Dahlia Flowers Varieties

Dahlia Flowers List

Members of Compositae family
Well-known for its long stem and solid cut flowers

Most of Dahlia's were came from central of America; especially Mexico

The endless varieties are mostly created from Dahlia coccinea, Dahlia pinnata and Dahlia rosea

Basically there are two groups of Dahlia's

Group One
Bloembeddahlia's in Dutch
One year plant grow from seeds
Single, half filled and fully filled varieties in many colours
Average height is about 60cm
Suitable for a large flower garden

Group Two
Perkdahlia's in Dutch
Cultivated from tubers or cuttings
Flowers in plentiful colours and forms
Suitable for large flower beds

1. Dahlia-bisschop
Also known as Open-centered Dahlia's
organic grown cut flower

Bulb garden plant

Greyish blue leaves
Medium sized dark red 8 single petals flowers

Blooming from May to October
Love a bright and sunny place

Biennial flowering plants
Single petal

Maximum height is about 70cm
Suitable for a bush garden

2. Dahlia Cactus and Dahlia, Semi-cactus
Average height is about 1.5 meter
Fully filled
Tinted or mix of colours
Great for the garden
Outstanding cut flower

8 petals long lasting decorative Dahlia flower

White cactus Dahlia flower is opening

Wide opened flower with many layers of petals

3. Dahlia-curly
Single Dahlia
Center opened yellow with bright red curly petals

Great for a display

Large and pretty garden flower

4. Dahlia-Decorative
Decorative dahlia in Dutch
Double petals
Fully filled flowers
Summer bloomer
Flowering from June to October

Fully filled Dahlia DecorativeThis is our first home grown container Dahlia in the year 2003

Deep pink rounded Dahlia

Decorative Dahlia is Opening

Multi layers of sharp pointed petals Dahlia flower

Flower in creamy white with lime green edge

Dwarf variety
Maximum height is about 60cm

Tallest variety
Can reach 1.5 meter

Dahlia Flowers

5. Dahlia 'Duet'
Layers of petals with white tips
Blooming in early summer

Suitable for borders and containers
Blooming in a high humidity summer

Red Petals with white tips

Purple petals with white tips

6. Dahlia, Dwarf
Single petal
Deep pink flowers
Low growing plant
Slugs beloved

Two Deep Pink Flowers

Common flowers in deep Yellow

Dwarf variety of dahlia attracts insects

7. Dahlia 'old-fashioned'
In ball shaped

Full filled ball shape Dahlia

Fully filled Dahlia is great for your indoor vase

Dahlia old-fashioned like a ball

8. Dahlia-pinnata
Double petals flower

Dahlia pinnata in orange pink

Garden Dahlia is opened

A Dahlia bush is displaying their soft yellow flowers

9. Dahlia Pompon
De Pompondahlia in Dutch

Old-fashioned miniature cut flowers in small ball form

Love sunny and half shadow

Blooming freely from summer to early autumn

Suitable for backyard patio garden
Bushy plant best for flower borders

Ideal for an organic flowers bouquet arrangement

Old-fashioned miniature Dahlia

10. Dahlia-Tinted
Amazing Dahlia
Well filled flower

White back ground with light purple highlight

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