Black Sesame Seeds Sprouting

Black sesame seeds are seeds that carried plentiful of minerals.

I am sure you have come across another type of sesame seeds in the market; which is in creamy white colour.

Both colours are having the same nutrients. However, the white ones carry more heat; due to the excess sunlight exposure.

Both types of roasted sesame seeds and their oils are commonly used in the Asian kitchens.

Lately, I was switching to the supper food diet. And so; I have chosen these fragrance seeds to be my source of calcium. 

You can make vegan milk from the sprouts. And you can also grow them into plants and let them develop further.

I have done the following projects during early this year. My intention is to see which way is the best way for my time; and how can I gain the best results.

Location: Indoor
Temperature: 20°C

Black Sesame Seeds Project One
Growing period is from 9-1-2014 to 2-2-2014 (24 days)

Fresh Bio seeds from Germany (below picture 1)
A little tray
A small grass bottle
Clean tap water

My experience:
1. I have selected 6 seeds and placed them into a small tray of water (picture 2).

2. One seed was sprouted in 10 hours time (picture 3).

3. Four seeds were sprouted by the next day (picture 4).

4. The roots were pretty strong on the 5th day (picture 5).

5. Thereafter, I transferred all the seeds into the coconut fibre coins (picture 6).

6. The first two sprouted seeds were grown into young plants with their seed shells on the 13th day (picture 7-9).

7. The 3rd seed was sprouted on the 14th day (picture 11).

8. The first one was showing two wide yellowish opened leaves on the 15th day (picture 10 above & 13 below).

9. They are ready for transplant on the 24th day (picture 14-16).

When you have decided to move them outdoor; make sure you are transferring them with the coins attached.

Black Sesame Seeds Project Two
From 9-2-2014 to 27-2-2014 (18 days)

Some good seeds
An earth soup cup
Clean tap water
A plastic tray
Some ordinary pot ground

1. Soak some seeds in a soup cup with very little water (below picture 17).

2. Transferred the sprouted seeds to the tray with potting soil on the 5th day (picture 18).

3. All the 2 leaves baby plants were laid in a row on the 13th day (picture 19).

4. They were showing their green leaves on the 18th day (picture 20).

Black Sesame Seeds Project Three
From 28-4-2014 to 23-5-2014 (25 days)

1. Sowing seeds in water on 28-4-2014 (below picture 21).

2. Transplanted three living young plants outdoor on 23-5-2014 (picture 24) for further growth.

When I have the time and the space; I will complete their growing cycle; collect the organic seeds; and I will definitely show you its success story.

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