Bulb Plants for Decoration

Bulb plants can be arranged in a very simple manner.

I have earlier an idea of using  6 Dutch Irises bulbs (the princesses) to wrap around the striking yellow Crown Imperial bulb flowers (the King). Because the Iris blossoms carried the blues and the yellows.

So, I bought a Fritillaria Imperial lutea bulb (9cm length x 24cm around) on 20th November 2010 (picture 1 above). And I inserted it (depth of 6 inch) into our north side of the garden bed together with those 6 Iris bulbs immediately; since it was a dry day (picture 2).

Bulb Plants Growing Conditions
moist ground
well drain
mild sun spot

The bulbs generally can be planted from September to December; and before the frost arrives.


1. This bulb was sprouted on the day 125 (top picture 3&4).

2. The pretty lime green leaves were loosen and coming up on the day 128 to the day 131 (above picture 5-8).

3. The leaves were opening and showing a cluster of many tide closed flower buds and they climbed to the top during the day 132 to the day 135 (below picture 9-12).

4. The yellow flower buds were shining in the air when the stems had expanded on the day 136 to the day 137 (below picture 13-15).

Insects Pests Arrival

*The damaging red Lily beetle appeared on 7 April, when the sun uncle was there for the whole afternoon (above picture 16& below 17).

*When the mid-day temperature went up to 18°C on 8-4-2011 , the green aphids eggs were discovered (picture 18 below).

*Another insect arrived on 15 April (below picture 21).

5. The bulb plant reached about 26 inch; leaf stem length was 41cm (16 inch) + flower stem 25cm (10 inch) tall, and it demanded for a stake on day 139 (picture 19 above).

6. The plant reached about 32inch (81cm) in height on 11 April at day temperature 12°C.

7. The flower buds started to turn down by the next day (picture 20).

8. A large umbrella of bell shaped flowers with some mini white ribbons knots were shown on the day 147 (above picture 22-23).

9. The hearts of these bulb flowers were fully formed and the white knots were expanded on the day 148 (picture 24).

10. There were 10 unique flowers showing their charms under the mid-day temperature at 23°C (below picture 25).

11. Fritillaria Imperial lutea plant was 85cm tall and its blossoms were drying up in 3 days time; from the day 154 to the day 156 (picture 26-28).

A complete Expanded Crown Imperial Plant needs
    a 12x12 inch (30x30cm) Air Space

Growing Bulb Plants Benefits
*A group of sparkling large cluster of cheerful flowers in your garden can open your heart.

*You can use the left over long lasting decorative lime green coloured leaves and stem to support the other small flowering plants; if you wish.

*You can remove the baby bulbs and plant them separately in a fresh new bed. They will take more than 3 years before they can start flowering.

You can plant the Iris bulbs one month before you set in the Fritillaria bulb; to match their blooming time.

By doing some experiments; you will know each and individual bulbs plant's exact flowering time; and you can do it right for the next time; if you are preparing to use the same types of flowers bulbs; for a special show.

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