Growing Flowers List

Growing Flowers for Alphabet S

1. Sanguisorba Officinalis
De grote pimpernel in Dutch
Long stem purplish red flower
Bee and wasps beloved

Plant height is about 40cm
Blooming from June
Preferred a wet ground

A Wasp is working on the Sanguisorba flowers

Scabious see Mourning-bride

2. Scarlet Sage
Saliva-salie in Dutch
Family of Labiatae
Original from Brazil

Annuals in the cold country
Perennials in the warm place

Love rich soil
Medicine plant
Blooming bright red flowers in summer
Commonly seen in Cameron Highlands

Fire red sage flower from Asia

Schlumbergera see Christmas Cactus in Cactus flowers

3. Scilla-hispanica
Family of Liliaceae
Winter hardy
Small blue flowers
About 30cm tall

Great for a rock garden
Blooming in late spring
Love full sun and half shadow
Suitable for a wild garden

Soft purplish blue flowers can be grown between shrubs and trees

4. Sea Pink
Engels glas or strandkruid in Dutch
Pink to purplish blossoms in clusters

Flowering ground covering plant
Can go through mild winter
Preferred a wind protected location
Blooming in summer

Clusters of purple ground covering flowers

5. Sedum-spectabile
Muurpeper in Dutch
Family of Crassulaceae
Love a sandy moist place

Brillant pennials herb plant
Great for borders
Blooming in pink from late summer

Sedum-spectabile is a herb plant

6. Silver Vase
Belongs to family of Bromeliaceae

Blossoms in soft orange pink with blue highlight
Tropical garden flowers
Large evergreens plant with sharp leaves

Commonly seen in Cameron Highlands
Love mild temperature
It can be an indoor potted plant for a cold country

Love a high humidity environment
Required plentiful of water
Must keep water in the center of the rosette at all times

Aechmea-fasciata from Cameron Highlands

Sinningia see Gloxinia

7. Snapdragon
Leeuwebekje in Dutch
Family of Scrophulariaceae
Easy growing
In many colours
Biennial plant-two years

Blooming from spring with soft weather to autumn

Removing the old flowers will prolong the flowering time

Love a sunny place
Suitable for a damp wet corner

Note: If you plant in an earth-pot, it can pull through the fourth year.

Anthirrhinum flowers in several colours

a. Anthirrhinum-majus
In pink, white and yellow colour

Wide opened Anthirrhinum-majus flowers are insects beloved

White Anthirrhinum-majus has a yellow heart

8. Speedwell
Ereprijs in Dutch
Family of Scrophulariaceae

a. Speedwell, Bird Eye
(Veronica perscian)
Blue Miniature flower
Flowering ground cover
Easy growing creeping plant
Blooming from spring

Creeping vine plant showing little blossom on the ground during mild weather

b. Speedwell, Blue
(Veronica spuria)
Cut flower
Flowering ground cover

Purplish blue perennial flowers
Wild border flower

Bees beloved
Love sunny and half shadow
Blooming in summer

Bees beloved mini flowers in blue to purple colour

c. Speedwell, Red Fox
Pink miniature flowers
Blooming in summer

Sweet pink little flowers are bees beloved

9. Spider Flower
Kattesnor in Dutch
Family of Capparidaccae
Original from South America

Fragrance Annual herbs
Insects beloved
Preferred full sun

Love rich moist and good drainage ground
Maximum height is about 100cm

Flowering from mid-summer to late autumn
Best for flower borders

a. Cleome-hassleriana 'violet-queen'
In violet colour
Natural grown in a greenhouse earth-pot

Greenhouse organic grown Spider flowers in purplish pink colour

b. Cleome-spinosa 'helen-ampbell'
In pure white colour

Cleome flowers in pure white

c. Cleome-spinosa 'pink queen'
In light pink

Clusters of pink blossoms

10. Statice sinuata
Family of Plumbaginaceae
Garden Annual flowers
Organic grown
Love a sunny place

Flowers in light blue, light purple, dark purple, yellow, and white colours

Can be planted in pots and containers
Blooming from mid-summer to early autumn
Suitable for flower borders

Excellent for fresh and dried flower arrangements

White flowers wrape with purplish pink dresses

White flowers have deep purple dresses

White flowers are in light purple dresses

Pure yellow mini flowers blooming in summer

Pure white Statice sinuata, syn. of Limonium-sinuatum.

Statice flowers are wearing blue dresses

11. Straw Flower
(Helichrysum bracteatum)
Strobloem in Dutch
Family of Compositae

Long stem cut flowers in diverse soft colours
Love a sunny place
Flower needs support

Preferred good drainage light soil
Blooming from late spring
Great for dry flower bouquet

Half opened straw flower in light pink and white with a yellow heart

Wide opened straw flower in medium pink and white with a yellow heart

Strelitzia see Birds of Paradise


12. Sweet-william
Also known as The Pink
Duizendschoon in Dutch

Long stem cut flower
Two years plant
Plant height is about 50cm

Flowers in soft pink, dark pink and mix with white

Blooming non-stop from late Spring
Suitable for borders
Cottage garden blossoms

One group of pure soft pink Sweet William flowers

A group of pink Sweet William flowers in full bloom

Sweet william in white with a medium pink circle at the center

Natural grown potted small sweet william flowers with white drawings on the petals

Organic grown container sweet william flowers in red with white fringe

A ball of flowers in white with pink drawings at center

A group of white flowers with pale pink drawing at center

Syringa see Lilac

Growing Flowers for Alphabet T

13. Tobacco Flowers
Also known as Flowering tobacco
Siertabak-sylvestris in Dutch

Organic grown
Annual plant
Fragrant white flowers
Love sunny place
Blooming in summer

Suitable for container gardening,
greenhouse growing, or a table-top raised bed garden

5 Petals white Tobacco flower from a summer green house

The Pink see Sweet William
Toad Lily (Tricyrtis) and Torch Lily in types of lily flowers
Tulips see Types of Tulips

Growing Flowers for Alphabet V

Verbena see May-flower
Viola see Heart's-ease

14. Virgin's Bower
Bosrank in Dutch
Family of Ranunculaceae
Climb plants
Love good drainage clayey loam

Preferred moderate sunlight and a partially shade place

Required winter protection

a. Clematis, single
Flowers in light blue, light purple, silver blue

Single petal light purple Clematis with a yellow heart

Pale blue Clematis flower

Silver purple Clematis flowers flowering on a trellis in July

b. Clematis-flammula
Flowers in white colour

Two 8 petals white Clematis flowers with cream coloured strips and a brown heart

c. Clematis montana
Original from Himalaya
Pale pink flowers

Mild winter hard
Creeping vines
Fragrant perennial flowers

Love moderate sunlight and partially shady places

Blooming rich in spring and autumn
Growing well in containers
Required no pruning

Matured vine can reach 1200cm in length

Four petals pink flowers blooming in spring and autumn

d. Clematis 'Nelly Moser'
Whitish pink strips blossoms
Flowering in spring
Perennial flowers

Required pruning in first year
Blooming on one year old wood
Creeping plant

Suitable for a small front yard or backyard landscape

White with pink strips Clematis

e. Clematis-Xerxes
Purple flowers

*This picture was captured locally in the year 2003

Reddish purple flowers with reddish purple strips

15. Vriesea flowers
Belongs to Bromeliaceae family
Bromelia in Dutch

Original from Central and South America

Ornament plant
Tropical plants
Indoor house plant
Mix of white and red flower

Love moderate indirect sunlight
Moderate watering
For decoration only

Red Bromelia Guzmania plant

Growing Flowers for Alphabet W

16. Wind Flowers
Leverbloempje or Anemoon in Dutch
Family of Ranunculaceae
Perennial flowers

Indoor house plant and outdoor garden flowers

Spring, summer, and autumn bloomers

a. Anemone-Coronaria
Cut flower
Flowers in blue, red, and white colours
Decorative plant

Love sunny and half shadow
Blooming in mid-spring
Suitable for fresh flower bouquets

Single blue Wind flower is blooming in Spring

Medium sized red Anemone with a white circle at the center

Pure white Anemone-Coronaria flower

b. Anemone-x-hybrida
Sweet pink flower

6 petals single pink Anemone-x-hybrida is flowering near a stone wall

17. Wisteria
Blauwe regen in Dutch
Family of Leguminosae

Winter-hard perennial flower
Flowering from mid-spring
Poisoning climb plant
Flowers in blue
Love a sunny place

Wisteria blooming beautiful blue flowers in spring

Growing Flowers for Alphabet Y

18. Yarrow
(Achillea-filipendulina 'Cloth-of-Gold')
Duizendblad in Dutch
Organic grown yellow cut flower
Ornamental plant

Herb plant
Perennial flower
Insects beloved
Blooming in summer
Last long in flowers bouquet

Insects beloved ornamental herb plant carries bright yellow miniature flowers

Growing Flowers for Alphabet Z

19. Zinnia-elegans
Family of Compositae
Original from Mexico

Dark orange and pink flowers
Blooming in summer
Average plant height is about 60cm
Best for borders

Zinnia flower has a thick dress

Zinnia-elegans open widely in medium pink

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