Growing Strawberries Garden Tips

Growing strawberries garden
is one interesting and fun organic gardening activity!

Most of the strawberry plants are bisexual. It means they will produce berries by itself.

However, some are exceptional, such as pistillate flowers without stamens will only produce fruits when they are fertilised with other strawberry flowers. So, the flavour of fruits produced from this strawberry plant may not be the same as those originals.

Strawberry plants can be planted with most types of soil. A well drained light soil will be fine.

However, their favourite soil is dark rich sandy loam. The soil had been used one season before to grow crops will be the best choice; if you are planning to plant them in a open ground raised bed garden (picture above).

Spring Growing Strawberries Garden

Growing strawberries is pretty easy. The plants love to be planted on a slope to the south, if possible. They often request for plenty of sunlight and moist.

If you have a big field, you can set rows at least 2.5 foot apart.

If you have a small growing space, set rows one foot apart and set your plants one foot apart in the row. Make a two feet wide walkway between every three rows of plants for easy access.

If you have a smaller planting area like ours, there won't be any extra rooms for walkway or even proper rows. In this way, you should not expect large strawberries harvest.

Growing large berries in strawberry fields is possible, if you clip off all the strawberry runners from the parent plant once they appear. Keep the rows wide between each plant will have stronger and vigorous growth.

Intensive Growing Strawberries Garden

Cover the ground around the root with straws, pine needles, wheat and oats; and weigh them with a little of soil, so that you will have clean and juicy berries when harvesting.

You will notice that I did not use straws to cover; but the small plastic pots. I found this is more effective; and we could manage our strawberries garden easily. It was because of our storm uncle. He came too often and once he started blowing, all the straws would be gone.

The backyad black birds would come and steal your fruits; when the fruits had turned red. The birds are not afraid of anything; as they needed to extract the organic salts from your riped berries for their health.

The Best Time to Plant Strawberries

  1. If you are planting in an open ground raised bed, the best time to plant is between end of summer; and before the winter season, when the soil is still cool and moist.

  2. When you are planting at the South, set in the plants on a cloudy day or when the sun is weak.

  3. The best time to set plants in the ground at the North location of your country is, on a frost free day in the early Spring.

    When the strawberry plants are setting at the North, should always be mulched to prevent injury caused by the hard freeze.

  4. If you are planting strawberries in containers but growing outdoor, it is possible to transfer them to the garden once the frost is over.

We have too many strawberry plants, so we have to split some to the greenhouse, some outdoor on the shelf; and some growing in the raised beds.

This year we have built a green sun house solely for the coming spring plants. All the natural growth strawberries will be moving indoor next year.

Growing strawberries garden can be an amazing task, right?

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