Flower Varieties List

Flower Varieties for M

Magnolia see Lily tree

1. Mallow
Bekermalva in Dutch
Family of Malvaceae
Cut flower

Tender sweet blossoms
Blooming from mid-summer

Maximum plant height is about 200cm

Preferred mild sun and good drainage ground

Required support
Remove spent flowers can invite new
Border plant

a. Lavatera-Barnsley

White Mallow flowering plant

b. Lavatera-trimestris

Pink flower with 5 petals

2. Maltese-Cross
Brandende-Liefde in Dutch
Family of Caryophyllaceae
Cut flowers
Perennial red flowers

Plant height is about 100cm
Very deep roots
Love full sun
Blooming in summer

Maltese-cross flower is a summer bloomer

Marigold in African flowers
Corn Marigold in flowers names
Marsh Marigold in plants for ponds

3. May-flower
Ijzerhard in Dutch
Family of Verbenaceae

Attractive cut flower with a white heart

Annuals ornament plant
Plant height is about 40cm
Great for hanging baskets
Butterfly beloved
Blooming from late spring

a. Verbena-hybrida

Dark purple May-flower growing in a basket

Purple Verbena-hybrid has a white heart

Soft purple flowers invited a moth insect

Pure white Verbena-hybrid

4. Morning-glory
Dagschone or Dagbloem or Ochtend dauw or Winde in Dutch

Family of Convolvulaceae
Annual in cold countries
Love a sunny location

Flowering in mid-summer
Blossoms in trumpet form
Plant height is about 3 meter

Climbing flowering plant
Preferred soil rich in clay
Warm weather perennials

Love a sheltered location
Sensitive to the rain and the wind
Rich blooming in full sun

a. Ipomoea-indica

Blue Morning-glory flower

b. Ipomoea-tricolor

Morning-glory blossoms in tinted pink, purple and blue colours.

Ipomoea-tricolor in pink and dark pink strips

5. Mourning bride
Duifkruid or Schurftkruid in Dutch
Family of Dipsacaceae
Winter hard
Organic flowers

Annuals, biennials and perennial plants
Love sunny and half shadow
Blooming from mid-spring to late summer

Sweet purple flower attracted a Honey bee

Half opened Mourning bride flower

Flower Varieties for N

Narcissus see daffodil

6. Nasturtium, Garden
(Tropaeolum majus)
Oostindische kers in Dutch
Family of Tropaeolaceae

Annual in the cold country
Single flowering ground cover
Dwarf creeping vine plant
Multi-coloured blossoms

Best grown under mild sun or half-shadow

Love an ordinary damp soil

Can be growing in hanging basket or containers

Flowers, leaves and seeds are edible
Blooming from July
Average height is 35cm
Herbaceous herbs

Tropaeolum majus creeping plant

Nectaroscordum-siculum see Flowering Onion

7. Nerium
Family of Apocynaceae
Large fragrance flowers
Perennial flower
Required winter protection

Love full sun
Minimum growing temperature is about 8 °C
Poisoning plant in shrub form
Flowering from late spring to autumn

a. Nerium-oleander 'Rosa simple'

White single Nerium-oleander

5 petals scented flower in medium pink

Flower Varieties for O

8. Orchid
Mostly perennials
Tropical Herb plant

Love plenty of light
Preferred to live in a humid location
Blooming minimum once a year

a. Dancing Orchid, yellow
Cut flowers
Flowers in bright yellow and brown highlight
Love half shadow
Fragrant flowers

Growing temperature the best between  15-25°C

Popular in Singapore
Excellent for flower arrangements

Small Oncidium orchid flower looks like a lady dancer

b. Jungle Orchids
Indoor plants
Potted house plant
Fragrant flowers

Small jungle orchid in white

Dendrobium orchid in cream with pink highlight

Nobile Dendrobium
Giant fragrant flowers
Produce easily a young orchid plant

A large Nobile Dendrobium orchid in white, pink and yellow.

c. Miltonia Orchids
Indoor plants
Butterflies a-like fragrant flowers

Can grow outdoor during the summer
under shelter or in the balcony

Butterflies a-like orchids in deep red colour

d. Paphiopedilum Orchid
Generally blooming twice yearly
Long lasting outdoor plant

Paphiopedilum Orchids with green strips and yellow cups

Paphiopedilum Orchid with black strips and a dark brown cup

Paphiopedilum Orchid in greeen, pink and brown

Indoor Paphiopedilum Orchid

e. Phalaenopsis-amabilis Orchids
Fragrant flowers
Popular indoor house plant
Love a cool standing place

Love plenty of indirect sunlight
Generally blooming twice yearly
Flowers can last for 9 months
Everlasting orchids

Excellent for winter decoration and as a gift for all occasions

Blood red Phalaenopsis orchid

Deep Purple Orchid plant

Soft yellow Phalaenopsis-amabilis orchid

Phalaenopsis orchid showing many vines on its petals

Purple Phalaenopsis-amabilis

Orchid flower in light yellow with plentiful of purple vines

Pinkish purple Phalaenopsis orchid

Orchid in light yellow background covered with red vines

Phalaenopsis orchid in white with purplish highlight

Orchid in soft purplish pink colour

One pair of soft tender pink Phalaenopsis orchid

3 orhids in white with tinted pink and yellow

Orchid in soft pinkish purple lines

White Phalaenopsis amabilis orchid

Orchid in white background with reddish purple patches

9. Oxeye
Koeienoog in Dutch
Bright yellow flower
Insects beloved
Moist lover

Preferred a sunny or partial shadow place
Flowering from late spring
Plant height is about 50cm
Great for the border

A bee is working on a Buphthalmum-salicifolium flower

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