Orchid Plant Care Tips

Orchid Plant Care strategy for your natural flowers growing program.

Two years ago I received a pot of Dendrobium orchid as my birthday present from my best friend in Netherlands.

It was the first and only white orchid in our house. When I read the name, 'Jungle Orchids' from the attached label, I thought it should be growing wild as the name given.

However, I was totally wrong. She is belongs to our 'gentle' indoor house plants group.

This white orchid plant blooms promisingly once a year. So, it will be a long waiting time after each bloom.

Orchid Plant Care Solution for Organic White Blossoms

Jungle Orchid plant care is the simplest among all types of orchids.

If you are able to take care of Phalaenopsis orchid, you will find no difficulties to manage this charming white orchid flowers.

When I got it first was in orchid soil. Later, I wanted to give her a bigger pot. However, I had to transfer her to a vase of water bubbles on temporary basis; because I discovered that, I had no more orchid soil at home.

After about 6 months in bubbles (top picture); she was then transferred to a larger plastic transparent container with a cool ceramic outter pot and her favourite bark wood chips.

She is just like any other orchid types. She loves plenty of indirect sunlight, a permanent growing place; and rain water.

How to Care

  1. Bottom watering orchids and set the pot aside to rest before you transfer it back to the standing place.

  2. Under normal degrees of air humidity; feed water once in 5 days during summer; and once in 14 days during the winter.

  3. Supply a mix of chlorine free natural mineral water and tap water, if you are short of rain water.

  4. When the flower buds are shown, watch her closely with more water supply; because she needed more water than the usual time.

Last year, I made a mistake. I did not know that she needed more water to support her flower buds; I did the same as before. When I discovered, it was too late; the orchid buds turned brown and they were dried out and dropped off within a few days time. So, I had lost all the fragrant white flowers.

If you wish to try growing young orchids from this Jungle Dendrobium orchid, you may divide the crowns of roots from the parent plant. In this way, you will be able to experience the complete and amazing orchid planting cycle.

Remember, Never change their standing place; especially during the blooming period. If for some reason you have to do so, try to transfer the plant in the dark. Because the night temperature is lower than the day; therefore there won´t be much influence in the atmosphere; to the plant.

The after bloom care for orchids is simple. Trim off the vines when all the flowers are away. They will grow a brand new shoot next time.

Start your hassle free orchid plant gardening for seniors indoor planting project right now?

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