How to Grow Sweet Potatoes Tubers

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes winter project can be done indoor. It can create warmth and joy for the whole family...

If you have ever tried planting potatoes; then you would already knew that, the young plants appeared on the tubers from the sprouted eyes are ´Slips´.

When these slips are rooted; they would grow into matured plants; and they could produce your table potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are the same as white potatoes. You can learn about slips growing by using only one portion of the fruit; or using the whole fruit.

Project Purposes:

Learn about soil-less gardening

Learn about how to maximise your time, space and resources.

Project Materials:
* A clean top portion of a sweet potato
* Rain water or tap water
* Re-usable shallow trays

Sweet Potato Supplier:
From the school desserts cooking class

How to Grow Sweet Potatoes Tops Steps

1. Place the top portion of the sweet potato under either natural or heated room temperature 20°C for one day.

2. The next day, rinse it and set it into a shallow tray of rain or tap water.

3. Change water everyday.

Project Observation

You will see the 1st purplish sprout came on the second day; and the second shoot came 3 days later. Thereafter, many tiny side roots were formed.

Soon you will see unlimited white strong roots were growing below the fruit; on the cut surface.

On the 57th day came three green decorative leaves in purplish vines.

When the roots are growing more and more; transfer the fruit to a larger container. So that the roots could have space to develop.

On the 96th day, you would see 3 to 4 sweet potato slips were formed. And the young plants were ready for transplant into greenhouse on the 111 day.

Transplanting Slips

Cut off the young sweet potato plants with their attached white roots, one by one carefully; and insert them into a rich and good drainage greenhouse vegetable grow bed once the spring frost is over.

If you are short of time; you can try this soil-less vegetable gardening method.

In this way, you can either start your gardening in a greenhouse after the young plants are strong and steady; or move the tall sized plants straight to the outdoor grow box; or planting sweet potatoes in plate when the weather is perfect.

When they get the essential warmth, they would grow supper fast and healthy. And they would ignore all kinds of insects.

Set up an effortless four season vegetable gardening project for seniors gardening or at your home school program?

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