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Black Sesame Seeds Germination

Learn how to sprout black sesame seeds with great patients.

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Flax Seeds Cultivations

Flax seeds are easy to plant and you can enjoy the whole growing cycle including the continuous pretty soft blue flowers and the edible seeds.

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Sugar Loaf Cabbage

You can learn to use 100% of the Sugar Loaf vegetable in all dishes; if you wish.

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Growing Organic Vegetables from Asia

Growing organic vegetables in a cold protected room and harvest them in less than 50 days is possible.

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Water Lilies Paradise

You can start organic gardening water lilies without much preparation.

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Fruits Season!

Growing organic fruits is not only for us; but also for the nature.

These few years when the strawberry (image 1 below) fruits harvesting time is almost over; we would purposely leave some on the plant for the birds.

While harvesting honey berries; it is also the time to trim grapes.

I saw a young black bird came and carried one of our honey berry in her mouth; then I knew that the Honey berries (image 2) are ready for harvest.

We are very happy to see the grapes are growing very fast into solid form (image 3); and felt thankful to the non-stop sunlight.

While the dry and high temperature is fulfilling the fruit trees and vines dream; the human desired for the cooling water fountain (image 4).

Any time from now on will be the good time to trim your mini grapes and the extended vines.

Enjoy your wonderful gardening time, everyone!

Happy Fathers Day!

Dear Friends,

2017 Fathers day is around the corner.

Here I wish all the fathers and fathers to be a very very wonderful day in advance.

Please do send the attached card below to light-up the world of laughter.

Best regards,
Joan Chang

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Backyard Activities!

Backyard birds are busy now as the temperature is climbing up.

Home grown soft berries are doing very well in the late spring.

Many families are holding BBQ parties in their terrace space.

I was first time in my life to discover a piece of meat wrapped tightly on to our cherry tree top (image 1 above). It was a great joke from the unknown!

The cherries (image 2) are slowly turning into deep red.

While the Belgium blue grapevine is hanging many baby grapes clusters (image 3); the pea plants in the hanging container are fruiting (image 4) too.

Another surprise is our small pond received a frog visitor this afternoon. He was jumping in and out of the pool freely with joy!

Have a wonderful week-end, everyone!

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