How to Grow Carrots Heads

How to Grow Carrots from seeds everyone knows.

Watching the complete growing cycle of every single plant is my personal interest. Therefore; I have been constantly doing experiments on those cost free vegetables waste.

If you have grown root vegetables before you will realised all part of them are roots. And so; every portion is an opportunity.

A fresh carrot root comes with smooth and tender skin; and when the vegetables are over ripen; the hidden white roots will be grown from inside out; and you can see them on the surface of the skin; and the tops will turn into leaves.

We cannot eat these kind of over-ripened carrots any more; the only choice is to put them in ground; so that; they can continue their growth till seedlings.

I have grown tubers from potato skins for several occasions; and I thought it should be possible to grow seeds from these non-edible carrot heads as well.

However not all the carrot tops are grow-able. If they are not alive; they will not grow.

How to Grow Carrots for Seeds

Each time when you are preparing your carrots for meals; you need to trim off the tops; if their fresh are in green.

Instead of throwing them into the food waste or compost bin; you can have the following options:

1. Grow the tops leaves for indoor decoration or for more green compost materials.

2. Grow them for organic seeds.

I have been doing this kind of projects for quite a while.
Each time I eat the bought Bio carrots; I will dry the peels; and grow the heads in water.

How to Grow Carrots Flowers

You can see the development of the carrot plant in the following experiment:

Growing Period (4-3-2013 to 28-5-2013):
85 days


Heated to 20°C

Project Materials:
*A clean water-proof container
*Clean tap water

Task Management:
1. Rinse the container and change the water everyday.

2. Put the container away from the direct sunlight.


  1. New growth started on the day 6 (picture 1&2).

  2. A healthy young plant appeared on the day 16 (picture 3&4).

  3. Several solid side shoots and leaves began from the day 35 to the day 40 (picture 6-8).

  4. A mini flower bud came on the day 40 and started to swell on the day 46 (picture 9-12).

  5. The mini bud continue to be thicken into a big bud with plenty of beautiful soft green hairs from the day 47 to 54 (picture 13-16).

  6. The carrot plant continue its new shoots; from the day 56; and the bud became a pretty umbrella on the day 72 (picture 17-20).

  7. The leafy carrot plant was placed in a vase for decoration on the day 85 (picture 21-24).

Note: I did not noticed that the tray was dried-up on the day 85; and the bud was gone without warning.

I am sure I can show you more in the near future.

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