Flower Gardening for I-L

Flower Gardening for I

Impatient flowers see African flowers

1. Indian Shoot
Family of Cannaceae
Originally from Tropical damp location
Best rooting temperature is between 18 to 20 °C

a. Dwarf Canna 'Alberich'
Salmon pink coloured
Blooming in Cameron Highlands

b. Dwarf Garden Canna, Yellow Humbert
Large blossoms with orange highlight
Flowering from August to October
Found in Cameron Highlands
Love sandy loam
Preferred moderate sunlight

c. Dwarf Canna 'Perko'
Flowers in red

Salmon coloured Canna 'Alberich'

Large flowers blooming from late summer

Bight red flowers from Cameron HighlandsBright Red Canna

Growing organic Canna in Pond
and see one more image in
plants for ponds.

Ipomoea see Morning glory

2. Iris Flowers
(Iris Edith Wolford)
Family of Iridaceae
Iris in Dutch
Cut flower in purple and yellow
Spring flower bulbs
Love sunny and half shadow
Blooming in late spring
Suitable for fresh flowers bouquet

Commonly seen in the large flower arrangements

Purplish blue and yellow IrisPurple Iris

Iris pseudacorus & Iris-versicolor see Plants for Ponds
Dutch blue

Flower Gardening for K

3. Kalanchoe plants
(Family of Crassulaceae)
Everlasting indoor house plant
Organic grown flowers in many colours
Evergreen plant
Love plenty of lights
Removing the old flowers will prolong the flowering time

a. Kalanchoe-blossfeldiana
Flowers in pale pink, sweet pink, yellow, red and white

Common flowers blooming indoor and in all seasons

Decorative sweet pink flowers
Evergreen plant with deep yellow flowers
Pretty light yellow flowers required plenty of light
Small and cute chilli red Kalanchoe
White flowers gardening indoor

b. Kalanchoe 'Magic-bell'

Indoor and outdoor's plants
Flowers in bell shapes
Rich flowering
Greenish coloured blossoms
Love plenty of light or direct sunshine

Best growing temperature is above 12°C

Required protection from the wind
Long session of blossoms if condition is met

Grow organic Kalanchoe

Light beloved flowers can grow indoor and outdoor

Flower Gardening for L

4. Lavender Flower
Lavendel in Dutch
Family of Labiatae

Winter-hard Perennial flowers
Flowers in purple
Evergreens shrub
Bee and butterfly beloved

a. Lavandula-officinalis
Also known as Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula vera

Tuinlavendel or Echte Lavendel in Dutch

Cut flower
Edible fragrant flowers and leaves

Organic and home grown herb
Excellent for flower borders and uniform garden landscapes
Love sunny and half shadow

Blooming from late spring to early autumn

Suitable for dry flower bouquets
Grow from seeds or cuttings

Easy growing plant

Blossoms are commonly used in dry form

Dried lavender flowers can be used in tea, in desserts and more

The oil extract has very strong aroma

Popularly used in Essential oils; Aromatherapy; cosmetic and skincare; pot-pourri & scatches

Edible fragrant herb flowers commonly used in dry formEdible Lavender

Flower Gardening for L

b. Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote'
Garden plant
Average plant height is about 20cm
Blooming from March
Love mild sun
Preferred moist ground
Frost hardy

Remove spent flowers stem can invite new

Can keep as terrace plant
Not for consumption

Lavender preferred mild sun and half shadowDark Blue Lavender

c. Lavandula angustifolia 'Rosea'
Pale pink flowers
Sensitive to cold
Flowering from July to August
Plant height is about 30-40cm
Love mild sun and partial shadow
Not for consumption

Light pink Lavenders flowers bloom in JulyPink Lavender

d. Lavandula-stoechas
Lavandula Anouk in Dutch
Natural grown cut flowers
Dark purple lavender flowers
Fragrant flowers plant

Mild winter Hardy perennials
Bee beloved
Outdoor garden plants
Blooming from Spring to summer
Suitable for dried flower arrangements

Excellent for flower borders
Required cold protection
Not for consumption

Natural grown Lavenders are insects belovedDark Purple Lavender

Lavenders, Cotton
Heiligenkraut in Dutch
Well known in Italy
Organic yellow cut flowers
Insects beloved
Cold protected perennials plant
Outdoor garden flowers
Blooming from spring to summer

Dried flowers are best for moth-repellent

Suitable for flower borders

Yellow mini flowers love a cold protected locationYellow Flower

Lavatera see Mallow

Flower Gardening for L

5. Lilac-flower
Sering in Dutch
Family of Oleaceae

Preferred rich and well drainage moist soil
Increase plants with stem cuttings
Fragrant flowers
Shrub tree

a. Syringa
Flowers in soft pink and purple

b. Syringa-x-chinensis
Plant height can reach more than 200cm

Blooming in Spring
Love a cool location
4 petals pink flowers

Pale pink Lilac blossoms
Sweet pale purple blossomsPurple Flowers

Medium pink Lilac flowers

c. Syringa-vulgaris
Double flowers
Blooming from May to June
Love both sunny and half shadow area
Maximum height is about 2 meters
Purplish pink flowers

Lilac flowers blooming rich under the mild sun

Lilac, California
Family of Rhamnaceae
Fragrant flowers
Blooming in Spring
Blue and purple flowers
Climb plant

Spring flowers in bloom
Creeping plant carries soft purple flowers

Lily Flowers see types-of-lily-flowers

6. Lily Tree
Boverboom in Dutch
Family of Magnoliaceae
Love clayey soil

a. Magnolia-liliflora 'Nigra'

Light to dark pink or reddish pink large flowers

Semi dwarf large shrub tree
Love moist and plenty of sunlight

Flowering in early spring after the leaves appear

Maximum height is about 300cm

Dark pink flower bud from a Lily tree

b. Magnolia stellata 'Royal star'
Stermagnolia in Dutch
Natural grown white flowers
Dwarf flowering tree in shrub form

Love moist and plenty of sunlight
Flowering in early spring
Maximum height is about 200cm

Dwarf flowering tree blooms in spring

b. Magnolia-x-soulangeana
Gewone magnolia in Dutch

Light and medium pink flowers from a tree

Suitable for a big garden
Can reach 8 meters

Twin coloured Magnolia blossoms

7. Litres flowers
Prachtkaars or Lampepoetser in Dutch

From Compositae family
Originally from North America
Organic grown
Soft Purplish long cut flower
Winter hardy

Perennial flowers usually planted in groups

Love full sun and good drainage moist soil

About 70cm tall
Blossoms opening from the top down
Bees and butterflies beloved

Blooming in mid-summer from the second year

Soft pinkish purple mini flowers on a long stem

Flower Gardening for L

8. Lupin flower
Lupine in Dutch
Family of Leguminosae
Perennial flowers

Border plant
Slow germination
Outdoor garden plant
Love sunny and half shadow

Removing the old flowers will prolong
the flowering time

Aphids beloved

a. Lupinus-cruickshankii 'Sunrise'
Annual flowering plant
Flowers in Bluish purple; yellow and white colours

Blooming in summer
Sensitive to cold
Can grow indoor
Maximum height is about 100cm

Annual Lupin flower

b. Lupinus-Polyphyllus 'Russell-hybrid'
Blossoms in pink, dark purple and dark purple with white colours

Flowering from mid-summer to early autumn

Mostly planted in groups
About 1.2 meter tall
Love natural slightly acidic ground
Best suitable for a big garden
Blooming from late spring

Lupinus-Polyphyllus 'Russell' is blooming
Perennial Lupin flowers can reach 1200cm
Lupinus-Polyphyllus hybrid is insects beloved

Lychnis-Chalcedonica see Maltese cross

9. Lysimachia-punctata
Wederik in Dutch
Family of Primulaceae
Bright yellow flowers

Love moist soil
Long session of flowering
Summer bloomer
Average plant height is about 100cm

Decorative yellow flowers are blooming side by side with each other

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