Earth Worms Raising

Earth worms are angels from our nature. Everyone knows!

Fertiliser and new soil are some of the important items that we have to add into our garden ground every year.

We believed that the soil level would be going lower after one whole year of rain falls; and the mineral elements in the ground would be reduced from the planting.

A few years ago, we started everything from new, besides the original piece of ground.

There were soft clay loam for our backyard garden and hard clay loam for the front yard. We had to replenish the ground elements and amend the soil condition all over before planting. So, with a small budget, it would be quite challenging.

Growing an organic garden is interesting. However, investing in organic fertilizers, organic seeds, organic soil, and organic compost are pretty turf for us. So, we decided to raise worms and make our own compost.

Raising Earth Worms Progress

Raising worms is an excellent idea for all organic gardeners. With the earth worms, you will have always solid rich black soil for your organic growing.

How to raise worms? This is one of the most often asked question from my Singapore friends.

We had done a project to raise worms in a plastic box once.

How to Do (picture 6-8)

1. Prepare a non-transparent plastic box, prick a few tinny holes at the top sides of the box.

2. Cover the bottom of the box with a layer of damp soil.

3. Lay two layers of fine chopped loose organic vegetable greens, little dried soil, and plenty of brewed coffee ground mix (picture 1-4) into the box.

4. Put in two worms. Cover with another layer of moist top soil.

5. Set this in a dark cool place.

6. Sprinkle a little of rain water or clean water on this organic materials everyday.

The earth worms would eat all the materials, digest them and produced your wanted rich black fertilizers.

It works!

Later, we discovered the easiest way to raise worms (see below).

  • Whenever you are preparing all the plants for the winter season and moving them into the greenhouse or protected area, you may place two worms into every pot. Give them water on and off, to keep the soil moist.

    After winter, you will find all the pots are with solid black rich soil and the worms are multiplied. Your plants will be as happy as before.

  • In spring you can put the fine chopped fruit and vegetables waste at the bottom of the growing pot; add 2 worms; and cover it with a layer of thick potting soil. And you can start planting right away.

    Note: I have tried putting some fine chopped apple peels (in strips) at the bottom of a deep plastic container; then add 2 worms in it; and cover with another thick layer of potting soil. Thereafter, I set the pumpkin seeds (soaked) on top to grow. It was successful.

Where can you find your garden angels?

After rain you will see them more often near the surface of the ground; Other time, they are mostly hide under the damp wet cool places, such as under the weeds (picture 5) or shrub plants.

After a rain fall, call all your kids for help. This is the right time to enjoy digging worms together and start an organic gardening project with your whole family.

Earth Worms Abilities and Habits
* They are living in almost all soil types

* They are with both male and female organs and they are in different colours (picture 11-16).

* They love to drag and collect vegetable matter near their house in the night, so, they do not need to risk themselves on the surface of the ground during the day.

* They love brewed coffee ground

Raising Worms Benefits
1. You gain the useful rich fertilizers.

2. The soil tilling from the worms body movements.

3. The worms home can provide easy drainage for the roots of your plants.

If you have a bigger space, you may build a compost bin or compost pile by yourself; or simply buy one or more of the compost containers from the market; or garden suppliers.

If you have a small gardening space like ours, you may use earth pots to be your compost containers. Just do the same way as in the box. This way, you can add more materials at one time and don't have to monitor the progress; because the earth pots would be airy; cool and moist.

We discovered in a few days time, some semi-transparent gel a-like greyish thing appeared on the soil surface (picture 9) and under the compost earth-pot (picture 10).

Composted soil is fine, rich and loose (picture 17).

If you don't have a garden, you may try using a no hole earth pot to raise worms.

Try earth-pot compost plans to get your low cost all year round unlimited solid plant food from today?

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