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Flowers Names List C

All Cactus see Cactus flowers

1. Calathea
Family of Marantaceae
Original from Tropica America
Perennials herb plant

Love a partially shade or fully sheltered location

Preferred good drainage sandy light soil
Large plant

Growing temperature is between 18-22°C

a. Calathea-crocata
Long lasting flowers
Eye catching plant
Long stem orange flowers

Velvet green leaves
Love indirect sunlight
Indoor gardening plant

Give plenty of water when the leaf is closed

Excellent for a long flower vase

b. Calathea-loeseneri
Small pale pink flower
Long upright green leaves
Outdoor gardening plant
Perennials evergreen herb

Attractive and long lasting Calathea-crocata flower

Calathea-loeseneri is a tropical evergreens herb

Calla see African-flowers

Canna see Indian shoot in plants for ponds and flower gardening

2. Canterbury Bell
Klokjesbloem in Dutch
Belongs to Campanulaceae family
Cut flower

a. Campanula garganica
Sweet purple and white 5 petals blossoms
Flowering ground cover
Blooming in summer
Can grow in containers

Marietteklokje in Dutch
Plant height is about 60cm
An easy two years garden plant
Bell shape flower in soft purple and pink

Preferred well drainage and rich

Love full sun and partial shadow
Rich blooming in the second year Spring

Slugs beloved

c. Campanula-persicifolia
Winter hard
Bees and wasps beloved
Edible plants

Love mild sunlight and well drainage moist ground

Blooming from late spring
Suitable for container and balcony gardening

Great for flower borders

c1. Campanula-persicifolia, purple

c2. Campanula persicifolia 'Alba'
White flowers
Plant with peach leaves

d. Campanula-portenschlagiana
Muralis in Dutch
Rock garden special
Purplish flowering ground cover

Blooming rich in spring
Maximum height is about 20cm

Campanula garganica makes beautiful flowering ground cover

5 petals summer flowering stars for your gardenTotal White

Campanula-medium can stands long in your vase

Sweet pink bell shape Campanula is expressing its love to you

Campanula persicifolia are blooming in mid-spring

A wasp is on a wide opened white Campanula

Campanula-portenschlagiana is a great ground covering plant

Flowers Names

3. Cardin flower
Little blossoms
Flower in many colours

Grow best in Rich moist soil
Garden Annuals
Great for hanging baskets

Blue and white Lobelia is an attractive plant for your hanging basketMedium Blue Lobelia

Lobelia-cardinalis can be grown in any damp locationSoft Blue Lobelia

Beautiful purple flowers are blooming outdoorPurple Blue Lobelia

Cardin flowers are blooming white in an earth pot outdoorWhite Lobelia

Red Water Lobelia

Flowers Names

4. Carnation
Anjer in Dutch
From Caryophyllaceae family
Annual, biennials, and perennials
Cut flower with curly petals

Garden flowers
Love sunny and half shadow
Preferred well drained clayey or sandy ground

Mothers day flowers
Blooming from Spring to late summer
Suitable for all occasions

a.Carnations, Common
Flowers in light orange, dark orange, light pink, dark pink, and maroon colours

b. Carnations, Miniature
Mini flowers in pink with white edge and pale pink colour

c. Carnation, Striped 'American-flag'
Americaanse Anjer in Dutch

An unique flower
Red strips between the white petals
Fully filled fancy flower
Specially cultivated for indoor

Plain Medium orange colour is soft and great for mothers day

Sweet and cheerful Carnation is in soft orange colour

Dark maroon with white fringe Carnation

You can use this pure red flowers on Mothers day

Dianthus flower in pink

Sweet white with pink rings carnation flower

Dark pink carnation

Medium pink with white edge carnation

Creamy white with tinted pink carnation

Fully filled fancy flower is great for mothers day

Flowers Names

5. Cerastium-tomentosum
Hoornbloem in Dutch
Belongs to family of Caryophyllaceae
Succulent flowers

Rich bloomer
Perennials white blossoms
Flowering ground cover

Blooming from spring
Silver leaves
Maximum plant height is about 10cm

Succulent spring white ground cover with silver leaves

Chamomile see Feverfew

6. Chinese Rose
Chinese roos in Dutch
Family of Malvaceae
Original from South East Asia

Indoor house plant and Tropical garden flowers
There are in different forms
Lowest growing temperature is 10°C

Love full sun and half shadow
Blooming from mid-summer to mid autumn
Commonly seen in Cameron Highlands

Hibiscus rosa sinensis
Chinese hemstroos in Dutch
Potted house plant
Low growing type
Required a airy standing place

Remove spent flowers can extend the flowering period

Cheerful large flowers would appeared throughout the summer in the open air

When place in a warm garden; it blooms non-stop for the whole year.

There are single, half filled and fully filled flowers

Flowers in orange, pink, red, yellow, white and twin colours

It is related to most of the species

A cheerful large Hibiscus flower can be grow indoor and outdoorLarge Flower

Flowers Names

7. Christmas Rose
Kerstroos in Dutch
Family of Ranunculaceae
Original from Mediterranean sea area

Cut flowers
Poisoning plant
Preferred rich ground
Grow best under a mild sun

Love a damp location
Late winter bloomer
Perennials Evergreen
Suitable for a wild garden

a. Helleborus-niger
Large creamy white flowers with light pink and green highlight

Maximum 40cm in height

A late winter flower from a rich blooming flowering plant

b. Helleborus orientalis
Flowers in light pink with soft green strips

Maximum height is about 60cm

c. Helleborus-purpurascens
Flowers in soft purplish green
Plant height is about 30cm

A wide opened pink winter flower from an evergreen plant

A pink perennials Christmas rose flower

Flowers Names

8. Chrysanthemum carinatum
'Court Jesters' tricolor
zomermargriet or zomerchrysant or Regenboogmengsel in Dutch
Belongs to family of Compositae
Original from Mediterranean sea area

Strong growth annuals
Long lasting cut flowers
Attractive colours

Love any type of well drained soil
Preferred a sunny location

Flowering from mid-summer to late Autumn

Suitable for borders
Maximum height is about 60cm
Insects beloved

Can grow in pots
It is an effective air filter

Mix coloured Chrysanthemum flowers and air filters

Chrysanthemum Daisy
Margriet or chrysant or ganzebloem in Dutch
Family of Compositae
Popular cut flower

Scented flower
Air filters

a. Chrysanthemum Leucanthemum

Wild flower
Blooming rich in summer
Maximum height is about 60cm

Perennial white flowering plant
Love good drainage moist ground
Blooming from May to November

Preferred a full sun location
Insects beloved
Seedling freely

b. Chrysanthemum-Leucanthemum var. Triomphe-d-Anvers

Chrysanthemum Leucanthemum 'Broadway-Lights'

Multi-petals Daisy flowers are willing to cover your garden grounds

Chrysanthemum-parthenium see Feverfew in Flowers List
Clematis see Virgin's Bower
Clivia miniata see African Flowers

Flowers Names

9. Cockscomb
(Celosia argentea)
Hanekam in Dutch
Family of Amaranthaceae
Annals garden plant

Sensitive to cold
Doing best in a good drainage moist ground
The stems are about 30cm in height

Blooming in summer
Preferred to be under the mild sun
Dried flower can be used in the winter vase

a. Celosia argentea 'Cristata'
Flowers in chilli red

b. Celosia argentea Pyramidalis
'Apricot Brandy'
Pluimhanekam in Dutch
Flower in bright orange red

Plant's maximum height is about 40cm

Blooming from July to September

Can be an indoor decorative plant for the winter

Love a sheltered place in your garden

Bright red Cockscomb flowers can help you to cheer your cold days

Indoor house plant with a mop at the top

10. Columbine
Akelei in Dutch
Family of Ranunculaceae

Cut flowers in different soft colours
Winter hard perennials
Love mild sun
Best grown in a moist soil fully covered with organic materials

a. Aquilegia-biedermeier
Flowering from April
Plant height is about 40cm

Blossoms mostly is in light and dark pink, and purplish colours

Aquilegia-biedermeier is a long stem cut flower

Aquilegia is winter hard

Perennials and hardy beautiful flower is great for your garden

b. Aquilegia-vulgaris
Blossoms in blue to purple
Blooming from May

Aquilegia can stand straight upright in your garden

Flowers Names

11. Cone Flower
Family of Compositae
Good cut flower

Love a sheltered sunny place
Preferred good drainage moist soil
Required support
Winter hardy

Love mild sun and half shadow and plenty of light

Flowering in summer
Annual and perennial flower borders plant
Suitable for backyard patio landscape design
Native in North America

a. Rudbeckia hirta 'Marmelade'
Also known as Golden-glow
Cheerful Annual plant
Large Flower
Mild sun lover
Plant can reach 100cm in height

Flowering from late Spring to early Autumn

Rich blooming sparkling golden orange blossoms with a deep brown heart

Bloom twice if the first round spent flowers are pruned off

Flower stem can reach 45cm

b. Rudbeckia, light pink

c. Rudbeckia, pale yellow

d. Rudbeckia-purpurea
Also known as Echinacea purpurea
Rode zonnehoed in Dutch
Perennial garden flowers

Flowering in summer
About 60-100cm tall

Long stem purplish pink blossoms
Strong growth
Butterflies beloved

e. Rudbeckia, white

An outstanding Golden-glow large flowers with a dark brown heart

Three sweet pink long stem unique cone flowers are ready for your vase

Two pale yellow Rudbeckia are blooming in summer

A perennials purplish pink Echinacea purpurea is enjoying the wasp's touch

One tall cone flower is standing straight up in the summer

12. Corn Marigold
Ganzenbloem or zomermargriet or zomerchrysant in Dutch

Annuals cut flower
Original from Middle-East
Love clayey and sandy soil

Golden yellow flowers with a dark brown heart

Blooming from June to September
Great for a wild garden

A half-opened yellow Corn Marigold is showing off its beautiful petals

Flowers Names

13. Cornflower
Korenbloem in Dutch
Family of Compositae
Annuals old fashioned flower

a. Centaurea cyanus 'Blue Ball'
Long lasting cut flower
Blue flowers
Flowering from early summer

Plant height is about 90cm and need support

Do well in ordinary soil
Preferred a sunny location

Remove spent flowers can invite more

b. Centaurea-dealbata 'steenbergii'
Sweet purple cut flower
Flowering in early summer

Old fashioned Corn flowers in bloom

Long lasting Cornflower is a gem in your indoor vase

14. Cosmos Flower, Garden
Cosmea in Dutch

Family of Compositae
Original from Mexico
Annuals Herb

Blooming in late summer
Outstanding long stem cut flowers need support
Blossoms in pink, purple and white with a yellow heart

Love full mild sun
Preferred well drained light soil
Plant height is about 100cm

Fern like leaves are good in the flower bouquet arrangement

Can go through a mild winter
Wasp and bees beloved

a. Cosmos-bipinnatus
Flower in medium pink with a yellow heart

b. Cosmos-bipinnatus 'Sensation'
Flower in soft pink, pale pink, and white

c. Cosmos, dwarf
Orange and yellow flowers
Plant height 60cm

Bright pink petals with a yellow heart

Sweet pink with a pink circle around the yellow heart

A sweet purple flower has a darker pink circle at the center

8 petals pure white flower blooming in OctoberAutumn White

A group of cheerful Cosmos flowers busy showing their charms

Flowers Names

15. Cowslip flowers or Primrose
Sleutelbloem in Dutch
Family of Primulaceae

a. Primula-veris
Echte sleutelbloem in Dutch
Edible wild flowers
winter-hard plant

Low growing clusters of yellow flowers with 5 orange marks

Drought tolerant perennials
Love mild sun and half shadow places
Rich blooming from late winter
Great for rock gardens attraction

The flowers and roots are used for medical purpose in early years

Clusters of Primrose flowers with double petals with orange yellow highlight

b. Primula-elatior 'Colossea'
Large flowers with a bright yellow star heart

A cluster of wide opened Cowslip flowers blooming indoor

Cheerful Primula-elatior Colossea in bright red

c. Primula-obconica
Original from China
Cool season decorative indoor flower
Love plenty of indirect sunlight

Blossoms in pale pink, soft pink, purple and red colours

Keep the soil moist at all times
Plant height is about 35cm

*This plant may caused skin irritation

Red Primula-obconica

Indoor decorative Primula flower with a greenish heart

Five Petals Pale Pink Primrose

White petals Primula with a green and white heart

d. Primula-species
Flowers in dark yellow, soft yellow, and white

Light yellow flower with an orange heart

White flowers with an orange heart

Yellow petals flowers with an orange heart are growing in a green earth-pot

Indoor Primrose with cute and curly petals

Primula rosea see Plants for Ponds

Flowers Names

Crane flower see Bird's of Paradise in Common Flowers

16. Crocus
Krokus in Dutch
Family of Iridaceae
Spring and Autumn bloomer

Best planting in groups
Tulips and Daffodil are her best friends
Cottage garden flowers bulb

Spring variety
Flowering between the strips leaves in early Spring

a. Crocus 'Flower Record'
Krocus Rembrandt in Dutch
Purple Dutch flower
Care free perennials
Early Spring flowers

Indoor house plants and outdoor garden flowers

Blooming from late winter

Excellent for flower borders in your landscape

b. Crocus 'Spring-Pearl'
Pure white with an orange heart

c. Crocus vernus
Flowers in medium purple and pure yellow

Crocus vernus 'Pickwick'
Perennial spring bulb
Flower petals in white with brown strips and a orange heart

Mulching would pull long the flowering period

Petals in purplish with strips

Autumn variety

Crocus vernus 'Striped Beauty'
Perennial silvery white flowers
Preferred good drainage soil
Excellent for a sunny corner

A charming Crocus is an easy growing flower could cheer your winter mood

Bulb flowers for the Cottage garden

Plain deep purple crocus is charming

Plain golden yellow Crocus

Crocus vernus 'Pickwick in strips

Crocus vernus 'Pickwick' is a Perennial spring bulb

Pure white flowers appear before the leaves are formed

Crown lilies see Types of Lily flowers

Flowers Names

17. Cyclamen
Also known as Persian violet or Sowbread
Alpenviooltje or Cyclaam or Klimopbladige or Varkensbrood in Dutch

Original from Mediterranean sea area

Cyclamen, Garden
Mini flowers in pink, dark pink, purple, and white

Love mild sun, half shadow and full shadow
Blooming in spring and autumn
Can survived with the night temperature at 3°C

Cyclamen, In house
Lovely indoor potted house plants
Umbrella shape flower buds

Butterfly a-like charming pink flowers

Love plenty of indoor light
Preferred moderate moist soil

Love cool temperature between 15 - 16°C

Blooming in autumn

Cyclamen is showing its sparkling red flowers

Flowers in pale pink and deep pink highlight

Plain sweet pink mini flowers

White and pink flowers for winter decoration

Indoor flower has an Umbrella shape flower buds

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