African Flowers Varieties

African Flowers Collection

1. African Daisy
(Gerbera jamesonii)
Family of Compositae

Charming cut flowers

Effective air filters

Indoor house plant and
out door potted flowers

Love sunny and half shadow
Blooming from late spring
to late summer

Suitable for a balcony or a
terraced back yard

Commonly seen in Asia

African Daisy in dark pink
Gerbera jamesonii in medium pink
African flower in soft pink
Two sweet pink Daisy flower in bloom
Daisy Gerbera in peach
Indoor cut flower in pink
Purple pink Gerbera jamesonii
Lovely African daisy in orange

2. African Lilies
Belongs to Agapanthaceae family
Outdoor cut flowers
Clusters of lily a-like flowers
Love a sunny place
Blooming in summer
Great for any flowers borders

a. Blue Agapanthus aficanus
Perennial plants under
frost free condition.

Agapanthus aficanus is blooming gracefullyBlues

b. Agapanthus campanulatus
Purplish blue
Perennials without frost

Purplish blue African perennials flower

c. Agapanthus Headbourne hybrid
Perennial plant
Required slight winter protection
With smaller strip form of green leaves

The stem is about 75 cm in length
Blue trumpet shape of flowers
about 5cm in length

Love sunny place and a warm position

Happy with any type of soil,
but not too wet

Small trumpet flowers from Africa

d. Agapanthus orientalis 'albifloris'
Pure white clusters of flowers

Agapanthus orientalis 'albifloris' in a big cluster

3. African Violets
Family of Gesneriaceae
Kaaps viooltje in Dutch
Flowers in various colours
Commonly appeared in pink,
purplish, white, or both

There are plain, half filled and full filed blossoms. Some with fancy petals too.

Indoor house plant
Everlasting evergreens
Love 15 to 17 °C growing temperature

Perfect for office gardening
Love plenty of light

African Violets with creamy white and soft purple

Full filed blue blossoms with
white edge fancy petals

Five dark and soft purple petals warm feeling blossoms

Five plain deep purple petals

African flowers almost fully filled with dark purple colour

Whole flower in pure violet blue

A few plain brilliant violets from Africa

Five medium blue petals

Plain blue wide opened African blossoms

White with purple fringe petals

Special type of African flowers

Pure purple

African Violets in pure reddish purple

A cluster of pure white
African Violets

Decorative flowers great for office display

White with purplish tinted petals

Cheerful purple white indoor flowers  in full bloom

More African Flowers

4. Arum Lily
Also known as Calla lily
(Zantedeschia aethiopica or Richardia)
Aronskelk in Dutch
Family of Araceae
Cut flower
Bulb plant
Blossoms in pink, dark red, white

Original from South Africa
Indoor house plant
Outdoor borders or potted flower
Frost free fragrant plant
Love plenty of light and mild sun
Preferred moist soil
Blooming in mid-summer
Best for a cooling terrace garden

Multi-coloured Zantedeschia aethiopica blooming indoor

African Arum lily is great for an indoor dinning table display

5. Clivia-miniata
Family of Amaryllidaceae
Original from South Africa
Cut flowers
Perennial flowers in bright orange
Poisoning plant
Love indirect sunlight
Indoor house plants
Blooming from late Autumn
Commonly seen in Cameron highlands gardens

Wide opened attractive perennial flowers with 6 bright orange petals

6.Crocosmia lucifer
Previously known as Montbretia
Family of Iridaccae
Original from Africa
Cut flower
Winter-hard bulb plant
Long stems perennials
Outdoor garden plant
Love full sun
Blossoms in fire red colour
Rich blooming in summer
Aphids and Wasp beloved
Suitable for bush gardens

Charming chilli red coloured Crocosmia(Montbretia) lucifer flower from an easy growing winter-hard summer bulb plant.

7. Gazania Flower
Afrikaanse Gazannia in Dutch
Belongs to Compositae family

Annual flowers in the cold location
Excellent golden yellow colours
with brownish red strips

Warm weather drought-tolerant plant

Butterfly beloved
Can grow in containers

Suitable for a terraced backyard,
and window balcony

Flower open widely under full sun,
and flowers will close its petals in the evening

Blooming continuously from mid-summer to early autumn

African Gazania in solid yellow red colour

African Flowers

8. Impatient flowers
Family of Balsaminaceae
Impatiens or Vlijtig liestje or Balsemien in Dutch

Original from Tropic Africa
Long lasting blooming plant
In many colours

Preferred well drainage and rich moist soil

Blooming in summer
Mild weather lover
Love mild sun

Minimum growing temperature is about 10°C

Low growing plant

Remove spent flowers will invite new growth

a. Impatiens-glandulifera

Impatiens-glandulifera 'Springbalsemien'

b. Impatiens, dwarf
Commonly seen in Cameron Highlands
Growing well in containers

Pale pink Flower
Wide opened pink Impatiens
Chilli red Impatiens
Deep pink Impatiens from Cameron Highlands
Impatiens flower in bloom
Small Impatiens flowers
Impatiens flowers are happy to be grown in earth-pot

9. Marigold
Afrikaantje in Ducth
Belongs to Compositae family

Love every type of soil
Preferred a sunny location in your garden

Plant height is from 15-90cm

Flowering from June to October

Remove spent flowers can prolong the blooming time

It can be used as a ground cover
Great for borders and containers

Tagetes-erecta is originally from North Africa

a. Tagetes-erecta

Warm weather cheerful container blossoms

b. Tagetes-erecta 'Gold-galore'

Tagetes-erecta in different form

c. Tagetes-erecta 'Orange Jubilee'
Grote afrikaan in Dutch

A Tagetes-erecta in full bloom

d. Tagetes-patuda 'Rusty Red'

African marigold in yellow and red highlight

d. Tagetes-patula 'Naughty-Marietta'

African Flower with a red heart

Marigold, French
South African flowers

It is cultivated from  T. erecta and T. patuda

Annual in a cold location;
perennials in a warm place

Flowers in orange and red highlights
from late spring

Love full sun
Best for rock gardens
Great for containers and borders

Ursinia flowers are blooming joyfully

10. Ornithogalum-thyrsoides
Zuidenwindlelies in Dutch
Cut flower
Bulb plant
Annuals in the cold location
Original from South Africa

Long steam white flowers in star form

Sensitive to cold
Love a shelter
Summer bloomer
Love rich ground

If plant in pots it will flower earlier
Blossoms appearing in a few years time
Suitable for a patient grower

Pretty white and attractive everlasting flowers from south Africa

11. Sauromatum-venosum
Dark brown elegant looking flower

Blooming under high temperature with an unusual odor

Dislike heavy wind
Can also be grown in water
Blooming in the second year

An elegant designed flower from Africa

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