Cactus Flowers Names

Cactus Flowers (cacti)
Exotic plant

Mostly are spined
Drought tolerant succulent plants

Indoor and outdoor's evergreen plant
Blossoms look similar on each plant
Love plenty of light and a mild sun location

Requested for a high humidity environment
Plant store water in their leaves or stems
Suitable for rock gardens

1. Christmas-cactus
Kerscactus or Lidcactus in Dutch
Ornamental plant

Schlumbergera hybrid
Delicate sweet pink flower
Indoor flowering plant
Blooming in the winter months

A fully opened sweet pink Schlumbergera blooms indoor

2. Cleistocactus-strausii
Easy growing long lasting plant
Blooming in late winter to spring
Flowers in bright yellow

Blossoms under the sun will turn into gold colour

Plant height can reach about 50cm
Re-potting is not required
No watering in the winter months

Four mini yellow Cactus flowers blooming on the day 14
Two big balls of cactus from Asia

3. Coral Cactus
(Euphorbia-lactea 'Cristata')
Family of Euphorbiaceae
A tropical grafted plant
Fan shaped
Love full sun and half shadow

Euphorbia-lactea is a grafted fan shaped plant

4. Echinocactus-grusonii
De egelcactus in Dutch
Original from Mexico
Plant grow very very slow
Yellow flowers

Love plentiful of light
Only matured plant could bloom

Aged ball cactus is a slow grower
Light Gold flowers appearing on the top of the cactus
Mexico cactus flowers will turn brown when the blooming period is over

5. Echinocereus-knippelianus
Original from Central of Mexico
Flowers in soft pink coloured
Growing temperature is between 3 to 8°C
Blooming from late winter

Plant needs very little water
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor

Long blooming everlasting Echinocereus cactus

More Cactus Flowers

6. Gymnocalycium-mihanovichii
Maancactus in Dutch
Original from Mexico
Everlasting flowers like a ball
Flowers in pink, orange red and yellow

Blooming from mid-summer
Required very little water
Great for an indoor window display

Pink Gymnocalycium cactus from Cameron Highlands
Gymnocalycium-mihanovichii is still blooming after 8 months from the first bought
Different type of cactus plant has different shape of blossom

7. Mammillaria-gasseriana
Original from Mexico
It is a desert plant
Flowering from spring
Blossoms in a circle form
Flowers in red

Growing very well indoor as a house plant
Flowers last very long

Mini rounded red flowers from a Mexico cactus
Decorative Mammillaria variety is an everlasting indoor charm

8. Pilocereus-azureus
Blooming sweet pink flowers
Long lasting blossoms
Required all most no water
Love mild sunlight
An easy and care free plant
Stem in bluish green colour

More than 8 months old Pilocereus-azureus

9. Pricky Pear
Also known as Bunny Ears
(Opuntia-microdasys 'Rufida')
De vijgcactus or teddybeercactus in Dutch
Tropical decorative plant
Minimum living temperature is 7°C
Light yellow cactus flower
Flower in light yellow

Note: People may get irritation from the plant.

Pricky Pear from Singapore urban garden is in bloom
Widely opened decorative tropical cactus flower in soft yellow

10. Rhipsalidopsis 'Electra'
Rich blooming long lasting large ornamental plant

Lovely pink petals flowers
Leaves like Crab
Blooming in early spring
Mostly are growing in pots
Love rich moist soil
Repotting every year

Small little purplish pink buds attached to the cactus leaves
Flowering cactus buds are growing longer everyday
Rhipsalidopsis flowers hanging all over the rich growing leaves
Rhipsalidopsis-electra has sharp pink petals and a white heart

Some cactus are growing between the trees;
therefore they required very little sun power.

Leafy Cactus has a thick and round leaf
Stem Cactus has half or totally without leaf

Desert Cactus (Woestijncactussen in Dutch) comes in different shapes' and their minimum growing temperature is 5 °C

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