Home Landscape Plan Drafting

This Home Landscape Plan and pictures are specially recommended for your natural back yards.

Most of us love green gardening.

Greens are important elements in your nature loving garden. If you wish, you can try to rest your eyes on a big piece of green grass everyday after work; soon you will discover your stress and tense are gone.

Small Home Landscape Plan

Home landscape plan with all small garden designs ideas and the evergreens backyardsBackyards Greens

Imagine, a big piece of lawn in the center or at the edge of your garden. The greens are surrounded with bushes of small flowers and shrubs (picture above). It creates easily a cosy atmosphere not only for human; but also for those peace loving essential insects and plants.

My Dutch uncle has a small front yard and a terraced back yard garden; he loves putting greens in his back yard. Let's learn about his simple backyard landscaping ideas.

Small Garden Designs

Small terraced back yard designs with green gardening concepts and the decoration of dwarf trees, shrubs, and creeping vines

If you need a garden fence or a screen to block the wind; or for other reasons, you may consider growing dwarf evergreens. Because the green fence can stand as a strong pillar for years.

Backyard landscape plan with a lawn garden is not
only for big home garden or a large farm!

If you have no floor space; a little piece of grass carpet; or training greens on trellis; will help you to create the simple and calming effect.

A dig free, till free, weed free, and pesticide free terrace backyard patio design may be the best choice for all our seniors.

Lately, my sister-in-law moved to a new apartment near the sea.

She had designed a real simple backyard garden for her retirement. Because it was just new, so, we can see through the metal fence. When the climbing evergreen plants from English Ivy, Honey-Suckers, and Clematis vines are well grown, you will be able to see only a lovely green and pink coloured screen in the summer.

With a small garden, you can consider vertical; or a container gardening method to save space; and grow a natural garden with basic herbs; or the most useful edible flowers like Lavenders; or the care free creeping grapevines over the hedges; or perennial vegetables like Rhubarbs; or special trained dwarf fruit trees on walls; or colourful small berry shrubs for birds; and perhaps a little fresh water pond at the North side of your garden with your favourite water plants.

In small yards landscaping, 'unieque' should be the word for your design!

Organic Gardening and More

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