List of Flowers Names

List of Flowers for Alphabet P

Pansy see Heart's-ease

1. Peacock Flower
(Caesalpinia-pulcherrima 'rosea')
Roze pauwenbloem in Dutch
Originally from South America
Flowers in orange pink
Blooming from the second year
Requested for a sunny place
Minimum growing temperature is 5°C
Blooming from April to September

Caesalpinia-pulcherrima rosea from Singapore

2. Penstemon-Hybrida
Shildpadbloem or Slangekop in Dutch
Family of Scrophulariaceae
Cut flower
Ornament border plant
45-60cm stems standing right up
Love full sun and partial shadow
Love loose and rich ground
Great in groups
Flowering from June
Dislike wet foot
Annuals in the cold country

Bell flowers with pink lips

3. Peony Varieties
Pioenroos in Dutch
Family of Paeoniaceae
Large Cut flower
Dislike transplant
Single, half filled and full filled flowers
Fragrant shrub required rich deep moist ground
Love sunny and half shadow
Blooming from spring to early summer
Winter hardy succulent Perennials
Popular flowers
Stand lovely in the organic bouquet
Great for borders

a. Paeonia Hybrida
Extra large pink flower with dark pink highlight
Need staking

Giant pink peony flower produces fragrance

Paeonia Hybrida

Pure white fully filled Peonies

b. Paeonia lactiflora 'Sarah-Bernhardt'
Heavy blossom
Sensitive to rain
Great for large size flower arrangements

Soft pink large peony flower

c. Paeonia 'Madame de Vatry'
Flowering in mid-spring
Large double flowers
Average height is about 1 meter

Peony in sweet soft purple and pink highlight

d. Paeonia 'Nymph'

Multiple petals sweet pink with cream and soft pink coloured heart Peony flower

e. Paeonia-officinalis
De Boerenpioenen in Dutch
The oldest variety

Paeonia-officinalis 'Alba-Plena'

Fully filled creamy white opened peony flower

Paeonia-officinalis 'Miollis'
Organic grown
Flowers with double petals
Maximum height is about 60cm
Fully filled flower
Sensitive to cold

Note: She was grown in our wooden green house.

Deep pink wide opened peony flower

Paeonia-officinalis 'Rosa Superba Plena'

Soft pink fully filled Paeonia-officinalis

Paeonia-Officinalis 'Rubra-plena'

Fully filled medium sized Paeonia-Officinalis

List of Flowers for Alphabet P

4. Petunia
Family of Solanaceae
Annual flowers in cold country
Warm season flowers

Excellent for window boxes and hanging baskets

Love full sun and half shadow
Preferred rich soil
Blooming from spring to autumn

Pink Petunia flowering wildly over the wooden barrel and almost reaching the floor

Deep purple Petunia flower

Mini cream, pink and purple Petunia are flowering from the balcony grow box

Wide opened medium sized Petunia's

A group of soft pink Petunia charms

Several trumpet a-like sweet looking flowers

5. Phlox
Family of polemoniaceae
Vlambloem in Dutch

a. Phlox-biffida
Borstelphlox in Dutch
Perennial purplish flowers
Originally from U.S.A.
Average height is about 25cm
Suitable for rock garden
Blooming in spring

Ground covering plant with groups of miniature flowers

b. Phlox-subulata 'Amazing-Grace'
Teppichphlox in Dutch
Height is about 15cm
Flowering ground cover
Blooming rich in spring
Miniature flowers in white

Mini flowers in white with pink marks at center

c. Phlox-Summer
Zomer-vlambloem in Dutch
Cut flower
Blossoms mostly in pink
Border plant
Love a sunny place
Sensitive to water
Plant height is about 75cm
Blooming from mid-summer

Summer phlox flowers in medium sized and in medium pink colour

d. White Summer Phlox

Summer phlox in white

Platycodon grandiflorus see Balloon flowers

6. Poppy
klaproos in Dutch
Family of Papaveraceae
Cut flower
Love any type of good drainage soil
Thriving best in a mild sun location
Bees and Wasps beloved
Annual, biennial or perennials Herb plant
Border plant
Blooming from mid-spring to late summer
Suitable for container gardening

a. Poppy, Californica
(Eschscholtzia californica)
Slaapmutsje or Oranjekoning in Dutch
Single petal cut flower

Edible blossoms in cream, bright yellow and orange

Can grow well in any soil
Love a dry and sunny place
Rock garden flowering plant
Average plant height is 35cm
Excellent for patio and flower borders
Flowering in summer

Wide opened 4 petals yellow and orange poppy flower

b. Poppy, Common
(Papaver rhoeas)
Single petal
One year plant
Suitable for greenhouse container growing

Single petal Papaver rhoeas in bright orange red colour

Papaver rhoeas in light orange

Red petals with 4 black highlight at center

Poppy flower with bright red petals and white at center

Wide opened papaver in tender pink

Wide opened chilli red with white papaver

Papaver-rhoeas 'shirley'
Single and double petal Annuals
The stem is about 60cm tall
Blooming from late spring to late autumn

White flower with pale pink fringe

Poppy shirley in bright red colour

Several layers of petals in soft pink and white

Poppy flower in white and tinted with different types of pink colour

Pink and white Poppy flower with thick layers of petals

List of Flowers for Alphabet P

c. Poppy, Iceland
Ijslandse Papaver in Dutch
Dislike transplant
Two year plant
Blooming from June to first frost
Suitable for containers
Great for rock gardens

d. Poppy, Oriental
Tuinpapaver, Overjarig or Oosterse-papaver in Dutch

Winter-hardy perennials
Average height is about 60cm
Large cut flowers
Insects beloved
Love cool and sunny place
Best grow on a slope

e.  Poppy, Opium
Also known as Bread Seed Poppy
De slaapbol or Opiumpapaver in Dutch

Annual bloomer
Decorative poppy flowers are in deep cup shape
Plant height is about 75cm
Some with double petals
Blossoms in pink, purple, red, and white
Thriving in the mild weather
Seedling in about 2.5 months
Seeds can be used for baking breads
Greyish green leaves
Poisoning plant

White poppy with medium purple strips

Papaver-somniferum 'Paeoniflorum'

Papaver-somniferum 'Paeoniflorum' in pink with multi-layers of curly petals

f. Papaver-Paeony
A thick blossom
Cut flower with fanciful layers of petals
Soft pink flower
Very attractive
Long stem
Blooming non-stop throughout the season

Especially charming when it stands next to the water

Two years plant

Peony a-like poppy flower with multi-layered of petals

7. Potentilla-fruticosa
Ganzerik in dutch
Family of Rosaceae
Shrub plant
Preferred good drainage moist ground

Perennial flowers
Love a sunny location
Blooming from late spring
Tallest is about 1.5 meter
Sensitive to water

Small orange flower with a yellow heart

Small pink flowers blooming in late summer

Small yellow blossoms from a shrub plant

Primrose or Primula see Cowslip and Plants for Ponds

List of Flowers for Alphabet R

Ranuncula see Bachelors-button
Rhipsalidopsis-Electra see cactus flowers

8. Rhododendron
De rododendron in Dutch
Poisioning plant
Perennial flowers
Low shrub trees

Love plenty of moist and well drained soil

Preferred living in a sunny or a half shadow location
Blooming from late winter
Flowers stay long in the soft weather

a. Rhododendron Hybrida

Dwarf Rhododendron plant produced purplish pink flowers

Rhododendron shrub is showing white and pale purple blossoms

First flower opened from the cluster of Rhododendron plant

Low growing cluster of pink flowers can form a ball

Mix of Pink coloured flowers from a Rhododendron plant

Rhododendron bush carried many large balls of flowers

9. Rockfoil
Steenbreek in Dutch
Belongs to Family of Saxifragaccae
15 - 20 cm tall
Love mild sun
Flowering in late spring
Great for ground covers

Rockfoil has a small red flower with a yellow heart

List of Flowers for Alphabet R

10. Roses
Family of Rosaceae
Rozen in Dutch
Cut flower
Indoor house plant and outdoor garden flowers
Perennial plant
Fragrant flowers
Blooming from summer to early autumn

Love sunny and partial shadow
Most Wanted valentine flower
Common florist flowers
Meaning behind flower is 'Love'
Excellent for anniversary and wedding flowers bouquet
Everlasting plant

a. Beetrose
Trosroos in Dutch
Flowering from June to November
Love sunny and partial shadow
Average plant height is about 50cm
Flowers are in clusters
Blossoms increasing every year

Low growing Beetrose will bloom from late spring

b. Black Baccara® var.Meidebenne
Organic grown cut flower
Garden Rose
Flower in dark Red to black colour
Large flower

When under strong sunlight,
it will turn to almost black,
so it is also known as black rose.

Winter hard
Love plenty of water
Outdoor plants
Blooming in summer
It can make amazing Birthday flower bouquets

A Black Baccara rose is showing its beauty

c. Climb Rose

Pale pink climb rose is showing its beauty in spring

Large climb rose is growing on a trellis close to a high wall in the front door garden

d. Dwarf Rose
Garden rose

Wide opened peach coloured roses

Dark and light pinkish orange garden roses

Two bright orange flowers from a dwarf rose plant

e. English Rose

A group of pretty pink roses

Single half opened attractive rose

Large rose flower in golden orange

Small Rose flower is opening its petals

Wide opened pink English rose

Three large wide opened heavy headed English rose

Large orange pink English rose is unfolding its petals

List of Flowers for Alphabet R

f. Miniature Rose
Miniatuurrozen in Dutch
Can grow indoor as a house plant
Some are climb roses

Miniature roses in red

Miniature rose in yellow

g. Rose on Stem
Stamroos in Dutch
Specially cultivated
Large flowers
Blooming from early spring

Yellow rose flowers on stem

Two rich blooming white rose plants on their stems in the front yard terrace

h. Single Rose

Pink edge white flowers

Single rose in a mix of opal and yellow colour

Rose Flowers in Different Colours, sizes and Shapes

Flowers Guide and More

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