Growing Strawberries Tips for Home Starters

Growing Strawberries Tips
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I have been growing strawberry plants for the past 6 years.

Every year in the winter season, I would help my best friend to grow baby strawberry runners in our green house. Because she is always busy at work and no time to care for her baby plants until the following Spring.

Last spring she brought me two packets of strawberry seeds as a token; during her holiday in London.

When I received the seeds, I could not wait to grow them. It was a real challenge when you heard most of the people said to you that, strawberries are grown from runners and not from seeds.

Easy Growing Strawberries Tips

  1. Prepare one layer of one inch wet potting soil on a portable mini greenhouse hot bed.

  2. Spread all the seeds on top of it.

  3. Cover the top with one layer of dried soil.

  4. Sprinkle clean water on top, then put on a transparent cover.

Growing Strawberries Tips for Indoor Organic Garden

How to Care for Strawberry Plants after Winter
1. In the Spring, when the frost is over, choose a sunny day to week your strawberry plants. Remove all the dead leaves and dead roots from the plants; and shorten the roots by 1/3 of their length before transplant. This pruning will encourage a new growth of fibres.

2. Prepare a good drainage pot, place some potting soil with fine sand mix. Wet the soil with Chlorine free natural mineral water and set in the plant.

3. Cover all the roots with the dry ground and add in your earth worms; then sprinkle rain water over the top soil near the roots. Place this at a sunny place; or in a fresh-air circulated greenhouse.

You don't need a big garden to plant a strawberry pot!

Either you are using strawberry planters; or herb planters; or plastic containers; or baskets or earth pots, there will not have much difference.

The most important is your plants must have good drainage growing pots, rich sandy soil, clean water, moderate sunlight and fresh air.

Growing Strawberries Tips for a Spray free Project

Growing strawberry plants indoor in re-usable plastic baskets will have no over-watering or poor drainage problems. It will generate excellent results when you water them regularly and keep the soil moist all the time, as the soil will be dried out easily especially with the hanging baskets in the dry summer days.

Any time of the year can be the best time for growing strawberry plants in pots. Transplanting will be allowed only when the sun is away.

When the plant is fruiting, use short bamboo sticks to support the fruit vines so that the fruits will not be too close to each other.

If the sun is too strong for the strawberry plants, change their positions.

Harvest strawberries when they are red and glossy. The best time to harvest should be around 10 am.

Build an excellent DIY strawberries garden from today?

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