Dwarf Fruit Trees Growing

Dwarf fruit trees and soft berry-shrubs with 2 meter (about 6.5 feet) tall; or less are our favourites.

Growing fruit trees is not the same as growing flowers. Besides the essential soil; a helping hand from those earth worms; and the great help from the nature; you have to also study how to handle the challenging garden pests; before you can get your optimal results.

By watching your fruit trees closely from time to time with a little extra attention; you will learn to know; when and how to feed the trees with the necessary fertilizers and water.

You will discover simple ways to prune your fruit trees; and harvesting fruits.

There are more than one type of berry in our garden. I love the most is strawberries.

Besides strawberries, we have blueberry; Evergreen Blackberries;
Pine berries; Cherries; Goji-berries; Gooseberries; blue and black Currants; Raspberries; and many more.

Dwarf Fruit Trees Planting

The most interesting is to watch the trees; or vines growing from bare-root stocks to matured trees; and to bear your sweet juicy fruits; with an insecticide spray free concept.

If you are interested in tropical fruits tree like Avocado plant; Durian fruit; Mango tree;  and Citrus fruits; but you have not a big space and essential temperature to grow them; you can still experience it by growing them indoor during the cold season; and place them in a greenhouse, or a strong wind and extreme heat protected environment in the spring; when the frost is away. Thereafter; you can place them in house again in the Autumn.

In this way, you can gain more gardening experiences for your future landscape.

If you have very little time to manage your garden; but you wish to taste some great organic fruits; you may try planting those care free annual Cucumbers; Cape Gooseberries; different types of tomatoes; Eggplants; all kinds of hot and Sweet Peppers; and all types of Squashes during the warm season.

In a minute you will be meeting our dwarf Apricots tree,  dwarf apple trees; dwarf Fig shrub; Kiwi; Dutch blue Grapes, dwarf Plum trees; dwarf pear trees and a wonderful ever-changing small fruits garden.

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