.

Cover the plant at night during the early stage; so that, they could stay strong.

If there is lower shoot appear before the flower bud arrives; prune it off; so that the plant will work on the flower shoot; instead of the new growth. Later, you may allow the lower shoot to stay; if they appear again.


  1. The flower buds would appeared in 105 days (from sprouting). And there are four clusters attached to each side shoot.

  2. After 12 days you would see some sweet looking small yellow petals with brown hearts flowers popping out.

  3. When the flowers blooms are over, many pretty small greenish lanterns would be hanging under the leaves; all over the plant. And soon you will discover the lanterns are turning themselves into some water-proof and waxy golden shells.

  4. When the fruits are ripe; you can smell from the opening at the sharp end of the cape. And you would see the deep yellow coloured fruits hiding right inside.

If the warm temperature is moving away; and not all the fruits are ripen; you can remove the unripe fruits (with green capes); and put them indoor at a warm place to continue ripping. It would take about 14 days. Afterwards; you can keep them in the natural room temperature for some time; if you are not using them immediately.

Throughout the whole growing progress; you would discover that, not many plant pests are interested in your fresh fruits; not even the green flies.

Organic fruits capes are useful for indoor winter decoration, the fresh fruits are great for garnishing in ice; fresh salads; or you can even dip them in chocolate paste; or add them into your favourite party desserts.

By the end of the season; you may give away some of your golden Gooseberry fruits; so that, your friends can start their potted fruits gardening with these organic garden seeds in the coming year.

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