Avocado Plant Gardening Project

Avocado plant is a tropical stone fruit plant.

Fresh avocado fruit is very delicious when it is ripe. Most of the time we cut the fruit into half and eat it fresh. It tasted a little like egg yolks.

These days we can buy avocado fruits from most of the local supermarkets. They are mostly imported from Africa or Spain.

After consumption of the fruits, naturally you will be tempted to grow the avocado pit. Because this is another great chance for you to create a new indoor organic growing project.

I knew that avocado cannot survive in a cold country, unless a good warm growing place is provided. However, I wanted to get an experience from it.

Avocado pit is slightly larger than an egg. Growing avocado from seed is really a great test on your patient. It is simply Challenging!

The first time I tried avocado growing was two years ago. I had two plants grown in our small greenhouse and the plants managed to pull through the final winter frost.

However, I made a mistake; I forgot about the spring frost. The winter protection was removed before the spring frost arrived. So, the plants were destroyed by the sudden frost.

How to Grow Avocado Pits Indoor with a Little Care

  • First, select a ripe avocado from the store and remove the seed carefully from the fruit.

  • Then wash the pit thoroughly and soak it in half a cup of clean cold water; and cover the cup.

  • The next day pour off the old water and change to fresh water. Do the same everyday until the avocado pit is cracked. It takes about 3 months.

If you have more indoor gardening space; you may grow more at one time. I have selected two pits this time. I thought if I grow in pairs; I don't have to grow another partner separately; to produce better fruits.

Growing Avocado Plant in Water

The above avocado pits are grown organically indoor from late winter; under heated room temperature at 20°C (68°F). You will discover how easy to grow plants in water; instead of in soil.

Let the seeds (above picture 1 from left) sit in their own wide bottom clay or stone cup, so that they would receive some warm from the cup and have enough rooms to spread their roots.

When they are in their healthy and stable state, put them into a small pot of potting soil. You can see even they had started at the same time; the short one grew very much slower.

During the growing process, you can serve them clean tap water.
As soon as the weather permitted, transfer them to the greenhouse to enjoy their natural air.

We discovered that both of them shown a big smile when the green house temperature went up to the range of 17 to 20°C (62 to 68°F).

They are grown supper fast when they were first transferred to the greenhouse. However, the short one could not compete with the tall one as the growing pot was too small for two. The short one had given-up eventually.

Avocado plant love fresh air, mild to moderate sunlight, rain water and well drained soil. A stake is great for support, when the plant is growing taller.

My intention is to keep the plants dwarf; so, this plant was topped when it was two feet (60 cm ) tall. Afterwards; it grew into two young shoots almost immediately.

The avocado plant is re-potted and moved in our sitting room before the mid-autumn arrived.

Due to the dry air from the winter and the in-house heater, all the moisture from the plants were taken away from the heat. I discovered, the most effective instant solution is, to clean both sides of the leaves with damp kitchen towel every alternate day to avoid any indoors red spiders or other insects attack.

The avocado plant is now more than 1.5 years old and it is about 3.5 feet (about 1 meter) tall. If it is successful, the organic fruits may be appearing in about five years time with her new partner.

Continue your New Experiments

We have sprouted two new avocado seeds (above picture 3 from left) in February 2010. This time the pits are very much different in sizes. The small pit is slightly cracked before soaking; so it has taken less than a month to show its mini roots. Both were moved into the green house in April. The big seed was sprouted in the greenhouse; after 3.5 months.

Although the small pit grew faster than the big one at first; but the big one later became much stronger. You can see in the last picture  at right; on the top left is from the big seed; and the right is from the small one.

The Avocado plant family is occupying most of the space in our sitting room since August 2010. We have now two 10 inches (about 25 cm) tall young grandson plants, besides the 2.5 years old grandfather plant.

Join us to grow an avocado tree; and to experience the different variety of avocado seeds?

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