How to Grow Grapes Vines

How to Grow Grapes Plants indoor is a slow and meaningful project.

If you have home grown grapes; and you wish to create one or more new vines for stocks every year; then you can choose to experience this grapevine propagation process.

Project One
(From 8-7-2009 to 24-9-2009)
Atmosphere: Mid-summer
Temperature: Above 30°C
Place: Greenhouse
Cuttings: One inch above and below a strong knot

  How to Grow Grapes Indoor


1. Select some strong young cuttings (picture 1) during the first pruning on 8-7-2009.

2. Insert the cuttings into an earth-pot of damp sandy soil (picture 2).

3. Keep in a sheltered place.

4. Sprinkle rain water when the temperature is too high.

On the day 79 one cutting was well rooted (picture 4) and another one was almost good (picture 3).

Project 2
Atmosphere: Early Autumn
Temperature: Above 20°C
Place: In house (From 17-9-2010 to 12-5-2011)

1. Choose the grape cuttings (picture 5) from the mature vines during the second pruning; usually after harvest or when the leaves are gone.

2. Put all cuttings in a cup of shallow tap water indoor (picture 6).

3. Change water everyday.


  • Only plant 1 and 2 were actively growing.

  • Plant one was rooted on the day 22 from the first day of cutting.

  • 1st leaf was shown on 6th November (picture 8) from the knot; and on 30-1-2011 shown a healthy leaf. However; the leaf was drying up on 22-2-2011 (picture 10). 

  • Plant 2 shown a side shoot (picture 12) on 20th January 2011.

  • Plant 2 started to root on 27th January 2011, the day 133 (picture 13).

  • Healthy plant and strong root found on 28-3-2011 (picture 14&15).

  • On 11-4-2011 shown a healthy young plant (picture 16) with solid roots and pretty leaves.

  • On 13-5-2011 plant 2 (picture 19) was ready for transplant.

Transferred into Greenhouse
(From 13-5-2011 to 21-9-2011)
Temperature: 26°C
Humidity: 33%

How to Grow Grapes in Greenhouse

          Soil Preparation
Worm composted soil plus hydroponic balls

1. Re-pot in a taller plastic
container in spring (picture 20).

2. Feed plenty of water.

3. Provide a bamboo stick for the plant to lean.

4. Re-pot to an earth-pot in autumn and go in house.


  • On 13-6-2011 new leaf appeared (picture 21).

  • On 29th June the plant was taller (picture 22).

  • On 6-7-2011 the tiny vines shown up (picture 23).

  • On 13-9-2011 became a charming plant (picture 25).

  • On 22-9-2011 transferred indoor (picture 26).

How to Grow Grapes Plant at Home

In house (From 22-9-2011 to 20-3-2012)
Temperature: Non-heated 17-19°C
Fresh air supplied minimum 2 hours everyday
Support: A plastic coded iron stick


  • Plant shown healthy on 9-12-2011.

  • Grape leaves were drying-up on 30th December 2011

  • Start trellis support with bamboo sticks to train the young vines (picture 28&33).

  • Three knots were in the progress of forming (picture 30-32)

  • Young vine was expanded on 15th January 2012 (picture 34&35).

  • Extra support was given to the vine (picture 36).

  • Give more support when the length of vine was extended on 19th January & 21st February (picture 37).

  • The knot three were firmed on 21st February (picture 38).

  • The well-ripened fibrous roots were ready on 20 March 2012 (picture 39) for transplant.

  • The plant was transferred to a frost free, cold and wind protected area (picture 40) on a sunny day and temperature was about 17°C.

Project Achievements

1. You can learn about leaf-development and the formation of roots.

2. You know how to set-up grape trellis to support the young grape plant.

3. You know how to train grape vines on a wall.

4. You know where and when to feed water on a young grape cane.

5. You know intensive care must be taken at the stage of supports.

Extra Watering Tips
Constant watering on the tender roots and keep the soil moist

Feed water 3 times a day on those knots and joints

Set side shoots in position and tie loose

  DIY Grape Vine Trellis
1. Follow closely to the development of the vines.

2. Follow the curves; and lay them with the bamboo stakes, lean them firmly against a wall.

3. Extend the length and width as and when it is needed.

You can further experience raising young grape plants by layers from old vines; or germinating from grape seed; if you have further interest, time and patient.

You can also set-up a nursery section to manage grape canes for all your family members and friends.

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