Growing Grapevines in Fresh-air

Growing Grapevines
can be very exciting; if you are doing it for the first time.

We thought growing grapes in a cold climate is difficult all these while. Because we often see grape plants in the tropical countries.

Later, we discovered that certain types of fruit trees are able to be planted successfully in the cold weather; with a little extra care.

This year we have our first harvest from the almost four years old grape vines. We had seven clusters of grapes. The fruits are in medium size, charming blue and they are sweet and juicy.

Follow us to our Natural greenhouse?

I felt sorry when I was pruning the grape vines backwards; and trimming off the smaller grapes. Because those vines could develop into fruits and grow further to complete their growing cycle. However, I had not enough space and time for them.

Instead of throwing the trimmed off vines into the garden waste, I decided to grow some from these cuttings. I selected those thick and strong 2 inches young vines cuts; and put them into the damp ground. I wanted to help them to create their next generation.

Two of them were successfully grown into roots and they are now placed in pots to get ready for the coming winter sleep.

Growing Grapevines Must Learn How to Prune
Grapes and Vines

Planting grape plants in a sweet air environment can make great success!

When the tender clusters of fruits are turning slowly down, intensive care must be given; to ensure the hanging vines are having good supports.

Imagine... you will be watching the growth of the grapes from mini to small babies, and from small to medium. The grapes colours were changing day by day from light green to light brown; then to purple and later to blue. It was simply amazing!

At the stage of colours changing, the grapes looked exactly as those charming glass marbles that we had them during our childhood time.

We harvested 750 grams of sweet and juicy blue grapes, "Vistis Boskoop Glory (Vitaceae)" before the weather turning cool.

Although there are still two clusters of young grapes on the vines; but the warm days were moving away; so the end they could not make it.

Planting vines and build your own grape garden house is definitely possible!

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