How to Grow Tomatoes in Water

How to grow tomatoes young plants indoor project can create a little challenge to the young students...

Planting tomatoes can be done in many successful methods. As long as the nature permitted with sufficient humidity and warmth; they can grow almost everywhere with great harvest.

If you wish to make full use of your time in the cold season; you may try to grow all young organic vegetables plants indoor; to gain more experience; as well as improving your gardening skill.

How to Grow Tomatoes Organically

Materials Required:
* Small glass bottles

* Paper egg shells

* Old plastic bottle (cut half)

* Tap water

* Natural stones

* Tomato seeds

Heated to 20°C

Steps to Succeed:
1. Gather your seeds

2. Soak Green Zebra and
Cuor Di Bue seeds in a glass container

3. Change water everyday

4. Transfer the young plants to a bigger bottle when the roots are long and strong

After several time of water changing, you would realised some of the seeds were sprouted in three days time (above picture left). And all the young plants could survived and grew happily even in a very small environment.

As usual, when the plants are strong and their roots are too long; separate them into several bottles as soon as possible to avoid injuries.

When the plant roots are curling up due to insufficient space for development; move them into larger containers; such as an used paper egg shells or a shallow tray; or dried coconut hull (above picture at right).

Once the plants are shifted to the egg shells; they need a damp place. And you can just give a few drops of water to each plant, minimum twice daily.

One of the plant had four leaves on the 39th day after the first seed soaking day.

When you grow tomatoes in soil; stakes are often been used. However; you would discovered that, they need only a little secured feelings when they are grown in water. So, natural stones or glass puddles could provide sufficient support to these sweet tomato baby plants.

When the weather permitted; you may move the strong plants to the container of soil in your green house for their further growth; before you put them into the open ground or a unprotected place.

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