How to Sprout Seeds

How to Sprout Workshop is a simple and creative school gardening activity.

Starting plants indoor with little cost can help a class of students to get closer to their daily consumable vegetables foods.

If you are a beginners in organic garden planning subject; the first important step to be included into your plan is; to learn about starting from seeds and grow into young plants.

How to Sprout Lentil Peas in a Coconut Shell with Stones

Project Purpose

* Learn about real strong seeds
* Learn about plants foods
* Learn about the changes of room temperature
* Learn about circulation of air
* Learn about the importance of plants supports

Gardeing Tools

Small natural stones
Coconut shell
Kitchen paper (optional)


6 dried seeds

Planting Lentil Sprouts Experience

First Project Duration

46 days

Planting Conditions
1. Growing on second storey.

2. Before noon supply fresh air minimum 1 hour to maximum 2 hours; except on 30th December to 1st January 2012.

3. Door opened when window is closed (temperature changes by 2°).

4. Under natural temperature range between 15.2 to 18.9°C.


1. Photo top shows one seed was sprouted on the 3rd day.

2. On the day 18 (left picture below) from the soaking day, young Lentil shooted very tall with a pair of unopened top leaves; and he requested for support.

3. The support was given on 1st February; and it was too late. Therefore the top leaves had dried up.

4. After support was provided for 2 days; new growth appeared.

5. The young plant was then developing its side shoot and soon stayed strong for outdoor's transplant.

Second Project Duration
52 days

Growing Conditions

Growing on ground storey.

Half a day heating to maximum 21°C from the 1st day of soaking.

Lentil Plant One and Two's Development


1. Two Lentil sprouts were appeared on the 4th day.

2. On the day 26 plant one shooted up.

3. On the day 38, plant one was leaning on a glass vase for support.

4. Strong plant 1 was ready for transplant on day 52.

5. Plant 2 was placed in a long glass on the day 42, ready for transplant on day 45.

Start an organic garden indoor
with cheap seeds is always essential.

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