Growing Amaryllis Organically

Growing Amaryllis flowers is easy and fun!

Gorges, charming, sparkling, bright and beautiful are words often used to describe these Amaryllis blossoms.

I always wanted to grow amaryllis. And finally I found one on a promotion price two years ago. So, my first amaryllis plant was included in our winter indoor garden project.

This plant needs no direct sunlight. She loves slightly damp top soil, but not wet feet.

How to Grow Natural Flowers

Amaryllis care is simple. She needs no fertiliser. How large the size of the flowers is; all depend on how solid the flower bulbs are. She needs only a warm cosy place, ordinary potting soil, clean plain water and plenty of natural light.

Amaryllis Care
1. Put the bulb first in a plastic basket; then in an ceramic outer pot. Set the bulb two third in the potting soil (picture 1).

2. Cover the top pot with foil to maintain the temperature. It would be sprouted on the day 55 (picture 2); under heated room temperature 20°C.

3. Feed Chlorine free mineral water and tap water mix.

4. On the day 66 the stem pushed up (picture 3) and later on the day 73 removed the foil when it was steady (picture 4).

5. Before flowering (picture 5), turn the plant everyday around, so that the stem could stand straight all the time without stakes; or extra supports.

Growing Amaryllis Interest

Since this is my first Amaryllis, I have experienced it in different way.

If you compare this amaryllis plant with those commercial grown amaryllis from the market, you will discover that those are much shorter.

Coincidentally, someone bought me another pot (picture 12) of Amaryllis after I started growing this one. So, I had a chance to observe the difference in growing process between these two plants.

Growing Amaryllis Indoor

Amaryllis plant's average height is about 40cm measured from the soil surface. However, our amaryllis plant is 70cm tall (picture 13).

Turning the amaryllis plant everyday can also help all sides of the plant; to receive even lights naturally.

* These Amaryllis blossoms are very large and heavy. You have to help the plant to balance its body during the entire growth.

* The flower buds would swell very slowly and opened slowly one by one.

* The flower buds would changed their faces within hours.

* A flower took about 5 days to grow from a bud stage to a wide-opened complete flower (picture 6-14).

* This plant had 4 giant flowers on one stem. So, it needed a solid support.

* The wide opened beautiful flower (picture 16).

* The last opened flower was in plain red (picture 17).

When the charming flower buds are matured, cut the stem near the bulb, and put the flowers in a heavy bottom (fill with glass peddles and water), small mouth and long neck vase (picture 15) for indoor decoration.

Imagine... a crystal vase of bright orange-red flowers standing glamorously on your glass top dining table; while you are showing your guests around during a special occasion; it would help you to create the perfect atmosphere.

Let's start growing organic Amaryllis today and enjoy your sparkling winter days!

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