Organic Flower Gardening Ideas

Organic flower gardening with a container planting concept is a great idea for a small garden!

If you are looking for some showy hardy types of flowers plants that could produced dark-green leaves with brown hearts; you can consider these generous four leaf clovers, Oxalis deppei.

Generally there are annual, perennial, and bulbous; three types of Oxalis plants. These sweet flower plants are also known as Iron Cross. You can grow them in containers; pots; baskets or in the open ground.

You can start sowing the seeds from late winter to early spring; either indoor or outdoor.

Insert the mini bulbs about 10cm in the soil; and 10cm apart. However, if you are short of space; just make sure they have sufficient breathing space from each other; they are able to grow pretty well with minimum space.

Organic Flower Gardening without Chemicals

These low growing hardy window box flowers require the heat from the sun to expand. They love plenty of water and good drainage 3-inch containers during the growth.

Covering them from the chilling wind in the seed germinating period is necessary; if you are setting your containers outdoor.

Last year, I have grown these four leaf clover plants in 2 separate locations.

Greenhouse Organic Flower Gardening in Basket

* Sow 11 mini bulbs in a basket on 21-3-2011, day 1 (picture 1&2).

* Small plants came on 24-4-2011, day 34 (picture 3).

* 4 leaves appeared on 28-4-2011, day 38 (picture 4).

* 12 leaves appeared on 3-5-2011, day 43 (picture 5).

* Tranfer outdoor on 18-5-2011, day 58 (picture 6).

* Two small flowers came on 20-5-2011, day 60 (picture 7&8).

* The whole cluster of buds shown on 22-5-2011, day 62 (picture 9).

* Three flowers together on 1-6-2011, day 72 (picture 10).

* Full bloom on 29-7-2011, day 130 (picture 11).

* Plain colour leaf appeared on 11-11-2011, day 235 (picture 12).

Growing in long Green Window Box

* Sow seeds on 7-3-2011 in the box, day 1 (picture 13).

* One sprouted on 22-3-2011, day 15 (picture 14).

* The plant was coming up on 17-4-2011, day 41 when the day temperature at -6°C (picture 15).

* First leaf completed on 23-4-2011, day 47 (picture 16).

* Flower head was rolling up on 12-5-2011, day 66 (picture 17).

* Flower bud came with colour on 14-5-2011, day 68 (picture 18).

* First flower appeared on 18-5-2011, day 72 (picture 19&20).

* Umbrella a-like flowers shown on 21-5-2011, day 75 (picture 21).

* The flower was soften due to the supper strong sun power (picture 22).

* New growth (picture 23).

* New flowers came on 23-5-2011, day 77 (picture 24).

* Under evening sun on 1-6-2011, day 86 (picture 25).

* One leaf was changed to yellow red (picture 26).

* Another leaf turn to brown colour on 12-8-2011, day 158 (picture 26).

* Flowering was over on 24-9-2011, day 201 (picture 27).

* Going away on 22-10-2011, day 229 (picture 28).

I discovered that, those grown in the long green window flower box with ordinary potting soil; next to the South garden hedge were not as cheerful as those in an old basket of sandy loam; which had started first in the greenhouse.

Through my observation, although these flower plants could survived in a half shady place; but they were not so strong as those in the basket.

It may be due to too much rain fall during early spring; so very soon their leaves turned into red-yellow and eventually brown; and they had less flowers.

Those plants in the basket were gaining abundance of direct sunlight everyday at the North edge of the garden.

Therefore, they bloomed continuously from mid-May to August; and received less insects disturbance.

After an enjoyment from the long session of charming and sweet pink blooms; and the good foliages; you may collect the seeds before the cold arrives.

These flowering bulbous plants can be propagated by seed, offsets, and division of roots.

Start an charming flower gardening project in your greenhouse now?

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