Container Growing Fruit Vegetables

growing cherry tomato pla
nt from seeds in an airy vegetable garden is pretty fun!

Organic tomatoes are simple to grow and easy to care.

If you have plenty of gardening space, you can grow tomatoes in a open ground in rows; or planting them on a table top raised bed; or growing them in a tomato cage are pretty good solutions.

When you are short of space, you can grow tomatoes in large pots; or containers or in other form of tomato planters.

Small tomatoes do well in hanging baskets; or window boxes with a vertical gardening concept.

No matter which type of tomatoes you are choosing, you will get the most benefit from the container planting.

Container tomatoes or potted tomatoes are flexible growing methods especially workable for a small garden.

We had potted tomatoes, hanging tomatoes and also upside down tomatoes for some years.

Red cherry Tiny-tim tomatoes and egg tomatoes are pretty easy to manage. And yellow pear tomatoes are patient growing types of tomatoes.

You can start with a couples of seeds by end of winter in house; or in a hobby greenhouse; then transplant them to their individual pot when two leaves appeared.

If you have a sweet-air circulating greenhouse, you can shelter all the tomato plants inside; until they are big and stable before you move them outdoor.

The plants will grow much faster than growing them directly outdoor. Because the tomato plants can concentrate all their energy to their growth instead of fighting against the heavy rain, strong wind and extreme sunlight from the nature; this way you will be able to harvest your sweet tomatoes in a shorter time.

Container Growing Plants

Set the potted tomatoes out to a sunny place in the late spring if it is warm and out of cold wind; or a little later and harvest from mid summer to early autumn just like those growing in the open ground.

Due to our new backyard pond, last year I had to free my tomatoes growing space on urgent basis.

I transplanted all tomato plants from a open ground raised bed to the sized 35 cm x 35 cm (13 x 13 inch) and 27 cm (10.6 inch) depth of black plastic baskets in mid-August. These baskets were originally meant for our water garden plants.

After transplanting, on the first day; the tomato plants were not happy. Later they managed to adapt to the new environment and continue growing to their harvest time.

Tomato Planters

Your tomato planters can be in any size and material. I prefer to grow tomatoes in large re-usable plastic baskets. Because the basket is good for drainage and it has better air circulation. Moreover, the earth worms can go through freely; so, your plants will be receiving endless fertilizers.

Don't worry of the slugs and snails, the basket is too high for them to reach and the basket holes are not big enough for those garden pests or even the underground cut worms to crawl through.

You can adjust the pots and containers towards the good sun direction everyday, so your tomatoes will be ripen earlier and evenly.

Move your pots often to guide the mini spiders to leave your plants.

The warm days are always shorter than expected; therefore I had to move the unripe tomatoes indoor; and set them on a crystal quartz filled plate; to continue ripping; as well as decoration.

Try container growing method and using re-usable pots to make a remote garden?

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