Container Growing Fruit Vegetables

Container growing is a simple way for gardening; and you can save your garden space.

Organic tomatoes are simple to grow and easy to care.

Cherry tomatoes do well in hanging baskets; or window boxes; or containers with any other types of materials.

Plants growing in hanging containers do not need to worry of the slugs and snails; and you can move the pots anywhere you like.

With a little protection in the early stage of plant growth; the flying insects and the troublesome mini spiders have no chance to get close to your plants.

Container Growing Tomatoes

We have started sprouting the seeds (10 Tomato Sweetie; 5 Tomato Bottondoro; 8 Tomato Golden Cherry) in house with a plastic box on 5-4-2016 (picture 1-4).

In House Temperature (heated): 22°C
Watering: Spray clean water on the kitchen tissue every day until the seeds sprouted.

*On 20-4-2016 (day 15) 19 plants came with 2 leaves (picture 5).

*On 21-4-2016 (day 16) transferred 19 plants (picture 6) to a greenhouse container of organic soil (coconut fibre).

*On 3-5-2016 (day 28) several plants were with 2.5 leaves (picture 7). And all plants continued growing in the white hanging pot (picture 8) with protection from the cold.

Outdoor Container Growing Fruits

*On 13-5-2016 (day 38) all plants were big enough (picture 9) to be transferred to their individual containers.

We mix a little rock mineral powder (picture 10) as the fertiliser into the soil before transplanting.

*On 15-5-2016 (day 40) transferred 7 plants to greenhouse hanging baskets (picture 11); and some to outdoor containers and pots.

On 4-6-2016 (day 60) Protect all outdoor pots with cellophane sheet (picture 12); because the night temperature was unstable.

*On 7-7-2016 (day 93) some potted tomato plants requested for earth-up (picture 13).

*On 7-8-2016 (day 124) all plants height were between 70cm to 148cm.

*On 18-8-2016 (day 135) harvested the first ripe Bottondoro tomato (picture 14); and 8 others (picture 15).

*On 22-8-2016 (day 139) harvested more (picture 16).

On 30-8-2016 (day 147) outdoor several Bottondoro tomatoes (picture 17) were in the colouring process. And some unripened tomatoes were placed indoor near the window for further colouring (picture 18).

*On 31-8-2016 (day 148) harvested 128g of Golden Cherry tomatoes (picture 19); and 139g of others (picture 20).

*On 2-9-2016 (day 150) harvested 162g of Cherry tomatoes (picture 21). And the container growing plants continued thriving (picture 22).

*On 5-9-2016 (day 153) harvested 73g of tomatoes (picture 23).

*On 11-9-2016 (day 159) continued to harvest more tomato fruits (picture 24).

There were plenty more tomatoes continued to be harvested until mid-October.

Dwarf Fruit Trees and More

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