Small Yard Landscaping Colours

Small yard landscaping flower beds is supper easy!

Every year during mid-April to May, you would get a chance to enjoy all colours of Spring flowers everywhere.

Imagine... the different colours; but same types of flowers group together; laying closely between each other; a big piece of flowering carpet laying in front of your feet; a beautiful front yard landscape laying on a small slope; and or; on a hill with greens.

These days, flower beds in carpet style (above picture 2&3) are popular. Specially the spring bulbs with those Dutch Types of Tulips.

From the picture 7 below you can see; how lovely when you plant all red tulips together in a field. When the sun shines; the whole field shines.

When you plant soft pink tulips (picture 5 below) around the edges of a water pond and rocks in your garden; you may not be able to imagine how much charm they can bring to beautify your landscape.

You can discover different view at every angle. And you can find many calm and sweet views through your camera lens.

When you plant something white on a piece of green lawn; and decorate with some sky blue flowers; your garden will be naturally bright and attractive (top picture 2).

Small Yard Landscaping Possible

These types of flower beds are suitable for both big and small gardens. You can take part of the design; to fit into your small front yard garden; or you can also design many different themes in one yard.

If you combine the contrast colours of the plants and the beauty from the nature; you will be able to create an excellent garden art.

How to Start

  1. What you need to do is; to find out the maximum heights of each and individual matured bulb plants; and their blooming time.

  2. Find out which are the bulbs you love and their colours.

  3. Find out the size of the well bloomed flowers.

You need not follow the others; as no one creator is the same.

Creative Small Yard Landscaping

Soon you will notice that; not all flowering bulbs can be in a big group; as they look too crowded; when you are planting them in a smaller location.

You can also pair the smaller ones with the mediums; or with the ground covering wild tulips.

You can also try them out in your large tabletop flower arrangements; before you set them in your garden.

Try landscaping your home yards like these Keukenhof flower garden from Netherlands?

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