Flowers List for Spring to Winter

Flowers List D

1. Daffodil Bulbs
Also known as yellow Narcissus
Nicis or Paaslelie in Dutch
Family of Amaryllidaceae

Cut flower
Dutch Spring flowers
Indoor plant and outdoor spring garden flowers
Love plenty of light

Blooming in spring
Excellent for flower borders
Tulips and Hyacinth flowers are their best friends

a. Narcissus-Minnow
Botanic light yellow flower
Rich bloomer
Dwarf plant

Dwarf and rich, in bloom flower

b. Narcissus, Yellow
Trompetnarcissen in Dutch
Average height is around 15-30cm

c. Narcissus, Miniture 'Téte-á-Téte'
Miniatuurnarcissen in Dutch
Deep yellow flowers in cluster
Spring bulbs

Winter hard to about minus 15°C
Perennial plant
Love plenty of light
Blooming in spring

Remove spent flowers can prolong the blooming time

Suitable for indoors flower baskets

d. Narcissus, Double
Light yellow petals with bright orange heart

e. Narcissus, Hybrid

Light yellow fanciful flower

Narcissus flowers in a basket

Double petals Narcissus is an attraction in your spring garden

Pretty Narcissus showing off its charm
Daffodil flower in white and yellow

African Daisy see African Flowers
Dahlia see Dahlia Flowers

2. Daisy, Double or Daisy, English

Dubbel Madeliefje or Pomponbloemen in Dutch

Family of Compositae
One year wild plant
10cm in height

Little flower in red, pink, white with a yellow heart

Blooming from early spring

Mini flowers with a mix of pink coloured and a yellow heart
One year English Daisy flowers

Daisy, Michaelmas see Asters in flowers guide

Daisy, Painted
Margriet in Dutch
Cut flower
Double petals

Drought tolerant perennials flower
Love sunny and half shadow
Blooming from May to June

a. Tanacetum-coccineum 'Robinson's Red'
Plant height is 50-60cm
Fragrant leaves
Red flower

b. Tanacetum-coccineum 'Robinson's Rose'
Plant height is about 80cm
Pink flower

Daisy, Spain
Spaanse margrieten in Dutch
Garden flowers in purplish pink

Love sunny and half shadow
Blooming from July
Can be planted in pots and containers

Tanacetum-coccineum in red
Tanacetum-coccineum in pink

Garden flowers in purplish pink

Day lily see types of Lily flowers

3. Desert Rose
(Adenium obesum)
Impalalelie or Woestijnroos in Dutch
Warm weather flowers
Medium sized pink flowers

Love full sun
Bloom twice annually
Popular plant in Tropical gardens
Can be trained as an indoor bonsai

A desert rose is smilling widely

Flowers List D

Dianthus see Sweet William

4. Dipladenia
Belongs to the family of Apocynaceae

Climb plants
Minimum required temperature is over 10°C
Perennial fragrant plant
Love moist soil

Indoor house plants and outdoor garden plants

Blooming from spring to autumn
Great for Containers
Suitable for balcony gardening

a. Dipladenia-sanderi
Light purple large hanging flowers
Creeping plant
Commonly seen in Cameron Highlands
Flower in pale purple

b. Mandevilla-splendens
Also known as indoor Jasmine

Red petals

Pink petals

A wide opened soft purple flower from an unusual climb plant from Cameron Highlands

Vine plant is blooming red flowers
Garden Jasmine flowers in bloom

Flowers List E

1. Echinopa-ritro 'Taplow blue'
Kogeldistel in Dutch
Easy grower
In autumn flowers appear in blue
Ball shaped flowers about 5cm across

Love a sunny place
Bees beloved
Plant height is about 1.5 meter

Happy with any type of well drained deep soil

A very sweet Echinopa-ritro flower

2. Elephant's ears
Bergenia cordifolia 'Abendglut'
(Schoenlappersplant in Dutch)
Common border plants in Netherlands

Mild winter evergreens
Blooming in early spring
Perennials medium pink flowers

Love good drainage moist ground
Large leaf bush plant for all weather
Average height is about 30cm
Slugs and snails beloved

Suitable for water garden landscaping

Great for corners

Slugs and snails beloved Perennials flowers

3. Eryngium-bourgatii
Decorative everlasting flowers
Preferred a sunny location

Perennials flower with silvery green leaves

Good drainage rich moist ground
Blooming from summer
Great for dry flower bouquet

Eryngium-bourgatii is an everlasting flower

Flowers List F

1. Feverfew
(chrysanthemum-parthenium or Chamomilla recutita, previously known as Matricaria Chamomilla)

Also known as Chamomile Flowers, Original and May-weed

Echte Kamille or Moederkruid in Dutch
Belongs to family of Compositae

Mini edible white flowers with a yellow heart

Annual medicinal bush herb plant
Aromatic leaves
Love clayey soil

Totally opened dried flowers are used for tea and great for sleep

Blooming from late spring to early autumn

Plant height is about 40cm

Chamomilla recutita is a herb plant

2. Finger plants
Also known as Butterfly bush
(Buddleia davidii)

Vlinderstruik or herfstering in Dutch
Belongs to Buddleiaceae family
Semi-dwarf flowering shrub tree

Originally grown in South America, South Africa, and North Asia

Large bush
Easy to grow
Love sunny and half shadows
Blooming in summer

a. Buddleia davidii 'Charming'
Rich flowers in purple

b. Buddleia davidii 'Empire'
Flowers in medium purple

c. Buddleia davidii 'Fasination'
Flowers in purplish pink

d. Buddleia davidii 'White Profusion'

Soft purple Buddleia davidii flowers

Dark purple with red heart flowers from a semi-dwarf flowering shrub tree
Little pink with orange heart flowers are in bloom
Small white flowers with a orange heart

Flowers List F

3. Flamingo-flower
Flamingo plant in Dutch
Family of Araceae

Long stem cut flowers
Perennial flowers
Everlasting indoor house plant
Garden plant in tropical countries

Commonly found in Cameron highlands
Love plenty of light and mild sunlight

Request for high humidity
Minimum temperature is about 16°C
Grow very well in containers

a. Anthurium-scherzerianum, Red
From Netherlands

b. Anthurium in deep pink, green, green and pink, and white petals

A frequently seen Flamingo plant can stay green in the winter months
Pink petal Flamingo flower
Indoor potted Flamingo flower
Anthurium in mix of colours
White flower with a yellow heart

4. Floss flower
Garden Ageratum
Belongs to Asteraceae family
Blue flowers like brushes

Borders flowers in purplish blue
Low growing herb plants
Love mild sun or half shadow
Blooming from mid-summer to autumn

Remove old flowers will prolong the blooming time

Purplish Floss flower from a low growing herb plant

5. Flowering Onions
Sierui in Dutch
Family of Alliaceae

Winter hardy ornament plant
Long stem cut flower
Great for dry flower bouquet

a. Allium-christophii
Flowers in a purple ball shape

Grow well in rich and good drainage soil

Love full sun
Blooming in late spring

Maximum plant height is about 2 meter

b. Allium-flavum
Flowers in purplish pink

c. Allium 'Purple Sensation'
Love sunny, half shadow and full shadow

d. Allium-siculuum
Also known as Nectaroscordum-siculum

Home grown cut flowers
Long lasting perennials

Small bell a-like unique flowers in a cluster
Flowers heart with cream, green, and pink colours

Bees beloved
Spring flower bulbs
Love sunny and half shadow

Great for group planting
Can make lovely flower borders
Blooming in mid-spring

e. Allium-ursinum
Long stem cut flowers
In grey white and ball a-like

Sweet Allium-christophii is flowering in a ball shapePurple Balls

Allium-flavum produce unique cut flowers
Ball shape rich blooming flowers throughout spring

Allium flowers in clusters

Large balls of Allium flowers

Four Leaf Clovers

Flowers List F

6. Foxglove Flower
Vingerhoedskruid in Dutch
Two year poisonous plant

Long stem blossoms in pinkish purple
Love sunny and half shadow
Mild winter-hardy
Preferred an acidic moist place

Blooming in second year during mid-spring

Great for a flower show
Maximum height is 1.5 meter

Insects beloved mild weather flowers

French Marigold see African-flowers
Fritillaria imperialis see Crown lilies in Types of Lily Flowers

7. Fuchsia Flowers
Family of Onagraceae
Bellenplant in Dutch
From Onagraceae family

Everlasting perennial flowers
In different shapes and colours
Mostly in pink and purple

Indoor house plant and outdoor garden plant

Love sunny, half-shadow and full shadow

Blooming from late spring to early autumn

Best for hanging baskets
Growing well in pots

Removing the old flowers will prolong
the flowering time

Pale pink cape and deep pink bell
Pale Pink cape and purple bell
Pink cap and deep pink bell
Pink cape and purple bell
Orange red Cape garden flowers
Sweet pink cape and red bell

Fuchsia 'Madame-Cornelissen'
Small flowers
Pink cape with white bell

Love full sun
Flowering from July to October
Plant's average height is about 75cm

Flowers look like a doll with pink blouse and white skirt

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