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(Yucca filamentosa)

Perennial flowers
Evergreen border plant
Ground cover
Dwarf shrubs trees
Love sunny, half shadow, and full shadow
Blooming yellow flowers
in the summer

Organic white flowers from a dwarf flowering tree, Yucca filamentosa

African Flowers Types

Garden Ageratum
Belongs to Asteraceae family
Blue flowers like brushes
Borders flowers
Low growing plants
Love mild sun or half shadow
Blooming from mid-summer to autumn
Remove old flowers will prolong the blooming time

Low growing Garden Ageratum houstonianum blooming with blue flowers

Cut flower
Indoor fragrant plant
Love plenty of lights and warm place
Bloom within 3 months from seeding
Excellent for birthday flowers gifts
(This picture is taken during a visit to Cameron
Highland Garden Nursery)

Red and white Amaryllis flowers from Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Flower Guides

Amaryllis flower bulb
(Hippeastrum 'Red-Lion')

Sparkling ruby red flowers when under sunlight
Grown organically indoors with water
Medium sized flowers
Blooming in winter
Great for special occasions

Chilli red Amaryllis, Hippeastrum Red lion

Japanese Astilbe
(Astilbe Japonica 'Red Sentinel')

Low growing sweet pink flowers
Love moist ground
Love cool weather
Love mild sunlight and half shadow
Care free perennial flowers
Blooming in late spring

Organic Astilbe japonica perennial flowers blooming in sweet pink

Blue Anemones (Wind-flowers)

Cut flower
Perennial flowers
Indoor house plant and outdoor garden flowers
Love sunny and half shadow
Blooming in mid-spring
Suitable for fresh flower bouquets

Organic grown blue Anemones flowers blooming in garden

(Brugmansia and Datura)

Large bush plant
Drought tolerant perennials
Love mild sun and half shadow
Blooming from mid-summer
to early autumn

Angel trumpets, Brugmansia Datura is flowering with rich peach blossoms

Anthurium (Flamingo-flower)

Cut flower
Indoor house plant
Perennial flowers
Everlasting indoor plant
Love plenty of lights and mild sunlight

Indoor flamingo flowers, red Anthurium in bloom

Aster novi-belgii plant
About a meter tall
Cut flower
Winter-hard with slight protection
Indoor house plant and outdoor garden plant
Love mild sun, half shadow and full shadow
Blooming in early autumn

Crown Aster plants with light, dark pink and purple flowers

Family of Rhododendron
Everlasting indoor house plant and
outdoor garden plant
Love moist and plenty of direct;
or indirect sunlight
Blooming in spring and autumn

Indoor Azalea evergreens plant blooming in pink and white

With so many lovely cut flowers from our natural flower guides, I am sure soon you will be growing your own organic bouquet and be an organic florist!

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