Growing Sprouts from Winter Wheat

Growing Sprouts from bio wheat seeds is just like growing bean sprouts. It is supper easy!

Required Materials:
* Some organic sprout seeds
* One non-transparent container
* One non-transparent cover (lid)

Step by step instructions:
1. On the first day (picture 1), prepare a number of wheat grass seeds in a small container.

2. Rinse them to remove the dust. Thereafter, add clean water; stir it (picture 2); and let it stand for 5 minutes.

3. Remove the floated seeds (picture 3); add new water to cover the seeds and put a non-transparent cover (picture 4) over the container; let it stand indoor for one night.

4. On the second day (picture 5) and the days after, rinse (picture 6) and drain the wheat grass seeds with clean cold water a few times a day until the wheat seeds are sprouted (picture 7&8).

Growing Sprouts in Summer

Make Sure you change the water everyday; because if the water is sour; the wheat will be sting and spoilt.

5. When the wheat sprouts have reached 2 mm long, you may rinse them and cover them full with clean water or filtered water and set them aside at a cool place for one night (picture 9).

6. The next day, the water would become drinkable fermented water (picture 10); it should smell sweet, tasted sweet and like beer.

If you wish; you can drink plain; it may help you with your digestion. You may also treat it as a natural yeast and add it into your breads and cakes making.

If you choose not to use the fermented water (picture 11), you may pour the water into your soil as liquid fertiliser; and continue your sprouts growing for one more day and add them to your cereals, soups, porridge or rice cooking.

After the wheat seeds are sprouted (picture 12); you may continue with your growing wheat grass project; if you wish to smell the grass; and taste the wheat grass juice or grow them further into a matured plant and collect your organic wheat berries.

Besides wheat sprouts, there are more types of seeds and grain sprouts. The buckwheat sprouts; millet sprouts; sesame seeds sprouts are delicious too.

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