Flowers to Plant Guide

Flowers to Plant for G

Gazania see African flowers

1. Geranium
Ooievaarsbek or Geranium in Dutch
Family of Geraniaceae
Perennials plant in frost free area

In house plant and outdoor garden plant
Good for window boxes & flower baskets
Prefer slightly moist ground
Love a sunny spot

Blooming from early spring to autumn
Lowest growing temperature is about 10°C
Great for rock gardens
Dried petals can use for Pot-pourri

a. Geranium fancy

b. Geranium, hanging

Large flowers in pink and with white edge

Mix of pink coloured Geranium flowers

Hanging Geranium in a plastic grow box

Our 1st organic grown Geranium in the year 2003

c. Geranium, potted

Geranium, Bright orange
Organic grown from seed

Geranium, Bright red in stone pot

Geranium, Maroon

Geranium, Pure white

Geranium, Sweet pink in earth-pot

Geranium, Soft peach in stone-pot

Our Geranium is grown organically

Plain red Geranium is growing in a stone container

Clusters of maroon Geraniums from Cameron Highlands

Organic Growth of Geranium in the year 2004

Medium pink Geranium growing in an earth-pot outdoor

Stone pot is great for Geranium

Flowers to Plant

d. Geranium in raised bed

Red Ground Cover from Geraniums

Geranium, dark pink and a dark red heart

Geranium Pink and deep pink with white edge

Geranium pink with white center

Geranium in a pure pink cluster

Geranium White with red-edge

Geranium White with orange center

Geranium with white petals and a deep pink at center

e.Geranium, Wild
Ground covers

After blooming, prune the flowers stems to ground level can invite new flowers

Purplish pink Geranium is grown under tree

Soft purplish blue Geranium is a flowering ground cover

f. Pelargonium
Deep cut petals

Flowers in pink with darker pink strips on the petals

Flowers in pink with darker pink strips on the petals

Medium Pink Geranium Flowers

Gerbera see African flowers

2. Geum-chiloense 'Lady Stratheden'
Nagelkruid in Dutch
Family of Rosaceae
Cut flower
Long lasting perennials garden flowers

Lovely yellow flowers with many layers of petals

Flowering ground cover
Non-stop blooming rich from late spring

Easy growing
Great for borders
Plant height is about 60cm

Non-stop blooming rich bright yellow flower

Geum rivale see plants for ponds

3. Gladiola
Gladiool in Dutch
Family of Iridaceae

Summer bulbs
Annual flowers
Cut flower
Long stem

Average height is about 100cm
Love sunny and half shadow

Blooming from mid summer to early autumn

Excellent for an indoor tall vase arrangements

There are two groups.
One is early bloomer with small flowers;
another group is a late bloomer with large flowers

Flowers to Plant


Gladiolus 'Imitation'
Grown organically

Sweet Gladiolus is growing in a raised bed

Gladiolus in deep pink

Two Orange Gladiola's

Gladiolus with pink edge and yellow heart

Pure white Gladiola flowers shows charm

Gladiolus hybrid is tinted

Gladiola in sweet pink colour standing in a vase indoor

Gladiola, water see plants for ponds
Gloriosa-rothschildiana see types of Lily flowers

4. Gloxinia
Family of Gesneriaceae
Love moist ground
Preferred half shadow

Love rich and good drainage soil
Blooming in summer

Suitable for indoor and outdoor's containers

Gloxinia is a summer bloomer

Dark red summer blooming Gloxinia flower can keep indoor

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