Common Flowers Names

Common Flowers List B

1. Baby-Blue-Eyes
Also known as California bluebell
Haagbloem in Dutch
Family of Hydrophyllaceae
Organic grown

Sky blue button a-like flowers with a white heart

Annual flowers
Low growing shade plants
Love full shadow
Can be planted in any types of moist soil

Bees beloved
Blooming in about 4 months from seedlings
Average height is about 20cm

Nemphila-insignis button a-like charm is  bees beloved flower

2. Baby's-Breath
(Gypsophilla paniculata)
Gipskruid in Dutch
Belongs to family of Caryophyllaceae
Wild perennial common flowers

Lace like mini white flowers
Love clayey soil
Rich blooming from early summer
Plant is about 100cm tall

Commonly used in the everlasting wedding bouquets

Best for patient growers
Flowers are mostly sold in its dried form
Florist beloved

Gypsophilla paniculata's white mini everlasting wedding flowers

3. Bachelor's Button
Ranonkel or Boterbloem in Dutch
Charming cut flowers
Frost free perennials bulb plant

Cool Garden flowers
Love any wet soil
Great for groups
Suitable for corners

Blooming from early summer
Preferred sunny and half shadow
Best vase flowers
Flowers in pale pink to deep red and yellow

Made a great flower bouquet with Anemones
Insects beloved
Growing very well in earthy containers

A flower looks like a button
An indoor flower from the vase
One of the gorgeous Ranunculus-asiaticus from our common flowers
A Bachelor's button is slowly opening
A Bachelor's button flower is showing off its red charm
A garden flower is best suitable for your bouquet
The most cheerful potted yellow Ranunculus from our backyard

4. Balloon Flowers
Also known as Bellflower, Japanese
(Platycodon grandiflorus)
Ballonklokje in Dutch
Family of Campanulaceae
Low growing garden flowers

In cream, soft pink, light purplish blue colours

Flower buds look like a balloon
Insects beloved decorative perennials
Outdoor garden plant

Can be a ground covering plant
Blooming in summer
Maximum plant height is about 60cm
Love a full sun and half sheltered place

Great for an indoor table-top display

A wide opened Platycodon grandiflorus in Cream colour
A Balloon flower in pink colour
The decorative perennials bellflower is flowering indoor

More Common Flowers

5. Bear´s Breech
From Acanthaceae family
Cut flowers 
Perennial flowering plant
Whitish purple blossoms
Love any type of slightly moist soil

Abundance of flowers and decorative leaves

Insects beloved
Blooming in mid-summer
Can occupy a small garden corner

An attractive long stem of Acanthus mollis is blooming in the air

6. Begonia Tubers
Belongs to Begoniaceae family

Common flowers
Easy growing Indoor house plant
Outdoor containers plant

Great for garden flower borders or a patio garden
Annual flowers from warm and high humidity environment

Love sunny, half shadow and full shadow
Non-stop blooming from summer to Autumn

a. Begonia Single

b. Begonia x tuberhybrida 'Picotee Begonia'
Knolbegonia in Dutch

Large light pink flowers with a dark pink curly edge and a bright yellow heart

c. Begonia-Hybrid

d. Begonia Double, peach

e. Begonia Double, yellow

f. Begonia Double, soft pink and dark red

These annual clusters of Begonia flowers are blooming indoor

A home grown large organic Begonia flower

An in house natural grown sweet pink Begonia
The common Begonia blossoms are most welcome in the cold season
The light yellow Begonia buds
The Deep Red and Soft Pink Begonia flowers sitting side by side

Begonia gracilis 'Comet'
Flowers in pink
Large bush plant
Low growing flowering plants

Commonly seen in the tropical garden
Perennials in a warm country
Best as a flower border
Blooming in summer

A large bush of pinkish tropical Begonia flowers

Canterbury Bell in Alphabet C

7. Bell-Flower
Also known as Perennial-Larkspur
Ridderspoor in Dutch
Flowers stand right-up

a. Delphinium-cultorum 'Finsteraarhorn'
Blooming in mid-spring
Flowers in purplish blue

b. Delphinium-Magic-Fountain 'Sky-Blue'
Double petals flowers in blue under strong sun power

Average height is 70cm
Rich blooming
Love a sunny place
Garden flowers

Blooming from late spring
Love moist soil
Can stand strong in the container

A verticle growing purplish blue bell flowers plant

Soft purplish blue Larkspur flowers when placed in the a strong and consistant sunlight will turn into darker blues

Bergenia cordifolia Rotblum see
Elephant's ears in Flowers List

8.Birds of Paradise or Crane Flower
Paradijsvogelbloem in Dutch
Belongs to Strelitziaceae family
High quality decorative cut flower

Tropical perennials garden herb plant with unique characters

Commonly seen in Singapore and in Cameron Highlands

Last long in the vase
Minimum growing temperature is 10°C
Preferred good drainage soil
Love full sun

Excellent for hotels and restaurants table-top large flower bouquet

a. Strelitzia nicolai
Giant flowering plant
Crane flower in greyish blue and white colours

b. Strelitzia reginae
Medium to large plant

Flowers in bright orange and deep blue colours

Half opened greyish blue and white Birds of Paradise from Australia

Strelitzia reginae in blue, orange, pink and white from Cameron Highlands

9. Black Eye Susan
(Thunbergia alata)
Suzanne-met-de-mooie-ogen in Dutch
Annual creeping plant
Common flowers for summer

Orange yellow flowers with a dark brown heart

Love moist ground and a sunny place
Stakes are necessary for supports
Sensitive to cold and wet

Suitable for hanging baskets;
containers; and pots

Indoor house plants and outdoor garden plant

Blooming from summer to early autumn

Black eye susan Thunbergia alata loves a bright weather

10. Blanket Flowers
(Gaillardia 'Kobold')
Kokardebloem in Dutch
Belongs to Compositae family

Outdoor garden plants
Perennials cut flowers
Long lasting flowering plants
Bright red yellow fringe and double-petals

Blooming in mid-summer
Preferred moist soil
Love sunny locations
Required plenty of water

Prune off the old flowers will promote new growth

Blooming from mid-spring to late Autumn

Long lasting yellow flower with a bight red heart

11. Bleeding-heart
Gebroken Hartjes in Dutch
Family of Fumariaceae
Cut flower
Love half shallow

Blooming from Spring to summer
Supper charming Border plant for a front door landscape

a. Dicentra spetabilis
Flowers in pink

b. Dicentra spetabilis 'Alba'
Flowers in white

A line of pink sweet hearts blossoms for your front yard landscape
Little charming hearts waiting for your attention

Blue Speedwell see Speedwell in Growing Flowers

12. Bougainvillea
Family of Nyctaginaceae
Tiny Tropical flowers with colourful leaves
Commonly seen in Singapore and Malaysia

Perennial flowers in hot countries
Annuals in cold countries
Love a sunny place
Blooming in summer

Bougainvillea glabra
Decorative leaves in pink, purple, red, yellow and white colours

Common flowers seen in Singapore and Cameron Highlands

Perennial garden flowers in hot countries
Annuals in cold countries
Climb plant
Love a sunny place
Blooming in summer
Can be grown in containers

Minimum ground temperature is about 25°C with high humid

Reddish Purple Bougainvillea glabra
Singapore Bougainvillea-x-buttiana carried orange coloured leaves
Singapore container climb plant with red leaves
Bougainvillea plant with white leaves surrounded mini flower
Pink and white leaves Bougainvillea glabra from Singapore

13. Bright-eyes-Flax
Annual garden flower
A unique and tender flower
Very sensitive to cold and wet

Flowering under a very high summer temperature

Short spent flower
Love moist and good drainage soil
Can be planted in containers
An attractive border flower
Flower in pale pink with a dark pink heart

Bright eyes Flax Linum grandiflorum flower with a white and dark red heart

Butterfly Bush see Finger plants in Flowers List

Bunny Ears see Pricky Pear in Cactus flowers

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