Growing Zucchini Fruit

Growing Zucchini can be a very exciting organic garden project.

There are many different types of squash in the market.

Last year I had some summer squashes, the dark green Marrow Zucchini Hybrid; and the Gold Rush Hybrid yellow courgette. They were both with high yields.

This year I wanted something different and I found a light green rounded zucchini. This summer squash is specially sweet and delicious; the fruits are cute; they look more like mini melons.

If you are planning a garden with a small space gardening concept, growing summer squash is your best choice. You will enjoy not only the fruits but also the big bright yellow edible zucchini flowers (picture below) everyday.

Growing Zucchini is Really Enjoyable

This green Zucchini is a upright bush plant, you can train her with strong supports. She can stand on less than a square foot ground. It makes sense for both vertical gardening and squarefoot gardening concepts.

Growing squash naturally in a small backyard garden is 100% possible, even you are having only a table top space.

How to Grow Squash like Mini nice Melons in a Small Space

I have sprouted the seed together with the cucumber seed during the late Spring and transplanted her to the open ground when the raised bed was out of frost.

She needed plenty of water and sunlight for a start.

When the plant grow a little taller, you can support her with some strong sticks or trellis from bamboo or other materials.

The zucchini plant is heavy; because she held plenty of water in her arms. You will be amazed that this summer squash roots are very short under the ground, but she could hold such a huge bush above.

Usually the first fruit would be started from the base of the squash plant; and it would not grow well. When it is yellowish; cut it off; the new growth would soon began.

It is normal to see some of the fruits turned yellowish due to the continuous heavy rainy days and lack of sunlight; or they have not enough growing space to expand their arms.

If it happens, make space for the fruits; make sure they do not touch each other; or by no choice to trim the fruits away to invite more new growth.

It took about 100 days from the squash seeds sowing date to the first harvest. This is similar to the potatoes growing period.

The first and second squashes were weighing at 300 grams each with the size of 10 cm (about 4 inches) in length and 35 cm (about 13.5 inches) around. The third fruit was weighing at 550 grams with the same size. After the third harvest, the zucchini plant continue its growth until early autumn.

Growing zucchini fruits can give you great happiness!

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