Indoor Organic Gardening Evergreens

Indoor Organic Gardening Kalanchoe blossfeldiana can help you to create endless and promising flower arts in the cold season.

Kalanchoe plants are the most popular succulent house plant that many of us purchase them in the winter months.

Either you are buying it for a gift when you are visiting someone; or you need it for your home decoration; it can provide you with plenty of everlasting deep green leaves and unlimited blooms of attractive blossoms year after year.

Usually, this evergreens house-plant is potted in a bush; when you buy it from the house plants supplier. But you can change the size as and when you are creating your own pieces of art. And you can train them to any artistic shape as desired.

This low growing Kalanchoe care is really very simple. All her need is some ordinary potting ground; or orchid soil; a little water; and plenty of indirect sunlight.

Actually, freedom and a cool standing place would be the most wanted conditions for these perennial flowers.

Kalanchoe Flower's Performance

* Received a gift on 7-7-2008, day 1 (picture 1).

* Full bloom on 21-7-2008, day 14 (picture 2).

* Top the stem on 18-5-2009, day 301  (picture 3).

* Steady growth on 4-6-2009, day 318 (picture 4).

* Grew taller on 19-6-2009, day 333 (picture 5).

* Grew thicker on 29-9-2009, day 343 (picture 6).

* First flower shoot started on 2-12-2009, day 407 (picture 7).

* More flower shoots appeared on 21-12-2009, day 426 (picture 8).

* Flower buds were swollen on 1-1-2010, day 437 (picture 9).

* Flower buds showing colours on 16-1-2010, day 452 (picture 10).

* First little orange flower opened on 18-1-2010, day 454 (picture 11).

* Flower art appeared on 22-1-2010, day 458 (picture 12).

* Beautiful flowers and dark green leaves appeared on 27-1-2010, day 463 (picture 13).

* More flowers showed on 7-2-2010, day 474 (picture 14).

* Different orange coloured flowers appeared on 9-2-2010, day 476 (picture 15).

* Flowers in cluster (picture 16).

* Whole plant (picture 17).

* Flower art on 22-2-2010, day 489 (picture 18).

* Moved to greenhouse on 30-8-2010, day 678 (picture 19).

* Trim the top on 8-9-2010, day 687 (picture 20).

* Move in house on 8-10-2010, day 717 (picture 21).

* The leaves shown on 30-11-2010, day 770 (picture 22).

* First flower shoot came on 31-12-2010, day 801 (picture 23).

* Flower buds enlarging on 19-1-2011, day 820 (picture 24).

* More flower buds appeared on 29-1-2011, day 869 (picture 25).

* Flower art shown on 21-2-2011, day 892 (picture 26).

* Little gem and whole plant shown on 21-3-2011, day 920 (picture 27&28).

* First and second cuttings on the day 1 (picture 29&30).

* 1st cutting shown mini roots on the day 15 (picture 31).

* 1st cutting was ready for potting on the day 22 (picture 32).

Indoor Organic Gardening Treasures

Propagation of kalanchoe flowers is mostly done by dividing roots or by cuttings.

These potted flowers can easily produce roots. So, you can start cutting the matured stems and soak them in water; and soon the numbers of plants would be increased. And you can keep as many as you wish.

You can either enjoy the beauty from each and every flower; or simply admire all flowers at one time.

They could post naturally and gracefully in your photography project; if you need one. Especially when they are standing under the warm and bright indirect sun energy.

Indoor Organic Gardening Care

After enjoying of the sparkling orange clusters of blossoms, you may remove the spent flowers and place the pot in a greenhouse; or a cool location for a short rest. And she would be happy to go in house again after a little top trimming before the autumn arrives.

This brilliant colours flowering plant is able to stand near the window glass throughout the freezing days; if she has given a comfortable stone pot.

These indoor organic gardening evergreen plants are great for gardening beginners. They come in many charming colours; and they have higher tolerant level with temperature than African violets.

Next time when you are doing perennial gardening; try adding Kalanchoe flower in your table-top flowers collections; you will be surprised how much these long lasting blooms can show you.

Now you can learn how to grow organic flowers even you have little to no gardening experience.

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