Flowers Guide A-Z

Flowers Guide A

1. Adam's needle
(Yucca filamentosa)
Palmlelie in Dutch
Belongs to the family of Liliaceae
Independent perennial flowers

Evergreen border plant
Flowering dwarf shrub tree

Love sunny, half shadow, and
full shadow

Blooming yellowish white flowers in summer

Happy with good drainage moist ground

Request for slight winter protection

First lovely Yucca filamentosa plant in our flowers guide

Africa Flowers see African Flowers

Ageratum see Floss Flower

2. Alyssum, sweet
Also known as Alyssum maritima
(Lobularia maritima)
Sneeuwkleed in Dutch

Belongs to family of Cruciferae
Blooming from summer
Flowering ground cover

Rich blooming wide spread mini clusters of white flowers

Mild winter's perennials
Easy caring plant
Insects beloved

Great companion in the rock garden

Lobularia maritima is an easy blooming mild weather white charm

3. Amaryllis
Hippeastrum in Dutch
Family of Amaryllidaceae
Long stem trumpet cut flower
Indoor fragrant plant

Love plenty of light and a warm place
Bloom within 3 months from seeding
Excellent for a flower gift

a. Amaryllis Minerva
Garden Amaryllis flowers in red and white from Cameron Highlands

b. Amaryllis, Peach

c. Amaryllis, Pink

Amaryllis, Red

Bright red and white Amaryllis can be grown indoor as well as outdoors atmosphere

Orang pink flower blooming in Singapore

Local long lasting flowers bulb for indoor table display

4. Angel-trumpets
(Brugmansia or Datura)
Flowers in many colours
Large bush plant

Cool weather drought tolerant perennials
Love mild sun and half shadow

Blooming from mid-summer to early autumn

Can be grown in containers as Annuals in the summer

a. Summer Datura-metel
Love a cool and sunny location
Soft orange pink Brugmansia suaveolens

b. Purple

Cool trumpet flower from Cameron Highlands

Purple edged flower is open widely in the mild weather

c. Datura-suaveolens
In creamy yellow colour

Yellow Brugmansia Flower is Opened

Anthurium see Flamingo flower in Alphabet F

Arum Lily see African flowers

Flowers Guide A

5. Asters
Also known as Michaelmas Daisy or Starwort
(Callistephus hortensis)
Herfstaster in Dutch
Family of Compositae

Herbaceous perennials
Butterflies and moths beloved
Autumn bloomers
Winter-hard with slight protection
Cut flower

Love mild sun, half shadow and full shadow

Love moist soil
It can stand as a highlight in the wet season

a. Beautiful pink

b. Sweet purple

c. Medium Pink

Deep pink Michaelmas daisy

A beautiful flower with purple feather a-like petals is in bloomed

A Medium Pink Michaelmas Daisy
With a white heart

6. Astilbe, Japanese
(Astilbe Lollypop)
Spiraea in Dutch
Belongs to Saxifragaceae family

Low growing mini sweet pink flowers
Winter-hardy care free perennials
Love rich moist ground

Can grow very well in a cool weather
Standing upright shade plant
Preferred mild sunlight and half shadow

Independent flowers

Excellent plant for garden borders and containers

Blooming from late spring to mid-Autumn

Can display beautifully along the water pond

Astilbe Lollypop is a hardy perennial flower

7. Azalea
(Rhododendron indicum)
Pot-Azalea in Dutch
Originally from Central of Asia

Everlasting indoor house plant
Love moist and plenty of indirect sunlight
Blooming long in the dry weather

a. Azalea with fringe

White Azalea with red frame

b. Light pink

c. Special pink

d. Curly pink

e. Potted Azalea

f. White with pink fringe

In-house plant with small charming flowers

Pink Azalea blooming very rich indoor

Medium sized sweet pink flowers is every gardener´s winter beloved

Beautiful Azalea in a white pot made a beautiful table display

White Azalea in a blue container is a good match

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