Home Grown Flowers Varieties

Home Grown Flowers for H

1. Heart's-ease
Also known as Johnny-Jump-Up, Pansy and Violet
Tuinviool or Driekleurig viootje in Dutch
Family of Violaceae

Edible flowers
Fragrance plant
Commonly seen in the wild
May find in the cottage gardens
Great for borders

In many colours
Can go through mild winters
Growing well under the shelter of walls and hedges

Popularly used for fields and gardens
Love well drained, rich, and consistent moist soil

Long lasting garden flowers blooming from March
Easy to grow in containers with little support

The flower has 5 petals, strips around the yellow to orange eye at center

Cut flowers in small vase or saucer can be used for table decoration

Preferred to be protected from strong wind

Propagating by cuttings, division or direct from seeds

After crossing came all types of colours, forms and sizes

Home Grown Flowers

a. Viola, fansy
Multi colours Viola
Red tinted, black and yellow flower

b. Viola, miniature

Home grown flowers with special colours

Mini flowers in mix of purple colours

One soft purple viola

Deep purple, white, and yellow flowers

Mini with 3 types of purple colours

2 deep purple,3 purple or white petals

c. Viola, plain

d. Viola-tricolor

Five yellow petals viola

Plain light yellow with orange at center and brown strips around it

White back ground with light yellow highlight and an eye

Violet, blue and black in a claypot

Purple, white and black Pansies in a zink grow box

Viola in medium purple, white and yellow

Purple, white and yellow viola

Viola with a white face

Home Grown Flowers

e. Viola, twin colours

Dark red and black Pansy

Viola with 4 deep yellow, and one reddish purple petals

Viola in deep violet and soft purple

Viola in violets and black

Viola in light and dark purple

Viola in white and violet

Viola in purple, deep purple and white

Viola in yellow and black

Viola in orange and violet

f. Viola wittrockiana
Two years plant
Average height is about 25-30cm

Can grow from seeds in spring or in autumn

Home grown flowers blooming in the second year summer

Three pale blue petals with a violet face

Viola wittrockiana hybrid
Large flowers
Love rich composted soil


Mini flowers with two plain deep purple and four mix of yellow highlight petals

Home Grown Flowers

2. Helenium-autumnale
Zonnekruid in Dutch
Family of Compositae
Long stem large cut flower

Sun lover
Blooming in summer
Plant is about 90cm tall

a. Helenium-autumnale 'Moerheim Beauty'

b. Helenium-autumnale 'Wyndley'

Deep orange to red flowers

Flower with bright orange and yellow petals and a brown heart

Helleborus see Christmas Rose
Hibiscus Rosa sinensis see Chinese Rose

3. Hibiscus Flowers

a. Hibiscus, Osaka
Love direct light or sunlight location
Flowering from spring to late summer
Indoor decorative plant

Small bright orange blossom
Remove dead flowers will invite new
Can be a terraced tub plant

b. Hardy Hibiscus or Perennials Hibiscus
Althaeastruik in Dutch

Decorative dwarf flowering shrub tree

Love good drainage moist rich ground
Preferred a partially sheltered place

Blooming from mid-summer to early autumn

Medium sized blossoms in blue; pink; purple; red; and white

Average height is about 200cm
Suitable for flower borders

Indoor Hibiscus blooming from spring to late summer

Hibiscus Flower

Flower from our organic grown Hibiscus tree

White Hibiscus flower from neighborhood

Plain white Hibiscus flower

4. Hollyhock
Also known as Rose of Sharon
(Althaea rosea or Alcea rosea)
Stokroos in Dutch
Family of Malvaceae

Outdoor garden flowers
Water lover
Preferred full sun
Love heavy and rich soil
Biennial herb plant

a. Althaea rosea
Single petal

b. Althaea rosea double
In medium pink

c. Althaea rosea 'Nigra'
Natural grown
Biennial garden plant

Medium sized flowers in maroon to black

Blooming from July to November

d. Althaea rosea 'Pleniflora'
Organic grown
Large flowers in dark red
Blooming in the second year from summer to early autumn

Two Althaea rosea in sweet pink

Cream coloured Althaea rosea

Althaea rosea single growing well

Single petal Althaea rosea in peach coloured

Althaea rosea double in shining medium pink

Biennial hollyhock flower in dark red

Organic grown Hollyhock blooming rich Large flowers

Home Grown Flowers

5. Hosta lily
Also known as Plantain lily
Hartlelie or Funkia in Dutch
Family of Lililaceae

Original from China and Japan
Cut flowers
Winter hard plant

Organic grown perennials flower
Love moist ground

Decorative leaves with yellow to white edge

Love sunny, half shadow and full shadow

Blooming in mid-summer
Slugs beloved

a. Hosta 'Fortunei Aureomarginata'
Minimum plant height is about 30cm
Blooming in July

b. Hosta-rectifolia 'Tall Boy'
Large decorative leaves
Can be grown in containers
Pure green leaves

6 pale purple petals flower

Plain green leaves Hosta

6. Hyacinths Flowers
Family of Liliaceae
Hyacint in Dutch

Organic grown
Spring cut flowers
Fragrant flowers
Indoor and outdoor garden plants

Excellent for flower borders
Love plenty of light
Blooming in mild weather

Bulbs are easily forced and bloom freely

Suitable for front yard landscape design

Blue Hyacinthus from an organic garden

Hyacint in white with pink strips petals

Indoor Hyacinths with blue round petals

Indoor pale pink Hyacinths

Garden Hyacinths in pure white

Hyacinths love plenty of light

Cream coloured Hyacinths

a. Hyacinthus orientalis 'Pink Pearl'
Winter hardy
Pink with white edge flowers
Blooming from late winter

Winter hard Hyacinths

7. Hyacinth, Grape
Blauwe druifjes or Druifjeshyacint in Dutch

Family of Liliaceae
Cut flower
Miniature flowers in clusters
Blue flowers
Indoor and outdoor flowers

Mini bells in blue

Home Grown Flowers

8. Hydrangea Flowers
Hortensia or waterstruik in Dutch
Family of Hydrangeaceae

Shrub plant
Winter hard
Perennial flowers
Small flowers in clusters

Many colours
Cut flowers
Blooming from late spring to autumn
Love mild sun and half shadow
Non-stop bloomer

a. Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle'
Extra large flowers
Snow ball lacy blossoms
Great for outdoor flower borders

b. Hydrangea macrophylla
Organic grown
Indoor vase plant and outdoor flower borders

Great for bush gardens

Suitable for dry flower bouquet arrangements

Large snow ball flowers

Organic grown bright pink half opened Hydrangea flowers

Soft pink wide opened Hydrangea flowers

Hydrangea macrophylla in sweet pink

Soft blue Hydrangea macrophylla

A cluster of white Hydrangea

A ball of plain purple Hydrangea

Pale pink Hydrangea

c. Hydrangea paniculata Floribunda
Cut flowers
Plant height can reach 400cm

d. Hydrangea serrata

e. Hydrangea petiolaris
Climb plant
Love half shadow
Best grow on a North wall

White Hydrangea shrub

Different types of Hydrangea

Hydrangea has different form

Hydrangea petiolaris is on the wall

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